Students of Literature and Drama Club of grade 9 at Choithram School recently participated in a videoconference with students from Le Quy Don Secondary School in Vietnam; the topic of discussion being ‘Disadvantages of E-cigarettes’. During the session, students from Le Quy Don Secondary School briefed the Choithram School students about the causes and effects of consuming E-cigarettes. They shared details about an awareness campaign they had conducted in their school and community, emphasizing that E-cigarettes are a menace and should be avoided by young people at all costs.

Following this, the Choithram School students also shared the disadvantages of consuming E-cigarettes. Ms. Raminder Mac, Dean – International Affairs, commended Le Quy Don Secondary School for their efforts in creating awareness in their community. She emphasized that if young people become addicted to E-cigarettes, they may be more likely to turn to traditional cigarettes, which can have physical and mental health consequences. Students of both schools agreed that, in order for children to develop holistically, it is essential for them to reject E-cigarettes and avoid substance abuse.