Sending students and teachers of our school to different countries on exchange programmes enables our students and teachers to understand cultures different from theirs, develop respect for them and embed internationalism in the school curriculum.Transcending the barriers of discrimination and developing reverence for the human family benefits them in becoming messengers of peace and nurture global citizenship amongst them.

Students and Teachers of Choithram School Visit Nguyen Hue High School, Hanoi, Vietnamon Reciprocal Student and Teacher Exchange Programme

December 4, 2023

15 students from Choithram School ManikBagh, along with Ms. Raminder Mac, Dean – International Affairs and Dr. ShoebAdil, faculty Social Science Department, Senior School, visited Nguyen Hue High School in Hanoi, Vietnam from November 27 to December 2, 2024. They were accorded a warm welcome with performances of Vietnamese dances and songs while Choithram students showcase Kathak and Bollywood dances. The visit allowed Choithramians to learn about Vietnamese culture through presentations on folk songs, customs, traditional costumes, landscapes, festivals and cuisine. Choithram students shared 15 symbols of their own culture. Ms. Mac highlighted Choithram School’s hallmarks, while Dr. Adil discussed India’s freedom struggle. They exchanged greetings and sentences in their languages and enjoyed playing Vietnamese folk games. In the Art Club, Choithram School students applied mehndi while the host school students decorated bamboo hats forChoithramians. The Dance Club involved bamboo and modern Indian dance exchanges. The delegation visited HoanKiem Lake, ThêHúc Bridge, Ngoc Son Temple and the Museum of Ethnography. They were touched by the hospitality during their stay, including dinner at a student’s home and the School Principal’s home.

Students and Teachers of Choithram School Visit Arjun English Boarding High School, Gulmi, Nepal on Reciprocal Student and Teacher Exchange Programme

February 11, 2020

As a part of reciprocal student and teacher exchange programme to foster intercultural learning, eight students of classes 8 and 9 of Choithram School along with two teachers visited Arjun English Boarding High School, Gulmi, Nepal from February 2 to February 10, 2020. In the Nepali Language class they learnt different words and greetings in Nepali language. They also learnt the traditional Sorathi dance of Nepal as well as the National Anthem of Nepal. They learnt the nuances of fabric art, tried their hand at making Nepali ‘Duna Tapari’ from leaves of sal tree as well as handmade mat with the help of rice straw. They prepared sel roti (rice roti) in the cookery class and later savoured the dish. Harshul Jadwani and Anant Gupta of class 8 participated in the Book Review Event presenting reviews of various books along with students of Arjun family.

Choithram School students brought the rich flavours of India alive in their morning assembly by singing the prayer ‘Ae Maalik Tere Bande Hum’, performing bhangra dance of Punjab and presenting a jingle on Indore. They enjoyed local sightseeing visiting the Budeshwar Neelkanth Temple, the Tree House, the Bichitra Cave, the Hanging Bridge and trekked to Resunga, one of the most beautiful hills of Nepal. Intercultural learning was experienced in true spirit during the farewell ceremony when students of both the schools together sang the national anthems of India and Nepal. The students and teachers were presented with certificates as well as mementoes. Prajaktaa Mandiga of class 8 expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the Arjun family for hosting them and for their wonderful hospitality during their stay.

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Choithram School Students Visit Santa María del Pilar School, Spain on Reciprocal Student Exchange Programme

November 1, 2019

Seven students of Choithram School visited Santa María del Pilar School, (Marianistas), Zaragoza, Spain from October 1 to October 29, 2019 on a reciprocal student exchange programme. The students were – Shreya Khiani, Vriddhi Gangwani, Mishika Dawani and Hardik Agarwal of class 11 as well as Alafia Zafar, Sanyam Garg and Himanshu Rathi of class 10. During their stay they were hosted by their siblings whom they had hosted in Indore for four weeks in the month of September 2019. They were welcomed in the school by the School Principal Mr. José Luis Andrés Laguna and Coordinator of Academic Exchange Programmes, Mr. Alberto Nicolás García. This was followed by their siblings tying a scarf around their neck symbolising camaraderie between them during their stay. Later they were taken on a round of the school by their siblings.

