Grade 11 students of Choithram School participated in Student Hub on September 30, 2023, an initiative of the South Africa based organization Globally Empowered, led by Jasmane Frans. This global event brought together students from India, Malaysia, Turkey, Sharjah (UAE) and South Africa to discuss their experiences as global learners in the context of 21st Century education. During the session, students reflected on their personal identities and how global citizenship and learning have influenced their personal development. The participants also expressed their collective concern for the environment and discussed the efforts being made to achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The event featured Daniel Roeder, a Global Education Specialist from the David Z. Foundation, who shared his beautiful songs created in collaboration with students from various countries. The session was expertly hosted by Lilitha Mamani and Xandre Magatyana from Gardens Commercial High School, Cape Town, South Africa who brought enthusiasm and flair to the event.