The basic objective of the E-Cell is to nurture the entrepreneurial qualities among the budding entrepreneurs by providing them an environment to grow by themselves and assisting them with necessary resources to develop as successful entrepreneurs of tomorrow.


1) To enable young India to dream

2) To sow the seeds of entrepreneurship within the youth of the country

3) To help use education to generate employment while following best business practices.


- Developing India’s next generation innovators, entrepreneurs and change-makers.

- To guide the finest innovations from Indore to a vibrant business concept and resource them to establish themselves as the country’s next ground breaking start-ups.

- To inculcate the spirit of entrepreneurship among students and promote them to live their passion and develop excellence in it.

- To bring about partnerships from other frontier organizations in the field of entrepreneurship so that students get access to vast amount of resources.

- To inspire more and more students to take up entrepreneurship as a career and become the role models for the coming generation of entrepreneurs.

- To help students acquire necessary knowledge and skills, so that they can translate their vague ideas into a vibrant business proposal.

- To connect with entrepreneurial leaders and innovators and engage them to foster the same passion and spirit in the current breed of students at our school.

- To build itself as a platform for new innovations, out-of-the box thinking and passionate ideas.

The School is planning to have an incubation centre for student start-ups which will provide them with all the facilities required to develop their innovative thinking.

e-Cell Activities:-








Entrepreneurship Summit 2018 organized by Choithram School

October 31, 2018

With entrepreneurship emerging as a popular choice among an increasingly number of school students across all streams, the fact still remains that few of them go on to be successful. This goes on to show that there is definitely scope for improvement in the entrepreneurial environment of our country and Entrepreneurship Summit’18 by Choithram School on October 30 & 31, 2018 was one such endeavour by the student community to help those who are looking to venture out or are already on the path for it right from the primary education level. Over 100 students from 13 schools of Madhya Pradesh became a part of this auspicious celebration of Entrepreneurship.

With a series of talk sessions spread over two days, students got a chance to interact and learn from some of the most experienced people who have ve made it big. The inauguration ceremony saw the motivational speaker, Mr Pratik Uppal, address the gathering while sharing his vision of young and energetic entrepreneurial India. Dr Priyanka Mokshmar (Co-Founder, Vaayu India) talked about her entrepreneurial journey and the important role that the youth have to play today in disruptions in well-established industries, citing herself as an example. Mr. Pushpendra Singh Jadon (Founder, Key Elements) emphasized on entrepreneurship being the need of the hour with a sheer focus and long-sightedness. He believes that we need to create businesses that solve problem rather than create new problems in the society.

A) Business Idea Presentation was organized with an objective to provide school students with an opportunity to present their innovative idea wrapped up as a potential working start-up in future. This event examined the ability of the participants to evaluate the market, the customer needs and their distribution strategy for a product they had already prototyped. With a total cash prize of INR 5,000 the event saw 13 teams being shortlisted for the final round. Experts from the industry, Mr. Rajesh Joshi and Mr Anand Ingle, judged the competition.
• Sri Sathya Sai VidyaVihar
• National Public School
• Choithram School, ManikBagh – Special Mention Award

B) Innovation Challenge, evaluated the innovation skills of the students tocome up with an innovation in already existing products in market. Student teams were given an on-spot challenge to bring about an innovation in already existing product, ‘Toothpick’ within 20 minutes. The students looked quite excited about this competition and came up with some creative ideas to disrupt the market.

C) Business Quiz was organized with an objective to test the knowledge about the recent scenarios and trends in the corporate world. The four-round quiz was conducted by the quizmaster Raj Sahu, a student at Choithram School.
• The Emerald Heights International School
• Vidyasagar School

This summit started off as an endeavour towards ‘Seeding the Impact’ of all the ideas of all students out there and with the plethora of sessions and skill building exercises in conjunction with multiple networking opportunities, it has laid the firm foundation for quite a few ideas and ignited the spark in young minds to come up with a few ones too.

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About Entrepreneurship Summit 2018

Entrepreneurship Summit Team of Choithram School

E-ship Summit At Choithram School, Manik Bagh

November 22, 2014

 To focus on the entrepreneurial competencies in students, an e-summit was organized by the E-ship cell of Choithram School, Manik Bagh on Saturday, November 22, 2014. The guests on the occasion were Mr. Atul Bharat, Chairperson- Centre For Entrepreneurial Innovation Central Career Development Cell, Acropolis Group, Indore, Ms. Anupama Modi, Manager, E-Cell, Acropolis Institute, Indore and Mr. Glenn Reph, a business consultant and CEO of ISOEL – International School of Entrepreneurial Leadership. Spanning three decades, Mr. Glenn’s passion for innovation has taken him from creating a multi-million dollar enterprise by the age 32 to raising funds for one of the largest non-profit organizations, World Vision. Mr. Glenn, a US national combines creative business acumen with deep humanitarian compassion to improve the lives of the people with whom he works.

