Choithram School Manik Bagh Road is a CBSE School (Affiliation No. 1030002).

Choithram School can proudly hold its head high for having one of the best pre- primary sections, which is popularly known as the Montessori Section. We have seven sections in the Nursery, seven in Junior Montessori and seven in Senior Montessori. No section has more than 25 children.

Primary Block 
In Classes I, II and III learning takes place in an integrated manner. The lessons are interspersed with project work .The evaluation of the progress of the student is based on their classroom performance and not on the traditional examinations. Classes IV and V also follow the same approach .It has been observed that students benefit tremendously working on such projects .Their psychological and mental development is accelerated and they find this a healthy exercise towards cooperative endeavour.

Senior Block 
Classes from VI to VIII are taken as the formative classes for the building of a strong academic base and also overall personality of the student. Classes from IX to XII under go vigorous training for a better future .

Assessment Rubrics :III to V