Community Service Club

The club members develop a sense of importance of rendering service to all members of the community by exposure to unfamiliar environment, particularly with people less fortunate than themselves.

Gratitude Towards the Support Staff

March 20, 2024

The Club members expressed gratitude towards the Support Staff (mess maids and peons) of the school on March 20, 2024. Members of grades 8 and 6 came together to thank the helpers through a token of appreciation, including handmade cards, flowers, and a heartfelt ‘Thank You’ note. The students eloquently expressed their gratitude through touching words and also presented water bottles and cloth bags as gifts. This gesture served to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of these individuals who contribute to making the school a better and more comfortable place. The Support Staff expressed their appreciation and thanked the students for their kind gesture.

Visit to Old Age Home- AsthaVridhjan Ashram

February 20, 2024

To help students understand the significance of elderly individuals in their lives, grade 4 students visited AsthaVridhjan Ashram, an old age home. This visit provided a special opportunity for the students to show love and compassion towards the elderly residents. Through this experience, the students gained a newfound appreciation for the role of grandparents and the importance of caring for them with kindness and tenderness. The joy and gratitude expressed by the elderly residents upon meeting the students were truly heartwarming. The students enthusiastically recited poems and stories, engaging in activities that brought smiles to the faces of the elderly individuals. This visit was not only educational but also deeply fulfilling for all involved.

Guest Lecture on Self Defense

December 19, 2023

“Self-defense is more than just a collection of techniques; it is a mindset rooted in the understanding that one’s worthiness necessitates protection.” With this in mind, a guest session on self-defense was led by Ms.GrishmaTrivedi, Chief Administrator for the Strive Central Government Project in AIMP, for grade 4 students. The session commenced with an orientation and open discussion on safety measures to be taken at home, school, and various public settings. The trainer imparted numerous self-defense tips and techniques to foster self-confidence.

Club Inspires Change through Outreach

December 15, 2023

16 students of grade 9 and 10 of the Community Service Club visited Kalaraia Government High School as part of a project initiated by Choithram Nursing College. Prior to the visit, the members generously contributed stationery and personal hygiene items. Engaging with the government school students, discussions on personal hygiene and the importance of distinguishing between good and bad touch took place. The visit provided a hands-on experience in the field, fostering an understanding of societal needs. The club members thoroughly enjoyed the visit, which served to sensitize them to the realities of the community.

Empathy Through Education – Visit to Sewa Ashram

October 10, 2023

Members of the Community Service Club of grade 8 embarked on a heart-warming visit to Sewa Ashram, where they sought to gain insight into the learning patterns and lifestyles of disabled children. At the ashram, they had the privilege of interacting with students who were visually and hearing impaired as well as speech impaired. During their visit, the club members recognized the immense dedication of the teachers who were guiding these remarkable children and the unique challenges they faced. The students found that teaching visually impaired children was comparatively more accessible, as they could comprehend and express themselves, while instructing hearing impaired and speech impaired children demanded exceptional patience. The children spent quality time there, learning the alphabet and counting in sign language to effectively communicate. They also engaged the students in the art of origami and guitar playing, imparting valuable skills. The visit was a profound experience, sensitizing the students to the needs and aspirations of society. They left with a deep sense of gratitude for their own lives, recognizing the immense potential and talent within these special children, given the right opportunities. The visit also enlightened them about Braille and sign language, fostering a greater understanding of inclusivity and diversity.

Inspiring Eco-Friendly Creativity: Workshop with Mrs. Sima Mundra

September 13, 2023

In an enlightening workshop on September 13, 2023, grade 7 students from the Community Service Club and Eco Club had a valuable opportunity to learn from Mrs. Sima Mundra, a dedicated artist and environmentalist who is passionate about preserving the beauty of nature. With 15 years of experience in crafting eco-friendly Ganesha idols, Mrs. Mundra aimed to sensitize the students to the importance of nature conservation and eco-friendly celebrations, especially with Ganesha Chaturthi approaching. During the workshop, the students not only absorbed Mrs. Mundra’s wisdom but also put it into practice by creating their own eco-friendly Ganesha idols. Mrs. Mundra guided them through the techniques and methods of moulding clay into exquisite shapes. The success of the workshop was evident in the beautiful idols crafted by the students.

A Transformative Session by Staff of Indore Deaf and Bilingual Academy

September 13, 2023

Sign language plays a vital role in facilitating communication for individuals who are hearing or speaking impaired. To raise awareness and emphasize the significance of sign language, the Community Service Club collaborated with the Indore Deaf and Bilingual Academy to organize a session for the students of the club on September 13, 2023. The session’s objectives were twofold: to equip students with the ability to assist those in need of sign language communication and to sensitize them to the challenges faced by the hearing-impaired in society.

