The Independence Day of Romania was celebrated with fervour and zest by class 6 students of Choithram School, Manikbagh, Indore on September 25, 2017. The country’s struggle for independence against the Ottoman Empire and gaining independence on May 10, 1877 was highlighted. Other insights were provided such as the location, language spoken, cuisine and traditional costumes. The students performed ‘Hora din Moldova’, traditional dance of Romania and presented a piece of Romanian instrumental music. The celebration culminated with a gala parade followed by singing of the Romanian national anthem by the students.

The students showcased their scrapbooks incorporating various facets of the culture of Romania viz., location, family and relationships, dance and music, art and crafts, cuisine, places of tourist interest, important traditions, beliefs and spoke few greetings and numerals from 1 to 10 in the Romanian language. Decorative egg like pieces, jute paintings and clay flowers prepared by the students during their CCA periods were also displayed. Class 6 students had studied about the country of Romania during the period August – September 2017.

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