A large spectrum of activities were planned for them during their school hours along with local sightseeing to places of historical importance. They attended Spanish classes and learnt to speak few sentences, numbers and greetings in Spanish. In their English class they were happy to interact with students of grade 6 to 12 and apprised them about the Model United Nations, the Indian Constitution, caste system prevalent in India, the Indian cuisine, marriages in India as well as the concept of joint and nuclear families. They also taught greetings and few sentences in Hindi to students of grade 6, 7 and 8.

As a part of their Project Focus class, they answered questions related to various UN Sustainable Development Goals, prepared a power point presentation with their host siblings and presented in front of their peers. In their Audio Visual classes, they created a video about differences and similarities between the culture of India and Spain with their siblings and presented the same in front of students of first Baccalaureate. They also clicked pictures according to the principles laid down in the booklet during these classes. In Technology classes, they prepared a power point presentation on any one part of the computer and spoke about it in front of students of first Baccalaureate.

In drawing class they practised 3D drawing while listening to music. They learnt the Latin couple dance from the Spanish students and in turn taught them Bollywood dance. They also made the students of grade 6, 7 and 8 aware about India, Indore, Choithram School and four week stay of eight students of Santa María del Pilar School, Spain in Choithram School.

Sanyam’s host parents were kind enough to make all of them celebrate Diwali at their home which was yet another memorable experience for them. During their stay the students visited the Aljafería Palace, now housing the regional parliament of the state of Aragon. They were also privileged to interact with the Vice President of Aragon and Minister of Industry Mr. Arturo Aliaga López in his office. They also visited the Basilica del Pilar, the Cathedral, and City Centre in Zaragoza as well as the Stadium and City Centre in Madrid. They were lucky to witness the one week long festivities connected with the internationally recognised Pilar Festival celebrated every year on October 12.

Even though the Spanish culture was very different from the Indian culture, the students developed a close bond with their host families and siblings. With pleasant and memorable memories of a lifetime they bid goodbye to their host families and siblings, all of whom were teary-eyed at the AVE station.

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Choithram School Students and Teachers Visit St. Anthony’s Girls’ College, Kandy, Sri Lanka on Intercultural Exchange Programme

October 30, 2019

‘Strength lies in differences and not in similarities’, said Stephen Covey so accurately. The same was experienced by a group of 15 girl students of class 8 to 12 of Choithram School along with their teachers Ms. Raminder Mac, Nidhi Jain and Mr. Durgesh Yadav during their visit to St. Anthony’s Girls’ College, Kandy, Sri Lanka from October 22 to 27, 2019. Students and teachers of Choithram School received a warm welcome at the gate by the School Principal Mrs. Chandana Ranasinghe, members of the School Management, English Unit and Connecting Classrooms committee with the western band of the school leading them to the main hall.

The students of St. Anthony’s Girls’ College added colour to the morning assembly on all days depicting Sri Lankan culture and Indian culture through an array of dance, music and drama performances. To give a glimpse of Sri Lankan traditions, few rituals, folk songs, dances and games of Sinhalese and Hindu New Year were organized in the school. Young Choithramians got an opportunity to mingle with the students of St. Anthony’s Girls’ College and play some games during the sports session as well as witness a karate session.

In the morning assembly on two days, students of Choithram School presented an Indian dance, a Hindi song as well as ‘Culture in a Box’ wherein the students spoke about 15 important symbols of their culture showing the symbols created by them.

Students of Choithram School displayed keen interest while learning Sri Lankan dance, music, drama, art and Sinhalese language; the official language of Sri Lanka. They also attended a cookery session wherein they learnt to make a special Sri Lankan sweet dish called ‘Halapa’.

