Students of grade 12 of the TEDEd Club of Choithram School participated in a videoconference with grade 12 students of Hasbaya Public High School, Lebanon on April 5, 2023 pertaining to the theme UNSDG 16 Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions. In the present era, when there is so much of turmoil going around in the world, this SDG assumes great importance. It is indeed pivotal to enable our youth, to be the messengers of peace. Keeping this in mind, the videoconference was organized. Students of both the schools deliberated on important questions like why peace is important, without peace what would the world look like, what does peace mean to them, how should they behave in their classroom and with their friends as well as how they can contribute in making the world a more peaceful place. Sanika Khoche of Choithram School read out her heart-touching poem on ‘What Does Peace Mean to Me’ which touched the chord of everyone. The students agreed in unison that they all can contribute in making the world a more peaceful place by promoting empathy and understanding, supporting human rights, practicing nonviolence, fostering intercultural dialogue, supporting peaceful initiatives as well as educating themselves and others.