Name Designation Educational Qualifications Total Teaching Experience (yrs) Email-Id
Mr. Rajesh Awasthi Principal M.Phil., M.A.(Geog), MBA(HR), B.Ed. 32 [email protected]
Mr. S. K. Mishra Vice Principal M.Sc. (Maths), M.C.M., B.Ed. 38 [email protected]
Mrs. Smita Bhargava Primary Incharge M.A.(English), Mont. Trained, B.Ed., M.A.(Psychology) 22 [email protected]
Mrs. Raminder Kaur Mac Dean International Affairs M.A. (English), B.A. (Hons.) Economics from Hindu College, Delhi University, B.Ed. 25 [email protected]
Mrs. Pushplata Mishra Co-ordinator – Activities Senior School M.A.(Hindi), B.Ed. 33 [email protected]
Mrs. Raji Pillai Co-ordinator –Activities
Junior School
M.Sc.(Maths), B.Ed. 25 [email protected]
Mrs. Tarvinder Kaur Ghai Co-ordinator –Class-I M.A. (Eng.), B.Sc. (Comp.),B.Ed. 13 [email protected]
Ms. Sapna Bhatnagar Co-ordinator Senior Montessori L.L.B., B.Com. , Mont. Trained, B.Ed.,Diploma in computers 22 [email protected]
Ms. Kanchan Kapoor Co-ordinator Junior Montessori B.A., Mont. Trained 18 [email protected]
Ms. Pooja Joshi Co-ordinator Nursery B.Sc., Mont. Trained 17 [email protected]
Mr. Lakhan Lal Gupta Examination Incharge M.Sc. (Maths), M.Ed. 31 [email protected]


Name Educational Qualifications Total Teaching Experience (yrs) Email-Id
Mrs. Chitralekha Kulkarni M.Phil. (Eng.), M.A., B.Ed., LLB 27 [email protected]
Mrs. Dipti Telang (HOD) M.Sc. (Zoo.), M.A. (Eng.), B.Ed, CIG (IGNOU) 27 [email protected]
Mrs. Swati Manjrekar M.A. (Eng.), B.Ed. 26 [email protected]
Mrs. Kamini Shukla M.A. (Eng.), B.Ed., Diploma in Computer Science ,D.Ed. 25 [email protected]
Mrs. Kuldeep Kaur Chhabra M.A. (Eng.), B.Ed. 24 [email protected]
Mrs. Arti Vishwakarma M.A. (Eng.), B.Ed. 23 [email protected]
Mrs. Deepti Vyas M.A. (Eng.), B.Ed., Diploma in Computer Application 23 [email protected]
Mrs. Santosh Joshi M.B.A (H.R.) ,M.A. (Eng.Lit.), B.Com., B.Ed.,PGDCA. 14 [email protected]
Ms. Sangeeta Gupta B.Ed., M.A.(English Lit.),M.phil 20 [email protected]
Ms. Pramila Dhundale M.A.(English Lit.), B.Ed. 19 [email protected]
Ms. Meenu Pandit M.A.(English Lit.), B.Ed.,M.Ed 21 [email protected]
Mrs. Shilpa Khargonkar (HOD) M.A. (Hindi), B. Ed. 24 [email protected]
Mrs. Reshma Dave M.A.(Sanskrit),  B.Ed., PGDCA 25 [email protected]
Dr.Mrs. Vijaya Shrotriya Ph.D, M.A. (Hindi), B.Ed. 25 [email protected]
Mrs. Mamta Sharma M.Phil., M.A. (Hindi, Sociology), B.Ed. 21 [email protected]
Ms. Priyanka Shrivastava M.A. in Hindi , B.ED., PGDCA, DISM, DIP in Vocal Music 18 [email protected]
Mrs. Sugandha Nannore M.A.(Hindi, Philosophy, Sanskrit, Economics), B.Ed. 17 [email protected]
Ms. Ananya Naik M.A.(Hindi), M.A.(Psychology),M.Ed.,PGDCA 07 [email protected]
Ms. Manju Ajmera M.A.(Hindi),B.Ed.,NTT,CTET 16 [email protected]
Ms.Ranjana Chauhan M.A.(Hindi,Sanskrit),B.Ed. 21 [email protected]
Mrs. Abeda Raotiwala (HOD) M.Sc. (Maths), B.Ed. 16 [email protected]
Mrs. Bharati Pandey M.Sc. (Maths), MBA(HRM), B.Ed 31 [email protected]
Mr. Suresh Dhage M.Sc. (Maths), B.Ed. 28 [email protected]
Mrs. Umang Parmani B.Sc., B.Ed. 15 [email protected]
Mrs. Neelima Shah M.Sc. (Maths), B.Ed. 22 [email protected]
Mrs. Ranjana Bokil M.A., B.Sc., B.Ed. 29 [email protected]