During the session, trainees and staff from the Academy provided instruction to club members on the fundamentals of sign language, including vocabulary words and the entire alphabet. The students actively participated in practical exercises, such as spelling out their names and forming simple sentences like “How are you?” and “I thank you.” The session had a profound impact on the participants, as they recognized the importance of sign language in offering support and promoting inclusion for the hearing-impaired. The event concluded on an emotional note, with a reminder that individuals with hearing disabilities are capable of learning, understanding, and leading fulfilling lives, urging others not to underestimate them.

Parent Involvement – Session on Sign Language

September 12, 2023

Sign languages are an extremely important communication tool for many hearing impaired people. Keeping this in mind, a session on sign language was conducted for the students of grade 4 on September 12, 2023. The session aimed to raise awareness about the challenges these specially abled people face on a daily basis and to learn the sign language. Ms. Monica Punjabi, mother of Kairav Verma, the trainees and interpreters made the students learn how to communicate with others without speaking. This session on sign language not only fostered empathy among the students but also enhanced their understanding and appreciation for diverse forms of communication, ultimately promoting student learning.

Visit to IDBA (Indore Deaf Bilingual Academy) School

September 11, 2023

In order to raise awareness about sign language, which aids in communication for the hearing impaired people, a visit to IDBA School was organized for grade 3 students on September 11, 2023. The purpose of the visit was to introduce students to the concept of empathy and empowerment towards a special section of society. During the visit, the hearing impaired individuals were deeply engrossed in their tasks and were appreciative of the students’ curiosity and questions. The students had the opportunity to attend classes and learn sign language, while also gaining insight into the diverse methods of learning employed at the school.

Guest Lecture by a Promising Choithramian

July 25, 2023

Members of the Community Service Club from grade VIII were privileged to attend a guest lecture on July 25, 2023 by Ms. Bhrami Tiwari, a dedicated student of Choithram School and an active social worker focused on Animal Welfare. Brahmi conveyed to the students that age is no barrier when one has lofty and altruistic goals. She advised the students to approach community service pragmatically, emphasizing that even small actions can lead to significant impacts. Using a dynamic PowerPoint presentation, she showcased her own work, illustrating how minor initiatives can culminate in major advancements. She underscored the importance of environmental awareness and shared engaging anecdotes related to animal welfare. She encouraged the students to make informed decisions rather than blindly following others and invited them to volunteer in similar endeavours. The interactive session saw the club members pose a variety of questions and share their own experiences. The students were both astonished and inspired to have one of their own schoolmates deliver such an impactful session.

Workshop on Eco-Friendly Pot Making

July 23, 2023

A workshop on eco-friendly pot making was conducted on July 23, 2023, for students of grade VII members of the Community Service Club. Ms. Shivani Singh, associated with the Narmada Shri Women Empowerment Organisation in Omkareshwar, guided the students in crafting pots from materials like incense sticks, betel leaves, and dung from the ‘Nirmalya’ collected from Omkareshwar Temple. The created pots were then distributed among the students. During the workshop, the students pledged to protect their environment and adopt the use of eco-friendly products.

Guest Lecture to Inculcate the Habit of Extending a Helping Hand

July 19, 2023

On July 19, 2023, a guest lecture was organized for the students of grade VI who are part of the Community Service Club. Mrs. Swati Vijayvargiya, an active member of the ‘Daanpatra’ NGO, graced the event as the guest of honour. She motivated the students towards the act of donating. She emphasized that items we consider as waste could be valuable to the less privileged, making a significant difference in their lives. Mrs. Vijayvargiya shared a life-changing incident from her own experiences that led her to dedicate herself to this field. She encouraged the young participants to contribute towards building a happier and healthier society by extending a helping hand. The speaker stressed the importance of charitable actions and highlighted that even simple acts such as teaching a watchman’s children or providing food to someone in need can bring smiles to faces.

A Kind Gesture to Show Gratitude

March 15, 2023

‘Gratitude is the most humble attitude’. In lieu of this, students of class VI, VII and VIII of the Community Service Club showed their gratitude towards the helpers by distributing cloth bags painted by them along with a thank you card for the services they provide to the fraternity. The support staff felt elated with the words of gratitude and appreciation exhibited by the students of the Club. This gesture made the students acknowledge their services and made them learn to be humble and respectful to them.

