Immersion into the Culture of Tamil Nadu

The students and teachers got an insight into the culture of Tamil Nadu during the morning assembly of March 16, 2018 as the students of class 8 performed folk dance of Tamil Nadu ‘Manapakkam’, sang Tamil folk song ‘Kuruwan Kurathi’ and presented a piece of instrumental music ‘Alaporaan Thamizhan’ with ‘Raag Hansdhwani’. They showcased their scrapbooks incorporating various facets of the culture of Tamil Nadu viz., location, family and relationships, dance and music, art and crafts, cuisine, places of tourist interest, important traditions, beliefs and spoke some greetings in Bangla. Tanjore art work, sea shells and clay pots related to culture of Tamil Nadu prepared by the students during their CCA periods were also displayed. Class 8 students had studied about the state of Tamil Nadu during the period January – February 2018.

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