Ms. Annie Resin M.Sc. (Maths), B.Ed.,CTET 14 [email protected]
Mr. Aniket Rai B.Sc,M.Sc.(Maths),B.Ed 09 [email protected]
Mrs Rudra Vyas B.Sc,M.Sc.(Maths),B.Ed 07 [email protected]
Mr Ankit Gupta M.Sc.(Maths),B.Ed 04 [email protected]
Science – Chemistry
Mrs. Varsha Khamgaonkar (HOD) M.Sc.(Chem.), B.Ed. 22 [email protected]
Mrs. Manisha Sharma M.Phil (chem) , M.Sc. (Chem.), B.Ed 26 [email protected]
Mrs. Rashmi Ghanekar M.Sc.(Chem.), B.Ed. 24 [email protected]
Ms. Vaishali Jain M.Sc.(Chem.), B.Ed. 21 [email protected]
Mrs. Ritu Gondal M.Sc.(Chem.), B.Ed. 16 [email protected]
Ms.Meghna Kaitwade M.Sc.(Chem.), B.Ed. 16 [email protected]
Mr. Vinay Sharma M.Sc.(Phy.), B.Ed. 27 [email protected]
Mrs. Kalpana Tiwari M.Sc.(Phy.), B.Ed. 27 [email protected]
Mrs. Rohini Songaonkar M.Sc.(Phy.), B.Ed. 17 [email protected]
Mr. Vishal Sanwatsar M.Sc.(Physics) , B.Ed 09 [email protected]
Dr. Mrs. Sangeeta Thander P.hd. ,M.Sc.(Zoology),B.Ed. 18 [email protected]
Mrs.Arti Alshi B.Ed, M.Sc.(Applied Physics) 20 [email protected]
Mr.Amar Nagrade B.Sc(Biotech), M.Sc.(Life Sciences),B.Ed,Gate-Life Sciences Qualified,P.hd-(Biotech) Pursuing. 07 [email protected]
Ms. Trapti Maheshwari M.Sc (Chemistry),B.Ed,M.A(English literature) 13 [email protected]
Social Science
Mrs. Deepali Ahirrao(HOD) M. Phil. (Geog.), M.A., B.Ed. 24 [email protected]
Dr. Shoeb Adil B.Sc., M.A.(Hist), B.Ed. M.Phil.(Ancient Hist), Ph.D. 29 [email protected]
Ms. Harvinder K. Shairy M.Com,  B.Ed. 27 [email protected]
Ms. Manjushree Jain M.A. (Eco.), B.Ed. 22 [email protected]
Ms. Asha Phanse, M.A History, BEd. 21 [email protected]
Ms. Kiran Vyas M.A. (History),B.Ed.,ITI, CTET 19 [email protected]
Mrs. Daksha Lashkari M.COM , B.Ed 15 [email protected]
Mrs. Dinaz Nanavatti B.A, B.Ed 15 [email protected]
Mrs. Sandhya Mishra M.S.W.(Social Work) 15 [email protected]
Ms. Poonam Notani M.B.A (H.R) , M.A (Political Science) , BE.D 11 [email protected]
Ms. Surabhi Shastri M.A. (Psychology), M.A. (Economics),Diploma Course in Guidance & Counselling 10 [email protected]
Ms.Abhilasha Purushothaman M.A. (Psychology),PGD in Guidance & Counselling,PGDCA. 10 [email protected]
 Ms. Ankita Jain (HOD) M.B.A., B.Ed. 10 [email protected]
Ms. Vinita Sisodiya M.Com., MBA, B.Ed. 13 [email protected]
Ms. Shashi Upadhyay M.Com.(Taxation), M.A(Economics), M.Ed. 21 [email protected]
Ms. Shalini Saraf M.Phil, M.Com., B.Ed. 22 [email protected]
Mrs. Sumit Bhatia M.Com. (Acc.), B.Ed. 14 [email protected]
Ms. Neelanshu Rai M.Com., B.Ed. 10 [email protected]
Mr. Rohan Sachar MBA 07 [email protected]
Ms. Pardeep Arora (HOD) B.E. (IT) 10 [email protected]
Mrs. Madhurima Puranik B.Sc., BC.Ed., M.C.Ed. ,M.C.A (pursuing) , MTA I level certification 29 [email protected]
Mr. Mayank Godbole B.E(CS), B.Ed (Pursuing) 13 [email protected]
Mrs. Priyanka Narela BE (IT) 10 [email protected]
Ms. Diksha Santwani M.E (Computer Science) 06 [email protected]
Amit Joshi B.SC., MCA, B.Ed 12 [email protected]


Name Educational Qualifications Total Teaching Experience (yrs) Email-Id
Mrs. Jinitha Chahande (HOD) B.Sc.(Comp. maint.), M.A. (English) 11 [email protected]
Ms. Ruchi Chaturvedi B.A., B.Ed., GNIIT 18 [email protected]