Visit to Seva Mandir to Salute the Spirit of Children with Special Needs

February 15, 2023

The members of Community Service Club of class VI got an opportunity of visiting Seva Mandir, a school for visually handicapped, hearing and speaking impaired children on February 15, 2023. The club members presented an array of activities comprising singing, fun games, lucky draw to reach out to the physically challenged children. The mentors of Seva Mandir appreciated the club members for their kind gesture and discipline and shared about their teaching mechanism.The club members admired the spirit of the physically challenged students, their will to overcome their physical impairment, their own acquired ways to become self-dependent, zeal and zest to survive and excel and smile on their face reflecting peace and contentment.

Real Life Learning at Blind School

February 11, 2023

The members of Community Service Club of class VIII got a life-time experience of visiting Helen Keller Blind School. The club members were astonished to observe the disciplined life of the visually handicapped children as well as perceive how self-dependent they were. They learnt how these children study with the help of some special instruments like tailor-frame, slates to write, special toys to torecognise the surroundings, braille as well as use the mobile-phones efficiently. The visit enabled the club members to introspect and note that they are blessed, should value what they have and empathise with the struggles faced by these children with special needs.

Visit to Anubhuti Multiple Disability Centre

February 6, 2023

The members of Community Service Club of class VII visited Anubhuti Multiple Disability Centre on February 6, 2023 to meet children with special needs. The club members were awestruck to see how these visually handicapped, hearing and speaking impaired as well as mentally challenged children manage their daily chores and challenges with positivity. It was a delight to watch the club members and the physically challenged children chanting shlokas and singing songs. The club members also distributed toffees, chocolates and biscuits. The time spent with these students will enable the club members to accept, adapt and empathise with such people in future too.

Visit to Visarjan Ashram and JeevanShala High School

January 30, 2023

Every child must have access to quality education as it develops essential skills to earn a living and make informed decisions. Keeping this in mind, a visit was planned to make students aware about the importance of education for unprivileged children. Students of class III visited Visarjan Ashram and JeevanShala High School, Navlakha. A small programme was organized by the host school on the occasion of Martyr’s Day. Our students also participated in it, narrated short stories and experienced the different way of learning in the school.

Interactive Session with Member of Daanpatra NGO

January 25, 2023

A guest lecture was organised on January 25, 2023 for the Community Service Club members of class VI. The speaker, Ms.SheetalJaiswal an active member of Daanpatra NGO narrated her life changing incident describing why she had decided to come in this field. She motivated the young members to extend their help to build a happier and healthier society. She explained the importance of charity and emphasised that one’s selfless act reaps a life-long satisfaction. She enumerated that teaching the kids of the house help, helping a person to carry his luggage, assisting someone to cross the road are enough to bring a smile on others’ faces.

Family Tree Making

January 5, 2023

An activity ‘Family Tree Making’ was conducted for students of classes III, IV and V. Students showcased the love towards their family members by pasting the pictures and writing their names with a describing word. They were happy to see different generations on that chart. They also introduced their family members to their peers and enjoyed talking about them.

Community Service Club Students Visit Shukravasa Village

November 22, 2022

‘Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much’.Tosensitize the students towards social service, a visit was organized for the students of class IX and X of Community Service Club to Shukravasa village where a social service organization HOWL group volunteers education and health services. Eleven students accompanied by the club In-charge Ms.Reshma Dave alongwithMs.MeenuPandit and Mr.YogeshRathore of the Senior School visited the village on November 22, 2022. A documentary based on the objectives of HOWL group and the services rendered to the people of the village was shown to the students. Under the book donation drive in school, students of the Community Club collected a wide range of books in different genres including stories, novels, biographies, magazines and course books etc. Around 150 story books and magazines and 100-coursebooks were donated to the HOWL group. Students also interacted with the members of the HOWL group and got to know their working patterns, challenges and the support system. One of the students suggested an alternative source of electricity when he saw the people suffering due to frequent power failures. Solar lamps were also gifted to the villagers to solve the issue of power failures. Students gained insight into village life and wished to spend some time with the people of the village.

Visit to IDBA School

November 11, 2022

Students of classes III and Vaccompanied by their teachers visitedthe IDBA School (Indore Deaf Bilingual Academy)to meet the hearing impaired children. The students became aware about these children who are blessed with special powers and are living their lives beautifully with self-confidence and dignity.They visited their classes, learnt the sign language and experienced the different way of learning in the school. They also gifted clothes and stationery items as token of love.

Guest Lecture to Inculcate Responsibility

November 9, 2022

A guest lecture was conducted for members of the Community Service Club of class VI on November 9, 2022 to sensitize them for their responsibilitytowards the society. The guest was Ms. VibhaBiyani, mother of ParthBiyani, a student of the school. Ms. Biyani explained the students the term community and the meaning of community service. The students acknowledged the importance and benefits of doing community service like development of leadership quality, inculcating humanity, making others happy by fulfilling their needs etc.She suggested the students to note down some points / ways to contribute for upliftment of the society. The students enthusiastically interacted with her.

