Immersion into the Culture of Brazil

Mr. Erasto Haule, School Manager and Ms. Faraja Thembo, Headmistress of Ilowola Secondary School, Tanzania during their visit to the school witnessed various activities related to the culture of Brazil during the morning assembly of September 23, 2018. The students of class 7 performed ‘Bellini’ dance of Brazil, ‘La La Brazil’ folk song and instrumental piece of music on ‘Brazil Theme Song’. They showcased their scrapbooks incorporating various facets of the culture of Brazil viz., location, family and relationships, dance and music, art and crafts, cuisine, places of tourist interest, important traditions, beliefs, spoke few greetings and numerals from 1 to 10 in the Portuguese language of Brazil. Paintings of ‘Tropical Growth’ related to Brazilian culture prepared by the students during their CCA periods were also displayed. Class 7 students had studied about the culture of Brazil as a part of their intercultural curriculum during the period August – September 2018.

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