Choithramians appreciated the effort put by young Anthonians of grade 4 and 5 during the Fair, wherein they sold wares to customers ranging from eatables, candies to key chains and gift items whilst dressed in traditional Kandian clothing. The procession depicting the Festival of the Tooth; a historic ritual to pay homage to the sacred tooth relic of Lord Buddha by the Primary children was a feast to the eyes. Class 9 students showcased their creativity in various projects related to Indian and Sri Lankan culture depicting great personalities, festivals, food, music, dance and art forms of both the countries in an English Exhibition.

The most heart-touching moment was the visit to the Special Education Unit, a classroom for specially abled kids in the school. Visiting them made young Choithramians feel happy as well as sad as they cried tears of happiness and helplessness as they could only give them few moments of happiness and togetherness.

Choithramians also visited the homes of their host families who were indescribably warm and welcoming towards helping them learn the vibrant culture of Sri Lanka closely. The students and teachers enjoyed local sightseeing to Bahirawakanda Temple, the Temple of the Tooth Relic, Botanical Gardens, Kandy View Point, Kandy Lake as well as visiting various malls, supermarkets and local shops for shopping.

They were accorded a warm send-off wherein the students of St. Anthony’s Girl’s College presented cultural performances like dance, song and orchestra. Ms. Raminder Mac expressed gratitude to teachers and students of St. Anthony’s Girls’ College for the hospitality and warmth showered upon them and making the exchange programme a memorable experience for all of them. With heavy hearts and tears in their eyes, the Choithramians bid goodbye to their sisters who rule on a huge part of their hearts now.

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Ms. Raminder Mac, Dean – International Affairs Visits Santa María del Pilar School, Spain on a Teacher Exchange Programme

Ms. Raminder Mac, Dean – International Affairs, Choithram School, Manik Bagh visited Santa María del Pilar School, (Marianistas), Zaragoza, Spain from October 1 to October 6, 2019 on a teacher exchange programme. She was welcomed by the School Principal with a scarf symbolising togetherness between both the schools. Subsequently she was taken on a round of the school by the School Principal Mr. José Luis Andrés Laguna and Coordinator of Academic Exchange Programmes, Mr. Alberto Nicolás García. She witnessed the tiny tots of the Kindergarten, Primary School, Secondary School and Baccalaureate engaged in a wide array of activities and learnt about the teaching methodology followed in the Spanish school. She took sessions with Middle School students apprising them about India, Indore, Choithram School and four week stay of eight students of Santa María del Pilar School, Spain in Choithram School. Interacting with students, teachers as well as Marianistas brothers and priests of the school, she learnt the nuances of a new culture. The school also hosted an official dinner in her honour.
During her stay she visited the Aljafería Palace, now housing the regional parliament of the state of Aragon and was privileged to watch the parliament in session. She also met the Vice President of Aragon and Minister of Industry Mr. Arturo Aliaga López. She saw the DGA, buildings where all Ministers work, visiting the private areas and departments. She visited the Basilica del Pilar, the Cathedral, the Bull Fighting Arena and City Centre in Zaragoza. She travelled to Madrid accompanied by two school teachers and saw important historical places viz., Puerta del sun, Emblem of Madrid, La Mallorquina, Gran Via Street, Glass Palace, Royal Palace, Parkque del Retiro, Subatini Gardents, cathedral de la Almudena, Plaza Mayor, Market – Mercado de San Miguel, Cibeles fountain and Puerta de Alcala.

She was overwhelmed by the warmth and hospitality showered upon her by the Spanish students and teachers. In spite of belonging to a different culture, she did not feel out of place even for a single day and realized the true meaning of the words ‘Vasudheva Kutumbakam’ meaning the ‘world is a small family’.

