Students of Literature and Drama Club of grade 10 of Choithram School participated in a videoconference with Vinschool, Hanoi, Vietnam related to UNSDG4 Quality Education on April 19, 2023. Prior to the videoconference, students of both the schools introduced themselves on Padlet and wrote about what quality education meant to them. While putting forth their views through a powerpoint presentation during the videoconference, the students of Choithram School mentioned the characteristics of an educated person and of a world which has educated people, barriers to education, significance of education, efforts made by the Indian Government to provide quality education, initiatives taken by our school for imparting quality education. Parth Sharma’s self-composed poem on ‘Books and pens are our most powerful weapons’ was appreciated by the partner school students and teacher. Thereafter, the students of the partner school spoke about the characteristics of an educated person, importance of education for a country, efforts taken made by the governments of Vietnam to improve the quality of education in their country, some inequalities of education in Vietnam as well as some unique subjects offered in their school. The session culminated with a quiz conducted by the partner school students which was enjoyed by everyone.