Grade 1 students of Choithram School participated in a collaborative project titled ‘Market Place’ with their peers of Immaculate Conception School, Ghana. At the outset, students of Choithram School were introduced to the term ‘country’. They were informed about Ghana’s national flag as well as the location of India and Ghana was shown on the world map. Subsequently they were introduced to fruits and vegetables of India and Ghana. A ‘Thumb Painting Activity’ was conducted wherein the students made some fruits which they had seen during their visit to the local market with their parents. They further drew two toys of their choice seen in the local market and decorated the drawings by pasting colourful bits of paper. To give students real exposure and facilitate meaningful interactions, community helpers were invited who talked about the work they do. As a concluding activity, the students dressed up as community helpers, wore their costumes, told about the places they work at and the tools they use.