Guest Lecture to Create Sensitivity for Less Privileged People

October 29, 2022

A guest lecture was conducted for members of the Community Service Club of classes IX and X on October 29, 2022. The resource person Mr. Deepak Vibhakar Naik is a social worker who has received many awards for his contribution to make the society better and has also adopted a school. He interacted with the students and guided them how they could help the society in their small ways like celebration of special days with less fortunate children, giving free tuition to the underprivileged children, gifting things which they are not using etc. He urged the students to be a better and generous human being. He also talked about blood donation and its importance to build a safe healthy society. He encouraged the students by sharing his own experiences through a video presentation and answered all queries put forth by the students. The session ended with the students answering a questionnaire.

Project Veer Gatha

October 19, 2022

Gallantry award has been instituted by the government of India to honour the acts of bravery and sacrifice of officers / personnel of the armed forces. All the Gallantry winners choose the life of dignity and unwavering sense of duty.Taking cue from this, an activity was planned for the children of class III wherein they pasted the pictures of gallantry award winners and wrote few lines on their bravery and sacrifice.

Guest Lecture for Instilling Values of Helping Others

September 20, 2022

A guest lecture by Ms. Madhvi Moyde, a social activist was organised for the Community Service club students of Class VIII. The students were excited to learn about the work experience of a young, energetic person in the field of Community Service and were motivated to extend their helping hands for the needy. The session was interactive wherein the students asked questions from the resource person who answered them enthusiastically.

Preparing Cloth Bags To Save Environment

September 16, 2022

Students of class VIII of the club prepared cloth bags in the month of September 2022 to promote usage of eco-friendly bags and discarding use of plastic bags. The waste cloth pieces were brought by the students, stitched by the club teachers and painted by the students.

Message Writing on Postcards

September 8, 2022

To learn a new form of communication without feeling the need of Facebook, WhatsApp or e-mails, an activity related to this was planned for the children of classes III to V. They expressed their love and showed gratitude towards their grandparents by writing small quotes and messages on it. The purpose of the activity was to make them aware about traditional way of communication. These postcards were dispatched so that their loved ones would come to know about the feelings of their grandchildren.

Rakhis Prepared To Show Gratitude To The Soldiers

August 8, 2022

Students of classes VI to X of the club prepared beautiful handmade rakhis using colourful decorative material, rolis, akshat etc. in the month of August 2022. They later sent them to the soldiers at MHOW Cantonment as a gesture of gratitude for their selfless service to the nation.

Book Donation Drive

July 20, 2022

Reading is important because it makes you knowledgeable and stimulates your imagination. It also helps in self-exploration. As a part of ‘Reading Month Celebration’ organised by CBSE, Book Donation Drive was conducted from July 1 to July 20, 2022 in the school encouraging students to donate old books. Students of the club will distribute them to the needy students of villages in order to inculcate reading habits in them.

Gratitude Card Making Activity

July 14, 2022

Gratitude is a simple expression of appreciation for the things, people and happiness we have in our lives. To inculcate the habit of showing appreciation, an activity was planned for the children of classes III to V. They expressed gratitude towards Community Helpers by making beautiful cards and writing small thank you notes.

Artificial Lower Limb Distribution Camp Organised in the School

February 24, 2020

Artificial Lower Limb Distribution Camp was organized by Choithram School, Indore in association with Vijayant Scout group on February 22 and 23, 2020 and was held in Choithram School campus. Around 185 people from Indore, other cities of Madhya Pradesh and various states of India benefited from this two day camp. The beneficiaries were earlier called in the month of January, 2020 for diagnosis and measurement of amputated limbs. Subsequently, high-quality, light-weight artificial limbs were prepared as per the requirements in the form of Jaipur foot (above knee and below knee). 60 out of 185 persons were given calipers and crutches too. The beneficiaries were assisted by expert prosthetic technicians from Mumbai for fitting of the limb. 60 student volunteers of Choithram School along with their teachers lent a helping hand in the camp, assisting the beneficiaries at various stages from registration, limb fitting to lunch.

1 2 3

4 5 6

Visit to Sri Sri Gyan Mandir School

January 18, 2020

To inculcate the feeling of empathy and conscience amongst the students, a visit to Sri Sri Gyan Mandir School was organized for the students of class V on January 18, 2020. The students of our school were able to bring a smile on the faces of the students of Sri Sri Gyan Mandir School by spending time with them and presenting them stationery items.

