Parenting Session: ‘Habits for Flourishing Life’ – For Parents of Grade 3, 4 and 5

October 19, 2023

To raise awareness about the importance of supporting children during their formative years, Choithram Centre for Life Skills Learning (C2L2) organized an interactive parenting session on October 17 and 19, 2023 for students in grades 3, 4 and 5. The session was led by Ms. Abhilasha Purushothaman, the School Counselor. During the session, the focus was on developing healthy habits within the family that would reduce stress and enhance effective parenting. Various aspects of childhood were explored, along with the cultivation of essential habits. The aim was to encourage responsible behavior in children, using relatable examples and analogies to ensure clear understanding. Following the session, the parents engaged in discussions about their concerns regarding their child’s behaviour. They also provided valuable feedback and proposed topics for future parenting sessions.

Parenting Session: ‘Empowering Children with Positive Parenting’ – For Parents of Grade 1 and 2

October 16, 2023

Family is the first and most important institution for a child, with parents serving as their initial teachers. In today’s era of technology, media, and information overload, it has become increasingly difficult to maintain understanding and harmony in relationships. To address these challenges, an interactive session on parenting was organized by the Choithram Centre for Life-Skills Learning on October 16, 2023. This session specifically catered to parents of children in grade 1 and 2, with separate sessions held to ensure personalized, one-on-one interactions with parents. The workshop’s overarching theme was ‘Supporting Children in their Growing Up Years’, and for grade 1 and 2, the specific topic of discussion was ‘Empowering Children with Positive Parenting’.

Throughout the presentation, the focus was primarily on Positive Parenting Techniques. Parents were introduced to different approaches that could help them establish a stronger connection with their children and raise them in a well-rounded manner. By the end of the session, parents understood the importance of recognizing that the parent-child relationship is a partnership that requires effort from both sides, ultimately strengthening the relationship and bridging the generation gap when effective parenting skills are utilized. Towards the conclusion of the session, parents had the opportunity to voice their concerns about their children and engage in open discussions. They also freely offered suggestions to their fellow parents, fostering a supportive and collaborative environment.

Parenting Session: ‘Supporting Children Through Their Teenage Years’ – For Parents of Grade 6 to 8 Students

August 26, 2023

To raise awareness about supporting teenagers, an interactive parenting session was organized by Choithram Centre for Life Skills Learning (C2L2) on August 26, 2023 for parents of grade 6 to 8 students. The session was facilitated by school counselors, Ms. Abhilasha Purushothaman and Ms. Surabhi Shastri, who covered various aspects of human development. These included the changing developmental needs of teenagers, effective communication strategies, listening for teenage fears and anxieties, and cultivating problem-solving skills in children. The importance of creating a trusting environment for the child was emphasized. To engage the parents, energizers and role-playing activities were incorporated into the session. After the session, parents engaged in discussions, sharing their questions related to teenage behavior and day-to-day parenting challenges. They also provided valuable feedback and suggested topics for future parenting sessions.

Orientation Session for Parents of Grade 6 Students

June 8, 2023

An Orientation Session was conducted for the parents of grade 6 on June 8, 2023 to familiarize them with the Teaching-Learning process and the scheme of studies as well as assessment as the students face a transition from the Junior School to the Senior School. Parents of 121 students attended the session. The introductory note included ‘One Choithram’ concept, highlighting the interpretation of the new logo, with the eight organizations as a part of Choithram group committed to change and progress as well as designing of the Choithram Education Policy to enhance the academic performance and holistic development of the students.

The Teaching-Learning process, scheme of studies and system of assessment – both scholastic and co-scholastic, was explained to the parents. Parents were encouraged to maintain open lines of communication with teachers, counselors and school administration. Class teachers of grade 6 sections and the School Counselor were introduced to the parents. Few parents sought more information about the various clubs – they were told that there would be an orientation for children wherein the club teachers would interact with them; thereafter they would be asked to choose the club. The session helped in making the parents understand the system that would be followed in the Senior School.

Orientation Session for Parents of Grade 1 and Grade 3

June 6, 2023

“Teachers, parents and students form an integral part of the learning process”. With the intention of making the parents aware of the shift from informal to formal teaching learning system from grade 1 and subject teacher concept from grade 3, Orientation Session for the parents of these classes was organised. An introduction was given by the Incharges and Co-ordinators regarding the syllabus, teaching material, assessments, grading system, houses etc. for the better understanding and smooth functioning of the new system. Queries of the parents were also solved along with the introduction of the class teachers.

Orientation Session for Parents of Nursery

April 24 & 25, 2023

“Every new academic year holds new challenges, new avenues to explore and new opportunities to learn.” To brief the parents of Nursery about the teaching methodologies and learning culture at the Montessori level, an Orientation Programme for parents of Nursery for the new session was organized on April 24 and 25, 2023. The parents were introduced to the Montessori philosophy which involves learning by doing at one’s own pace. They were apprised with the working for overall development of the children and various interesting activities which are catered to achieve the same. Core objectives of Personality Development, Cognitive Development, Language Development, Sensory Development and Aesthetic Development as well as the learning outcomes with the help of Montessori presentations and activities were enumerated. An interesting story enacted by the teachers caught the attention of the little ones present. The initial interface satisfied the curiosity of parents about learning atmosphere as they embark on this new journey. This certainly is a head start to a new beginning of learning and knowing together!

Orientation Session for Parents of Grade 10

March 23 & 24, 2023

The school organised an Orientation Session for the parents and students of grade 10 on March 23 and 24, 2023 before the students apply for subject selection. The parents were informed that an Aptitude Test would be organised for the students interested in pursuing Mathematics Stream, Biology Stream, or Applied Mathematics in class XI, as per the subject combinations available within the school’s curriculum on March 31, 2023. School Principal Mr. Rajesh Awasthi reiterated that an Aptitude Test would be organised as exam scores may not always accurately reflect a student’s skills and abilities. He spoke about essential competencies that a student should be equipped with while studying in high school. Queries of the parents were solved regarding importance of the Aptitude Test and why it was mandatory for students opting for above mentioned streams/subjects.