School Activities Schedule : 2015 – 2016


Month Activity Category Selections Practice Matches
June Volleyball Senior Boys June 17 B June 21, 24, 25 June 26 B vs G
June 18 G June 27 R vs T
June 19 R June 28 Finals
June 20 T
July Football Senior Boys July 1 G July 5 – 14 July  15 T vs R
July 2 R July 16 B vs G
July 3 T July 17 Finals
July 4 B
Table Tennis Junior Boys June 27 R July 6, 11, 12 July 18 G vs T
June 28 T July 19 R vs B
July 4 B July 20 Finals
July 5 G
Table Tennis Sub Jr. Boys July 1 T July 9, 10, 15, 16, 17 July 22 G vs B
July 2 B July 23 R vs T
July 3 G July 24 Finals
July 8 R
Badminton Senior Girls June 20 B June 26 – July 9 July 10 B vs R
June 21 G July 11 G vs T
June 24 R July 12 Finals
June 25 T
Badminton Junior Girls June 27 G July 6, 11, 12 July 18 G vs T
June 28 R July 19 R vs B
July 4 T July 20 Finals
July 5 B
Badminton Sub Junior Girls July 1 R July 9, 10, 15, 16, 17 July 22 T vs B
July 2 T July 23 R vs G
July 3 B July 24 Finals
July 8 G
August Basketball Senior Boys July 25 T July 31, Aug.1-12 Aug.13 T vs G
July 26 B Aug.14 B vs R
July 29 G Aug.16 Finals
July 30 R
Table Tennis Senior Girls July 25 B July 31, Aug.1-12 Aug.13 T vs R
July 26 G Aug.14 B vs G
July 29 R Aug.16 Finals
July 30 T
Table Tennis Junior Girls Aug.1 G Aug.16,22,23 Aug. 29 R vs G
Aug.2 R Aug.30 B vs T
Aug.8 T Aug.31 Finals
Aug.9 B
Table Tennis Sub-Junior Girls Aug.5 R Aug.13,14,19,21 Aug.26 R vs B
Aug.6 T Aug.27 G vs T
Aug.7 B Sept.2 Finals
Aug.12 G
Football Junior Boys Aug.1 T Aug.16,22,23 Aug. 29 B vs G
Aug.2 B Aug.30 R vs T
Aug.8 G Aug.31 Finals
Aug.9 R
Football Sub-Junior Boys Aug.5 B Aug.13,14,19,21 Aug.26 B vs T
Aug.6 G Aug.27 R vs G
Aug.7 R Sept.2 Finals
Aug.12 T
September Basketball Junior & Senior Girls Aug. 19 G Aug. 26-Sept 7 Oct. 4 R vs G
Combined Aug. 21 R Oct. 5 B vs T
Aug. 22 T Oct. 11 Finals
Aug. 23 B
Badminton Senior Boys Aug. 19 R Aug. 26-30 Sept. 2 B vs T
Aug. 21 T Sept.3 R vs G
Aug. 22 B Sept.4 Finals
Aug. 23 G
October Table Tennis Senior Boys Oct. 7 T Oct. 17,18,21,22 Oct.23 B vs R
Oct.8 B Oct.24 T vs G
Oct.9 G Oct.25 Finals
Oct.10 R
Kho-Kho Junior & Senior Girls Oct.4 B Oct.17,18 Oct.24 T vs G
Combined Oct.5 G Oct.25 R vs B
Oct.10 R Oct.31 Finals
Oct.11 T
Kho-Kho Sub-Junior Girls Sept.30 G Oct.15,21,22,23 Oct.28 B vs R
Oct.1 R Oct.29 G vs T
Oct.7 T Oct.30 Finals
Oct.8 B
Badminton Sub-Junior Boys Sept.2 T Sept.11,30,Oct.1,3 Oct.7 B vs G
Sept.3 B Oct.8 T vs R
Sept.4 G Oct.9 Finals
Sept.10 R
Basketball Junior Boys Oct.17 B Oct.31,Nov.1,7,8 Nov.15 T vs G
Oct.18 G Nov.21 B vs R
Oct.24 R Nov.22 Finals
Oct.25 T
November Cricket Senior Boys Oct.17 G Oct.23-31 Nov.9 T vs G
Oct.18 R Nov.16 B vs R
Oct.21 T Nov.23 Finals
Oct.22 B
January Athletic Meet VI – XII
February Cricket Junior  Boys Jan.30 R Feb.7,13,14, Feb.20 B vs R
Jan.31 T Feb.21 T vs G
Feb.1 B Feb.27 Finals
Feb.6 G
Cricket Sub-Junior Boys Jan.27 T Feb.3,4,5,10,11,12 Feb.17 G vs B
Jan.28 B Feb.18 R vs T
Jan.29 G Feb.19 Finals




Month Event Category Date
June Inter House Calligraphy Junior & Senior June 24 to 28
  Intra Class Softboard Decoration July 25
July Inter House Best Out of Waste Junior & Senior July 15 to 19
August Inter House Group Song Junior August 3 (Practice from July 1 to Aug.2)
Inter House Rakhi Making Junior & Senior August 17
Inter House Collage Making Junior & Senior August 26 to 30
October Garba Students & Teachers October 11
Inter-House Softboard Decoration Overall October 18
Inter House Poster Making Junior & Senior October 21 to 24
Inter House Group Song Senior October 25 (Practice from Oct. 17 to Oct. 24)
November Inter House Art Composition Junior & Senior November 11 to 15
December 2, 3, 4 Annual Function
December Inter House Flower Decoration Junior & Senior December 16 to 20
January Inter House Rangoli Junior & Senior January 4
Farewell to class XII January 26
February Inter House G. K. Quiz Junior & Senior February 4, 11