Students of grade 11 of Choithram School participated in a videoconference with grade 11 students of Goyang Global High School, South Korea on July 19, 2023. At the outset the students introduced themselves in the breakout rooms. Thereafter they discussed how other’s culture is portrayed in their media. The students of Goyang Global High School spoke about how the Indian films, particularly Bollywood movies, have gained significant popularity in South Korea in recent years. Indian actors and actresses, as well as music and dance sequences, have become well-known among South Korean audiences. The students of Choithram School shared how the Gangnam style, a K-pop song, BTS – the band that took the entire world by storm, K-drama, South Korean folktalkes and cuisine are becoming popular in India thanks to the media. Media, is, if not, the fastest ever growing industry which is different for each nation. The session gave the students the opportunity to not only indulge in fun and meaningful conversations but also answer patiently questions put forth by each other. ‘The blend of both the cultures in the same place was certainly something worth experiencing’ remarked Devyanshi Bahety of grade 11 of Choithram School.