Science Club

Engaging Grade 6 Students in an Insightful Physics Session on Reflection

September 19, 2023

Grade 6 students gathered in the Physics Lab for a session focused on the topic of reflection on September 19, 2023. Using interactive examples and activities involving plane mirrors, concave, and convex mirrors, the students explored concepts such as the purpose of mirrors beyond self-reflection, the mechanics of plane mirrors, the behaviour of light rays, and the workings of concave mirrors. This engaging session encouraged students to ask questions, express curiosity, and gain a deeper practical understanding of the subject, making it a highly beneficial experience.

Learn by Fun: Physics Concepts Through Activities

December 5, 2022

Students of class VII attended a session named ‘Learn by Fun’ arranged by the Physics Club on December 5, 2022.AmoghShrivastava of XI A and Ali Murrabi of XI C taught the students the concept of effect of mass on gravity and time through an activity where students were asked to clamp down the spandex cloth into the hoola hoop and attach some weights to understand the time as a fourth dimension, what happens to object traveling very fast, how gravity affects time and why we cannot see the present at far away galaxies. The students showed a remarkable difference when made to learn via activities instead of bookish knowledge.

Thinking Creatively with Aristotle Disc Paradox

November 22, 2022

Amogh Shrivastava of XI A, Daksh Mehta of XI C and AshitaDube of XI C conducted an enriching session on ‘Thinking Creatively with Aristotle Disc Paradox’ for the students of class VIII. The students were familiarised with the working of everyday objects and learnt how to protect themselvesfrom the hazards of appliances. With the help of cds, thread, rounder and clamps, an activity was conducted to explain the concept which helped in better retention amongst the students.

Activity to Understand Rockets and Their Functioning

November 16, 2022

An activity based learning session was taken by AmoghShrivastavaof XI A, Ali Murrabi of XI C and AshitaDube of XI C for the students of class VI in Physics Lab.The students of class VI were given a piece of paper and were asked to think of a design of a rocket was different from the conventional rocket. Students came up with unique ideas such as making a rail gun to propel into the space, making a space bridge from carbon fibers to provide strength to its structure, nuclear powered irradiators which can haul the satellite through space without the need of other fuel, space sail the photon packs sent by the sun which can strike the sail of the satellite to act as a solar sail and so on. The students learnt to think out-of-the-box and were able to become creative problem solvers.

Session on Gravity Wrapping

September 27, 2022

Gravity Wrapping, the confusing concept was taught to the students of class VIII in a very simple manner by the mentors of Physics Club. The students were taught how mass has an influence on gravity and vice a versa. The activity was demonstrated to show space time curve with different masses on it along with the masses representing planets and stars. The session ended with a question answer round where the students asked about possibility of traveling back in time, how gravity affects time, what is a space time curve etc. Such sessions cleared the doubts and queries of the students who aspire to make a career in sciences.

Concept of Light and Blending Explained through Demonstration

September 19, 2022

The Physics Club conducted a session for the students of class VII on the topic ‘Light and its Blending’.AmoghShrivastavaof XI A, Ali Murrabi ofXI C and RithikaPillaiof XI C briefed the students about the concepts of reflection, refraction and usage of lenses along with the tips to develop problem solving capabilities with the help of amaze. The peer teaching concept of Physics Club would help the students to clear their doubts with ease.