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School Principal Mr. Rajesh Awasthi Visits Stoke Row C. E Primary School, Oxfordshire, UK on Teacher Exchange Visit

July 23, 2018

School Principal Mr. Rajesh Awasthi visited Stoke Row C. E. Primary School, Oxfordshire, UK from July 15 to 20, 2018 on teacher exchange visit to strengthen the partnership between both the schools. During the trip, Mr. Awasthi witnessed various activities related to collaborative project on UN Sustainable Development Goal ‘Zero Hunger’ taken up by both the schools. He conducted sessions for students from Reception to Year 6 apprising them about Choithram School and education in India as well as causes of hunger and local solutions in Indore. Year 5 and 6 students took him on a tour of the village in which Stoke Row School is based to allow him to orientate himself in the community. He also visited Reading Foodbank with year 5 and 6 students to explore hunger in the wider community. He witnessed the reception class graduation in the forest school. He addressed the parents and governors of the school in a session elucidating the benefits of global education. During his stay he also visited many schools viz. Langtree School, Gillots School, Nettlebed School,Checkendon School and Oratory School to understand the educational pattern of the UK schools.

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Priyanshi Chhabra Visits Denmark on Short Term Exchange ProgrammeUnder the Aegis of AFS Intercultural Programs

November 1, 2017

My visit to Denmark during the month of October 2017 was a life changing experience. I not only learnt about my host country, host school and family but also about some other countries from my coordinators and friends who hailed from these countries. My host family took me to Copenhagen, where some of my host family’s relatives stay. I made many friends in the school that I attended for a short duration. I enjoyed donning the role of a German delegate in one of the Model United Nations that I participated. The programme helped me to become more independent in my life.

Written by Priyanshi Chhabra, X D

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Manan Patodi Visits Italy on Short Term Exchange ProgrammeUnder the Aegis of AFS Intercultural Programs

August 2, 2017

My visit to Italy during the months of June – July 2017 made me a more confident and responsible person. I was able to relive my interest in culinary when I got the practical experience of working in a restaurant preparing Indian dishes and foreign cuisine. My stay with the host family made me realize the importance of family bonding.This was my second stint of the exchange experience, the first time being a visit to Hungary in the year 2015.I would recommend everyone to undertake this experience at least once in their life time as words cannot describe this life changing experience.

Written by Manan Patodi, XII F

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Fatima Hussain Visits Germany on Short Term Exchange ProgrammeUnder the Aegis of AFS Intercultural Programs

June 12, 2017

My host family, my friends, cheese, chocolates and mountains just saying these words make me happy. I know it is difficult to fly miles away from your family and dive into an ocean of all new things, but honestly this made me discover who I am!

Staying in Germany for two months was an experience worth remembering. I remember the chilly mornings and how I used to shiver, the turquoise orange sky in the evening that gave me so much peace and the heavenly rainbow which used to make the surroundings new and fresh.

The language barrier between us was thick but I knew a word and host family kin knew a word and we together made a sentence. My host sister and I used to spend all time together from brushing teeth in the morning, to travelling, discovering, cooking, going hiking, shopping and the list is endless. In her I found an elder sister. It was not only I who learnt a new culture but also my host family. I felt proud to teach them the rich Indian culture. During my stay we enjoyed a Bollywood night wherein everybody was dressed in Indian attire, I cooked Indian food and we danced to Bollywood songs. I also attended school with my host sister and leant a new language. I feel so delighted that now I have so many new connections around the globe. In the vacations we went to Poland, Switzerland,Berlin and many more places. I even did some breathtaking activities like jumping off a bridge in the middle of a river. These are the one time experiences I will remember and cherish lifelong. I am thankful to my host family for opening their arms for me. I feel so happy that I have a family in Germany whose hearts are always ready to welcome me. After I came back I have realized that every experience brings you one step forward. It developed me immensely as an individual. It gave me space to grow and learn by myself. It boosted my self-confidence and made me so broad minded that today I see the world in different coloursand have now developed the skills of understanding and analyzing situations. After I returned I have realized that I can now more easily adapt to new surroundings. My stay was like an exhilarating roller coaster and on the way I picked and captured the best memories. It couldn’t have been better!

