TED-Ed Club aims to introduce a school-friendly framework that supports students in meeting regularly to discuss, pursue and present their big ideas in the form of short TED-style Talks

Deep Dive Into Exploration 2: What Makes a Great Idea…Great?

October 12, 2018

The club members watched Anika Paulson’s TED-Ed talk – ‘How I Found Myself Through Music’. As a group activity they brainstormed and came up with ‘qualities of a great idea’, presenting innovative and creative answers in front of other group members. Ms. Raminder Mac, the facilitator of the programme encouraged the students to put on their thinking caps and think beyond the four walls of the classroom. The club members came up with their club’s qualities of a great idea by compiling the ideas all the groups. The students also discussed these questions:

• Where do good ideas come from? Where can you look to find them?
• What can keep ideas from spreading?
• Are ideas created by individuals or groups?
• Are great ideas natural or can you train yourself to develop good ideas through practice?

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Deep Dive Into Exploration 1: What Makes Your Heart Beat Faster?

October 12, 2018

In this opening session, the club members of class VIII got to know their fellow club members through various activities. They first introduced themselves (in a serious manner and in a hilarious manner) and thereafter teamed up in a pair, found out details about their partners and introduced each other. They also spoke about three things that they were passionate about. They watched TED-Ed videos, Ashton Cofer–‘A plan to recycle the unrecyclable’ and their first TED-Ed Club Lesson. As a group task they answered the question ‘What do you hope you and your Club Members will get out of your TED-Ed Club experience? Ms. Raminder Mac, the facilitator of the programme motivated the students to speak freely and with passion.

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