The budding entrepreneurs from seven reputed schools of Indore viz., The Shishukunj International School, Advanced Academy, Vidyasagar School, Columbia Convent, National Public School, Choithram School, North Campus and host school Choithram School, Manik Bagh participated in the summit sharing their business ideas. The first plenary session featured the success mantra on ‘Developing Competencies’ by entrepreneurial expert Mr. Atul Bharat. This was followed by the  panel discussion on ‘An entrepreneur’s talent is more important than the business he chooses.’ Students voiced their opinions and ideas proving that innovation is the specific tool of the entrepreneur and an entrepreneur should always search for change by responding and exploiting it as an opportunity. In the third session, the budding entrepreneurs, aligning with the objectives of the summit, presented their entrepreneurial ideas supplemented by a market proof business plan focusing on the areas of health, hospitality, public transport, agriculture, and education. The concluding session witnessed resource person Ms. Anupama Modi emphasizing on the need of entrepreneurship in today’s demanding and challenging world.

Mr. Atul Bharat appreciated the entrepreneurial endeavour of the students and guided the students to develop entrepreneurship culture with a proactive attitude to comprehend the concepts. His prolific business insight benefitted the students. The summit was successful in sowing the seed of entrepreneurship in the youngsters. In Panel Discussion Aman Khan of Advanced Academy was declared as the winner while Aashi Singhvi of The Shishukunj International School was the runners up. In Business Plan Presentation Suryansh Gupta and Vinay Chugh of Choithram School, Manik Bagh teamed up to notch the top spot while the team of Sagar Sewkani and Akshat Garg of The Shishukunj International School attained the second position.

IMG_5503 Mr. Glenn Reph questioning one of the participants during the business plan presentation   More …..


Entrepreneurship Summit At Choithram School
November 29, 2013

To inculcate entrepreneurial competencies in the future entrepreneurs, a summit on entrepreneurship was organized at Choithram School on Friday, November 29, 2013. The school has the credit to establish the first of its kind E-cell at school. The enlightening session commenced with the welcoming of the Chief Guest Professor Atul Bharat, Group Director of Career Development Cell and Chairperson, E-Cell at Acropolis Group of Institutions. Ms. Anupama Modi, Manager   E-cell Acropolis group of institutions and Dr. Ashwini Sharma, Associate Professor – IT & Management, J. K. Laxmipat University, Jaipur were the judges of the panel discussion.

Mr Atul Bharat’s introductory speech enhanced the E-skills of the students focusing on the different entrepreneurial qualities like clarity of thought, good communication and well perceived idea. The participants from various schools shared their innovative ideas in the panel discussion on the topic ‘Is Education Necessary for Entrepreneurship?’ The intellectual lustre and zeal of the students was palpable in the presentation by the students from various schools on electronic waste management, environmental waste, health care and worth of unorganized and semi-organized sector.  The efforts of the students received accolades from the experts. Shekhar Agrawal of Army Public School bagged the Best Panelist award while the team of Samar Jain and Prabhas Gangrade of Choithram School, Manik Bagh received the award for Overall Best Presentation. The award for the Most Feasible Idea was bagged by Indore Public School while SICA S. S. School, No. 54 received the award for the Most Eco-Friendly Idea. Choithram School, Manik Bagh received the award for most Creative and Innovative idea.

Entrepreneurship  Workshop
January 28, 2013

A workshop was organized in the school on January 28, 2013 for entrepreneurship students of classes XI and XII. Mr Yash Bargale, the man behind bringing Maggi from kitchen to market was invited for the workshop. Mr. Bargale shared the pitfalls in his journey, how with some initial hurdles of financial and legal matters he emerged as a successful entrepreneur. He came up with the innovative concept of FYI – ‘For Your Information Maggi – Fun, Food and Friends’ starting with a unique way of having a better customer connect. Instead of calling the customers with the routine token number, he devised a way of addressing them with their name as well as keeping their tastes and preferences in mind which gave him an extra edge in the market. At present his franchises are spread in all over the country. He also embarked on a new idea of ‘chai bar’, a tea lounge. Interacting with Mr. Bargale, the students gained valuable insight about various entrepreneurial skills.