Ms. Kusum Wadhwa B.Com.(Hons.) Delhi University 17 [email protected]
Ms. Divya Bhatia B.Com., B.Ed., ‘O’ Level (Computer) 12 [email protected]
Ms. Rupali Tomar B.Sc. ,M.A ,B.Ed. 16 [email protected]
Mrs. Meeta Pandit (HOD) M.A.(Hindi), B.Sc.(Maths),B.Ed. 15 [email protected]
Ms. Amita Sharma B.H.Sc., M.A. (Hindi), B.Ed 25 [email protected]
Ms. Aparna Chavan M.A.(Hindi), B.Ed., Computer Diploma 18 [email protected]
Mrs. Mithlesh Shukla M. A. (Hindi ), B.Ed. 17 [email protected]
Ms. Megha Phadnis MA Hindi, B.ed, CTet(first group cleared) 15 [email protected]
MS. Neha Vaid (HOD) M.Sc. (Maths), B.Ed.. 09 [email protected]
Mrs. Varsha Pahuja B.Sc., B.Ed. 11 [email protected]
Ms. Davinder Kaur B.Sc., B.Ed.,CTET, Computer diploma 11 [email protected]
Ms.Pooja Wadhwani B.B.A.(Management), B.Ed. (Math+Commerce) 11 [email protected]
Ms. Navneet Bhatia (HOD) M.Sc. (Organic Chemistry, Drugs), B.Ed. 13 [email protected]
Ms. Vinita Badlani MBA(Finance Marketing), B.Ed., B.Sc.(Bio.) 12 [email protected]
Ms. Shakti Joshi M.Sc.(Biotechnology), B.Ed. 09 [email protected]
Ms. Priyanka Shukla M.Sc.(Biotechnology) 10 [email protected]
Ms. Ankita Bhawsar M.Sc.(Chemistry) 01 [email protected]
Social Science
Ms. Supriya Supekar (HOD) B.Sc. (Micro.), Mont. Training 17 [email protected]
Ms. Abhilasha Malviya B.Com, MSW, MA (Eng), B.Ed., MA (Economics) 10 [email protected]
Ms.Palak Mehta B.A., B.Ed., M.A (Pursuing) 07 [email protected]
Ms.Mahima Singh M.B.A ( Insurance), Fellow from Insurance Institute of India,M.A. ( English literature). 02 [email protected]
Ms.Nivedita Verma BA, B.Ed., CTET 01 [email protected]
Ms.Arpita Jain MCA 11 [email protected]
Ms. Garima Kalbhawar B.Sc, M.Sc (CS), B.ed 06 [email protected]
Ms. Rupali Kango B.Sc(CS) ,MCA ,B.Ed 02 [email protected]
Ms. Ruchi Mehta M.Sc.(Computer Science) 06 [email protected]
Class II
Ms. Ravindra Chouhan B.Com., Diploma in Computers, B.Ed. 21 [email protected]
Mrs. Poonam Dave M.A. B.Ed. 13 [email protected]
Ms. Hina puri BHM,MTM,B.Ed. 08 [email protected]
Ms. Alisha Navlani B.E, B.Ed. 09 [email protected]
Ms. Anuja Laad B.Com., MBA, B.Ed. 07 [email protected]
Ms. Nupur Chawla B. Com, MBA 04 [email protected]
Class I
Ms. Dimple Hemnani B.Com 16 [email protected]
Ms. Mahima Verma B.Sc., B.Ed., ADC (Diploma in Computers) 19 [email protected]
Ms. Richa Saxena M.Com., B.Ed. 14 [email protected]
Ms. Aarti Manghani B.Com., B.Ed., pursuing MA (English Literature) 14 [email protected]
Ms. Kritika Nagpal B.Com, B. Ed. (pursuing) 04 [email protected]
Ms. Shweta Chopra MBA,B.Ed. 06 [email protected]
Ms. Arti Yadav M.Com ,M.A(English) , B.Ed 11 [email protected]
Ms. Rashmi Kanadkar L.L.B., B.Com., Mont. Trained 20 [email protected]
Ms. Tanvi Kekre M.A. (English Literature), Montessori Trained, Diploma in Computer, UC MAS trained, Cleared Elementary and Intermediate Drawing grade exams (Maharashtra Govt.), Jolly Phonics trained 16 [email protected]
Ms. Monika Pathak M.Com,B.Ed. 16 [email protected]
Ms. Divya Rochlani B.Com., Mont. Trained 14 [email protected]
Ms. Bhavika Ahuja M.Sc., Mont. Trained 12 [email protected]
Ms. Priya Basrai B.A., Mont. Trained 07 [email protected]
Ms. Anjali Talreja Montessori Trained, E.c. ed&Administration,B.ed 08 [email protected]
