Portrayal of Rich Culture of Kerala …

The students and teachers got an insight into the culture of Gujarat during the morning assembly of August 4, 2018 as the students of class 8 performed ‘Kaikotti Kali’folk dance of Kerala, sang Kerala’s folk song ‘NinnekkaanaanEnnekkalum’and presented a piece of instrumental music on the folk song of Kerala ‘KanakkanumKunjipennu’. The students had learnt dance, vocal music and instrumental music of this state during their Performing Art CCA periods. Thereafter students of classes 6, 7 and 8 witnessed an exhibition of the students’ work comprising of scrapbooks incorporating various facets of the culture of Kerala viz., location, family and relationships, dance and music, art and crafts, cuisine, places of tourist interest, important traditions and beliefs.Students spoke some greetings as well as numerals from 1 to 10 in the Malayalam language.Murals and wall pieces with cane sticks prepared by the students during their Visual Art CCA periods were also displayed. Class 8 students had studied about the state of Kerala during the period June – July 2018.

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