Visit to Sri Sri Gyan Mandir School 1 Visit to Sri Sri Gyan Mandir School 2

Artificial Lower Limb Distribution Camp Organised in the School

January 12, 2020

Artificial Lower Limb Distribution Camp was organized by Ratnanidhi Charitable Trust Mumbai, Choithram School, Indore in association with Symbiotec Pharma Lab(P) Ltd and Rotary club of Indore, Uptown on January 12, 2020 in Choithram School premises. Around 185 people benefited from the camp. Students as well as teachers of Choithram School rendered their services for the noble cause. The process of distribution was completed in four phases – Registration, Photograph, Fixing the limb and Counseling of the amputees. The beneficiaries were instructed about the safety measures and precautions to help prevent the problem of artificial limbs.

Limb Distribution Limb Distribution Limb Distribution

Limb Distribution Limb Distribution Limb Distribution

Limb Distribution Limb Distribution Limb Distribution

Book Donation Camp – Mission Million Book Project

January 5, 2020

The school in association with Ratna nidhi Charitable Trust Mumbai and Rotary Club of Indore, Uptown organised ‘Mission Million Book Project’ wherein a donation camp was set up in the school for providing books to government schools on January 5, 2020. 30 volunteers from the Community Service Club participated in the same. They worked hand in hand with the other hearing and speech impaired volunteers. The students not only helped various representatives of different government schools in selection of books but also maintained a record of books being taken by each of the school. 124 government schools benefited from the camp.

Book Donation Camp 1 Book Donation Camp 2 Book Donation Camp 3 Book Donation Camp 4

Visit to Kasturba Gandhi National Memorial Trust

September 27, 2019

Class VIII students of Community Service Club, visited Kasturba Gandhi National Memorial Trust along with the students of Santa Maria Del Pilar School, Marianistas, Zaragoza, Spain on September 27, 2019. They observed an exhibition where the old letters, documents of past, diary of Gandhiji’s wife Kasturba was displayed along with hand woven clothes, shawls and saree woven by Kasturba herself. They were in awe to get a chance to weave their own yarn from cotton over spinning wheel. They were told that all the students studying there weave their own clothes. This gave a glimpse in to the philosophy of ‘Self Reliance’ proposed and practised by Gandhiji which was the very basis of Indian Freedom Movement.

Visit to Kasturba Gandhi National Memorial Trust 1 Visit to Kasturba Gandhi National Memorial Trust 2

Food Donation Drive

August 11, 2019

‘Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate.’ To spread the love of their hearts and feed the needy ones, a food drive was organised on August 11, 2019 by Community Service Club students in collaboration with Robinhood Army, Indore. The students distributed around 1000 food packets to the slum dwellers of Rau and Nehru Nagar, which were provided by the school as well as brought by the students from home.

Food Donation Drive 1 Food Donation Drive 2 Food Donation Drive 3

Extending Helping Hand to Anubhuti Vision Sewa Sansthan

August 6, 2019

In order to inculcate the value of empathy and helping others, the students and teacher of ‘Anubhuti Vision Sewa Sansthan’ were invited to put up handmade rakhi stall on August 6, 2019 in the school. Students of Community Service Club helped the uniquely abled children of ‘Anubhuti Vision Sewa Sansthan’ to sell the rakhis made by them. The school community appreciated the efforts of the uniquely abled students and rendered a helping hand for their artistic work

Anubhuti Vision Sewa Sansthan 1 Anubhuti Vision Sewa Sansthan 2 Anubhuti Vision Sewa Sansthan 3

Visit to Sankar Kendra, a School for Underprivileged Children

April 6, 2019

Students of class X of Community Service Club accompanied by Community Service Club Incharge teachers – Ms. Reshma Dave and Ms. Neelima Shah visited Sanskar Kendra, a school for the underprivileged children residing in slums near Vijay Nagar. They were accompanied by Ms. Paola Fatur, Senior Programme Manager, School Enterprise Challenge (Global Awards), Teach a Man to Fish, U.K. The visit aimed to transform the lives of these less fortunate children through educational approach. The teachers of the Sanksar Kendra Ms. Monica and Ms. Rekha briefed about the activities of the children at Sanskar Kendra. Students of the club gifted 30 children in the age group of 5 to 15 years of the Sankar Kendra stationery items, block games and story books. The students of the club displayed a sense of responsibility while distributing learning tools to these ‘children of the lesser God’.

Visit to Sankar Kendra (3) Visit to Sankar Kendra (2) Visit to Sankar Kendra (1)