Written by Fatima Hussain, XI E

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Anvi Vyas Visits Germany Under ‘The Green Academy Programme’ of AFS Intercultural Programs

August 10, 2016

I visited Germany under ‘The Green Academy Programme’ of AFSIntercultural Programs from July 7, 2016 to August 7, 2016. After reaching Germany, I met students of different countries in the hostel where we all stayed for two days. It was a wonderful experience interacting and making friends from different countries of the world. I attended many workshops like ‘Stop Talking Start Planting’, ‘How to Save Our Environment’, ‘Pollution Control ‘etc. which brought me closer to mother earth. We also distributed pamphlets to the public pertaining to ‘Keep your country green and clean’. Apart from learning German language, I learnt how to make paper from paper pulp, sustainability, fair trade movements as well as how to make cheese. I got an opportunity to meet the Mayor of Heilbronn city of Germany. Surprisingly, he offered his own chair i.e. the chair of Mayor to sit as he was overwhelmed by the questions that I asked him. I accompanied my host sister on a trip which was organized by her school and saw the whole city, visiting the museum and ancient monuments. Later, along with my host family, I visited a bird show where I saw a vulture walk like a king without any fear. Apart from that we were taken on many excursions viz., the flower garden, bakery shop, bread factory, the museum, salt mine, place of recycling etc. I had to do few adjustments there as I am a vegan. I learnt how to be punctual and systematic in life. I was lucky to get such a family in a distant land like Germany. Even the local residents of Germany are very kind and helping. I would never forget this wonderful experience in my life.

Written by Anvi Vyas, XI A

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Aman Panjwani Visits Hungary on Short Term Exchange Programme Under the Aegis of AFS Intercultural Programs

June 12, 2016

My Hungary trip was full of learning experiences. I enjoyed adventurous water activities. My host family had 20 members and I enjoyed cycling and picnicking with them. I made ‘Parathas’ for them. I appreciate the pride they have for their language. This exchange programme has made me more confident, disciplined and independent

Written by Aman Panjwani, XI D

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Shubh Agarwal Visits Hungary on Short Term Exchange Programme Under the Aegis of AFS Intercultural Programs

June 12, 2016

‘Memories will last forever, the time will be cherished, people will be remembered and the place will never be forgotten.’ To make true these words, I left for Hungary along with 24 students on May 2, 2016. Our first destination was Budapest where I met all AFS students and after the orientation proceeded to enjoy the amazing architecture and the captivating beauty of nature. In school, I got to know the new subject Media and Engineering taught in grade 8. The hospitality, support, care and concern showed by my host family would remain etched in my memory forever.

Written by Shubh Agarwal, XI F

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Siddhant Sethi Visits Hungary on Short Term Exchange Programme Under the Aegis of AFS Intercultural Programs

June 12, 2016

After the departure orientation at AFS, National Office, Delhi, my journey began on May 2, 2016 to Hungary along with 24 students. I stayed with my host family at Szekesfehervar in Hungary and met many exchange students from all over the world in this short trip of 10 days. Learning their culture, understanding the differences and sharing many things on the global platform was a unique experience for me. I explored Hungary and found it the most exotic place with a beauty which is unparalleled. With my host family I visited the biggest zoo, church and had great fun in the adventure park. I also attended the Hungarian school with my sibling to learn about their education system and their language. I have now become a part of the extended family and still feel the warmth and love of my host family while exchanging greetings. I consider this to be my biggest asset and believe me, going on such an exchange programme is a life time achievement because such memories become a life time treasure.

Written by Siddhant Sethi, X A

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Choithram School, Indore Students Visit Delhi Public School, Srinagar on an Interstate Cultural Class Exchange Programme.

May 20, 2016

As a part of intercultural class exchange programme, 12 students of classes VII and VIII accompanied by Ms. Yasmin Khan of our school visited Delhi Public School, Srinagar from May 1 to May 15, 2016. The students participated in a wide spectrum of activities from classroom learning to outings in and around the Srinagar. Visit to world famous Mughal Gardens, Gulmarg, Achabal, Verinag, Manasbal Lake, Kheer Bhawani temple brought the students close to nature. They enjoyed local sightseeing to places like historical Jama Masjid, Shankaracharya temple, Chashmashahi, Parimahal and the Dal Lake.

