Personality Development Club

The Personality Development Club has been introduced to groom the personality of students and bring positive changes in them.

Spin a Yarn Activity

November 24, 2022

‘Spin a Yarn’ is an art and like any art it requires creativity, vision, skill and practice. To enhance the creativity and oratory skills of the students,’Spin a Yarn’ activity wasorganisedfor students of classes III to V.The activity brought to fore the imaginative skills of the students through the stories narrated by them.

All About Me

August 25, 2022

Knowing yourself is a journey. It is about discovering who you are as a human being – the real you. Taking cue from this, ‘Expressions – All About Me’ activity was planned by the Personality Development Club for classes III to V. As a part of the activity, the students were provided with a questionnaire based on exploring oneself, which was followed by a discussion based on it.

Basic Etiquettes and Table Manners

July 28, 2022

Good manners are always appreciated by everyone. Taking this into account, a demonstration on table manners was given to the students of classes III to V. To brush up the learning, an activity was planned by the mentors of Personality Development Club for the students, wherein they were asked to bring home-made soup, cutlery, napkin etc. from home.

Know Thyself

June 30, 2022

‘I am me, nothing more, nothing less, and that is enough.’ Taking cue from this, ‘Self Introduction’ activity was conducted for the students of classes III to V as a part of Personality Development Club. The aim of the activity was to boost confidence and enhance the oratory skills of the students. They interacted with new students and made themselves comfortable by knowing about each other.