Vocational Club

Gardening Activity

February 12, 2 024

Gardening is a great activity for both physical and mental health. Spending time outdoors can help improve relaxation and boost creativity. In line with this, a seed-sowing activity was organized for the students of grade 3 as part of the vocational club. The students were taught by a gardener on how to sow seeds properly. They eagerly filled pots with soil and manure using their tiny hands and participated wholeheartedly. They also made a promise to help save the environment by growing plants in the future.In addition, videos on compost making were shown to the students of grade 4, which inspired them to consider reusing and recycling waste.

Stitching Activity

January 9, 2024

Stitching not only enhances the visual-spatial skills of students but also fosters independence and self-motivation. In line with this objective, a stitching activity was organized for students in grades 3 to 5 as part of the vocational club. The students were able to learn various stitching techniques such as running stitching, chain stitch, hemming, and cross stitch. They exhibited enthusiasm in exploring different stitches and were able to create beautiful designs.

Jewellery Making Activity

December 11, 2023

‘Creativity is a phenomenon where something new and valuable is created.’ Taking cue from this, Jewellery Making Activity was conducted for the students of grade 3 as a part of the Vocational Club.During the activity, students skillfully shaped colorful clays into various forms, eventually creating stunning pieces of jewelry. The exquisite designs of earrings and necklaces captivated everyone involved.

Bracelet Making Activity

December 12, 2023

With the understanding that creativity is not simply stumbled upon, but rather cultivated over time, a Bracelet Making Activity was organized for grade 4 students as a part of the Vocational Club. Utilizing nylon thread and an array of beads, the students skillfully crafted stunning bracelets. Motivated by their imagination, they explored various designs and proudly displayed their creations to both friends and siblings.

Basket Making Activity

December 14, 2023

Basket Making Activity was conducted for the students of grade 5 as a part of the Vocational Club.The objective of the activity was to help students enhance their physical skills and foster their creative and imaginative thinking. During the activity, students utilized wool and string to craft stunning baskets, showcasing their individuality and innovative abilities.

Workshop on Basket Making

August 31, 2023

In order to enhance the skills of young students, a workshop was organized as part of the Vocational Club activities for grade 5. The esteemed guest, Ms. Varsha Kukreja from Choithram International School, conducted a demonstration on the art of basket making. She explained various techniques and materials used in basket making, providing the students with valuable knowledge. The workshop proved to be fruitful as it enabled the students to create beautiful baskets in innovative ways.

Toy Making

August 29, 2023

Toys play a vital role in children’s lives as they are powered by their imagination. In an effort to encourage handmade toys over readymade ones, a paper toy making activity was organized for grade 3 and 4 students as part of the Vocational Club’s activities. This activity proved to be enjoyable for the students, as they enthusiastically participated and showcased their remarkable creativity by developing captivating paper toys.

Learning the Art of Calligraphy

August 11, 2023

With the belief that “handwriting is the mirror of knowledge,” a Calligraphy session was organized for grade 5 students as part of the Vocational Club. Calligraphy is the art of designing and writing letters with a pen, and during this workshop, students learned various beautiful fonts and strokes. The main objective of this activity was to improve their artistic abilities and enable them to present their work in a legible format. Ms. Ravindra Chouhan and Ms. Mahima Verma guided the students through different calligraphy styles, demonstrating the various fonts that can be created using calligraphy techniques.

Mandana Art

August 10, 2023

Creativity is the driving force behind all artistic processes, and it was truly evident when the students in grade 4 produced impeccable drawings of Mandana art during their Vocational Club activity. The level of imagination and presentation showcased by these students was truly worth witnessing.

Cloth Folding Activity

August 9, 2023

Every child has the potential to complete daily routine tasks independently. With this in mind, an activity focused on arranging school bags and folding clothes was conducted for class 3 students. The purpose of this activity was to help students understand the importance of developing basic skills for performing necessary tasks.

Book Covering Activity

July 27, 2023

Book Covering Activity was conducted for the students of grades 4 and 5 on July 27, 2023 to empower the students to independently handle daily life activities. The students actively participated, demonstrated enthusiasm, and showcased their creativity throughout the activity. It is hoped that this activity will serve as a foundation for further development of their independent life skills, as they grow and progress academically.