Mrs. Shikha Rajani Graduate (B.COM),Montessori Trained,Diploma in Fancy Arts 07 [email protected]
Ms. Heena Rathi MA English lit., B.Ed 14 [email protected]
Ms. Sonal Maheshwari MBA, BCA 11 [email protected]
Ms. Deepti Ranadive MBA(HR),Montessori trained ,pursuing B.Ed. 08 [email protected]
Ms. kashish kakwani B.Com,Montessori trained 07 [email protected]
Ms. Neha Doke M.Com,Montessori trained 06 [email protected]
Ms. Rishil Hardia B.Com , Montessori trained, pursuing B.A English Literature. 06 [email protected]
Ms. Megha Wankhede B.Com , B.Ed 06 [email protected]
Ms. Meenakshi Kabra M.A. (English Literature), N.T.T.(Nursery Teachers Training) 14 [email protected]
Ms. Monica Khandelwal MBA, Mont. Training, Diploma in personal management 14 [email protected]
Ms. Deepika Puraswani B.Com, Montessori Trained, B.Ed. 04 [email protected]
Ms. Manisha Dhote B.A., M.B.A. in finance,E.Ed(Pursing) 03 [email protected]
Ms. Tanya Bahl M.F.C in finance and control,B.Com(Hons),B.Ed (Pursing) 03 [email protected]
Ms. Sanskruti Gagrani Montessori trained -Graduate (BBA) 01 [email protected]
Ms. Manisha Mangwani B.Ed, M.A in Eng. Lit., Montessori trained 03 [email protected]
Ms. Sheetal Shah B.Com graduate NTT trained 04 [email protected]


Name Educational Qualifications Total Teaching Experience (yrs) Email-Id
CCA (Indoor)Performing Art
Mrs. Amrita Tiwari (HOD) M.A. (Music) 15 [email protected]
Ms. Aditi Oswal B.A. (Kathak Dance pursuing) 20 [email protected]
Mrs. Shambhavi Tiwari M A(Kathak And Eng. Litr.), Dip (Kathak) 11 [email protected]
Mr. Sumit Sharma M A (Music) 09 [email protected]
CCA (Indoor)Visual Art.
Mrs. Nidhi Jain (HOD Visual Art) M.Phil (Eco), B ed. 15 [email protected]
Mrs. Sunita Upadhyay MFA (Creative Painting) 18 [email protected]
Mr. Santosh Prajapat Clay Modelling , D.El.Ed 15 [email protected]
Ms. Ramandeep Baxi Diploma in fine art 04 [email protected]
CCA (Outdoor)
Mr. Ashish Raghuwanshi (HOD) B.P.E.S 05 [email protected]
Mr. Devendra Singh B.P.E, M.P.E 14 [email protected]
Ms. Neeta Pathak B.P.Ed., Diploma in Yoga Education 19 [email protected]
Mr. Dharmendra Asati B.P.Ed, B.Com. 17 [email protected]
Mr. Vishal Tiwari B.P.Ed., M.A. (Eco.), B.Com 15 [email protected]
Mr. Hitendra Raikwar B.P.Ed. 11 [email protected]
Ms. Radha Kushwaha B.P.Ed. 08 [email protected]
Ms. Ritika Chauhan B.E. 09 [email protected]
Mr. Birendra Singh Bisht M.Ped 07 [email protected]
Mr. Akshay Singare M.Ped 08 [email protected]
Supporting Staff (Academic)
Mrs. Suman Jaiswal B.Com., M. Lib. 13 [email protected]
Mrs.Deepika soni M.Com., M. Lib. 11 [email protected]
Lab Assistants
Mr. Snehadeep Kashiv M.Sc.(Chemistry) 20 [email protected]
Mrs. Kavita Chourasia B.Sc. 17 [email protected]
Mr. Yogesh Rathore, B.Com, M.Sc. (Computer Science), MTA I Level Certification 16 [email protected]
Mr. Pawan Chitari MCM 14 [email protected]/td>
Mr. Ajay Mahiwal B.Sc. (C.S.) Hons 14 [email protected]
Mr. Gourav Tiwari M.Sc. (Elex & Communication), B.Ed, PGDCA 12 [email protected]
Mr. Rohit Mewade M.Sc. (Computer Science) 09 [email protected]
Mr. Vijaypal Singh Dodiya B.C.A. 09 [email protected]
Administrative Staff
Mr. Mahesh Baluchi Executive Officer