The overnight stay in Pahalgam and the trekking expedition in Yousmarg added to their adventurous experience. Choithramians also visited the homes of their buddies in Srinagar city and learnt the vibrant culture of Kashmir closely. Our students conducted the morning assembly and brought alive the culture of Madhya Pradesh. The hallmark of the programme was the Volunteer Community Service in Chandharavillage School. The visit to Heritage House, Carpet Weaving Industry, and Sonmarg with a life time experience of being on a glacier on the last day taught students of both the schools that richness of life lies in the spirit of oneness, loving and knowing people of diverse cultures.

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Aakash Jain Visits Canada on Short Term Exchange ProgrammeUnder the Aegis of AFS

August 16, 2015

Aakash Jain of class X C visited Canada from July 17, 2015 to August 15, 2015. He liked the friendly nature of the people and the cleanliness culture of the country. He visited Edmonton and Calgary and also attended the school. He was impressed with the work culture and pattern of studies. During his stay he learnt to adjust with others, clean the lawn and also to express his feelings of thank you and sorry. Being a vegetarian posed many problems for him but his host family and AFS Coordinators helped him. Aakash was lucky to interact with the Mexican girl and the Italian boy being hosted by his host family and learn their culture too. He also enjoyed the English classes conducted in the church.

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Prerak Murdia Visits Italy on Short Term Exchange Programme Under the Aegis of AFS

August 14, 2015

Prerak Murdia of class X F visited Italy under AFS short term exchange programme from June 27, 2015 to August 3, 2015. On reaching Rome, the AFS volunteers welcomed their group. They went to Tuscany for orientation and thereafter visited cities like Florence, Pisa and Lucca. His host family consisted of four members who were very affectionate. Every morning, he would speak the phrases ‘Ciao, Bongourno’ to greet everyone. Before the exchange programmehe had no sibling but now he feels blessed to have two of them with whom he shares his thoughts. It was indeed a learning experience for him to spend his time in a totally different background experiencing new lifestyle, food and interacting with a diversified culture.

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Dhawal Choudhary Visits Italy on Short Term Exchange Programme Under the Aegis of AFS

August 4, 2015

Dhawal Choudhary of class XI E went to Italy under AFS short term exchange programme from June 27, 2015 to August 3, 2015. During the orientation at Tuscany and subsequent visit to different cities, he made many friends from US, Hong Kong and Mexico and enjoyed a lot with them. He also developed a strong bond with his host family and learnt about the Italian culture from them. At the beginning he faced some problems of food and language but soon overcame them. This exchange programme has made Dhawal more confident, disciplined, organized and even independent.

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Ms. Raminder Mac Visits UK Receiving the British Council Connecting Classrooms Grant

July 17, 2015

Ms. Raminder Mac, Dean – International Affairs, Choithram School, Manik Bagh visited Stoke Row C. E. Primary School, Oxfordshire, UK from July 5 to 14, 2015 after receiving the British Council Connecting Classrooms Grant for bringing global issues to life in the school curriculum. To ensure an equitable and sustainable collaboration during the present session, both the schools are working on the project ‘Eating Right: Healthy and Ethical Eating’.
During the trip, Ms. Raminder Mac took a session on cooking wherein the students of grade 5 and 6 prepared ‘vegetable pulao’ under her guidance. She also took a session on ‘Factors influencing food habits of Indians’ with grade 3, 4, 5 and 6 students. She visited ‘Earth Trust’, an environmental leading charity in Oxfordshire to enable the students to understand from where their food comes from. The students gained hands-on experience by performing various activities like milking the cow, making butter from cream, sowing the seeds of wheat in compost and grinding oats into flour. She attended a session on ‘Philosophy of Children for Global Citizenship’ conducted by Liz Allen, an international trainer of the Reading International Solidarity Centre, an organization that works to promote global issues in schools. She also witnessed students debating on ‘Whose responsibility is it to ensure that we eat healthy food – the government, the parents, the schools or the multinational food giants?’ She also visited Dollis Junior School in London with whom Choithram School had done a collaborative project on cricket during the session 2013 – 2014. She gained insight about the teaching methodology followed in the school along with different therapies like music, art, reading in front of a dog being incorporated for children who are shy and victims of abuse.

