Expert Witnesses The Work of Class VI and VII Students

Dr. Pravar Passi, Consultant Neurologist witnessed skit enactment on ‘Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy’ by class 6 students as well as class 7 students debating on the topic ‘Junk Food – Bane or Boon’ pertaining to ISA Curriculum Activity ‘Eat Right’ at Choithram School, Manik Bagh on Saturday, November 19, 2016. He also interacted with the group of students who prepared healthy dishes of the five countries that they had studied – India, Lebanon, Egypt, USA and Japan. An exhibition of Posters prepared by class 6 students on the theme ‘Say No to Junk Food’ as well as Scrap Books related to junk food and Recipe Booklets of healthy dishes of these five countries prepared by class 6 and 7 students respectively was also put up. Dr. Passi said that the activity focused on assisting the children to make right choices with respect to their food which would prove very beneficial in the long run. He advised the children to work out and exercise the day they ate fast food.

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