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Manan Patodi Visits Hungary on Short Term Exchange Programme Under the Aegis of AFS

June 6, 2015

Manan Patodi of class X C visited Hungary under AFS exchange programme from April 30, 2015 to June 5, 2015. He also attended the school and appreciated the fact that the government of Hungary shoulders the responsibility to educate the children at a reasonable fee structure. The beautiful and clean country with friendly and co-operative people attracts the tourists from all over the world. He went on a trip to the major cities like Budapest, Szeged, Tatabanya, Eager and Lake Balaton. His host family’s care and concern did not let him feel away from home. He would always cherish the bond which he developed with his host family.


Mrs.Raminder Mac Visits Germany on AFS Volunteer Development Programme

October 12, 2013

Mrs. Raminder Mac, Dean of Activities of the school was one of the 13 volunteers selected from the country by AFS on Robert Bosch Scholarship to go to Germany on a Volunteer Development Programme from September 21 to October 6, 2013. Meeting different people provided her an astounding opportunity to learn about the culture of the country and gain immensely from it. She would always remain indebted to Ulrike,Marga and Katharina for providing her the warmth and care of a family member and nurturing an indelible friendship bond with her.During her stay she witnessed how German students learnt Hindi at the Creative Learning Institute of Dr. Marga and Dr. Kim Singh. She also visited the Society for Protection of Kindergarten where the children of working mothers were looked after while the mothers learnt German and knitting in different rooms of the building. She also attended Ulrike Syndikus’s one hour session for mental peace for relieving stress and felt transported into another world.

She visited four schools, interacted with the Principals and students and promoted Indian German student exchange programs between the two nations. In IGS Anna Seghers Mainz – IntegrierteGesamtschule Anna Seghers Mainz, a Comprehensive school where bright, weak and not so bright students study together she witnessed grade 12 English class as well as interacted with the students thereafter. During her visit to Maria Ward Schule, Mainz (for girls only), a Gymnasium where the best students study, she saw grade 11 English class being conducted and interacted with grade 11 & 13 students informing them about AFS programs and the rich Indian culture. She visited a Primary school in WeinbegschuleHochheim and sat in grade III English class where the children were totally absorbed in the lesson. In Graf-Stauffenberg Gymnasium Schule in the town Florsheim she saw how Physics and German lessons were taught to grade 6 students. She gained insight about German teaching methodology during her visits to schools as well as understood the differences between Indian and German educational pattern.

During the trip she visited various places with the host families and AFS German volunteerslike PffafenSchwarbenheim, Bad Kreuznach, Mainz,Hochheim, Frankfurt, Ingelheim, Ruedesheim, Wiesbaden and Eltiville. She also attended the AFS chapter meeting at Wiesbaden and attended the annual AFS volunteer gathering at Oberursel where 100 AFS Germany volunteers viewed the Indian counter displaying Indian artifacts and put forth her views in the workshops conducted by AFS Germany chapter. The Indian volunteers also worked on a handbook prepared by volunteers in the previous years and elucidated their suggestions pertaining to religion, friendship, environmental and gender related issues. She witnessed the strong family bond existing in the family with all of them praying together before every meal and then saying ‘good appetite’ before eating. She also learnt that Germans are very punctual and pay a lot of emphasis on time management as well as believe in direct communication and do not beat around the bush. The programme aimed at inter-cultural learning at the global level made her realize that ‘the world is a family’.