National Level Workshop on ‘Managing Emotions at Work’ Conducted by School Principal

August 6, 2018

Emotions carry a significant value at work-place. Constructive emotions can motivate a person to work while intense emotions can hinder one’s ability to think. In this context, School Principal Mr. Rajesh Awasthi conducted a two day workshop at Choithram School on August 3 and 4, 2018. The workshop was attended by 35 educators of the level of Principals, Vice Principals, HODs, Incharges, Co-ordinators, PGTs, TGTs, PRTs and Montessori teachers from various schools of the country.

Mr. Rajesh Awasthi in his interactive sessions involving real time case studies and stories from Panchatantra apprised the audience about the art of managing emotions at workplace. The difference between ‘Response’ and ‘Reaction’; the reasoning brain and the impulsive brain was well understood by the participants. He gave the talisman ‘SLOW’ in case of emotional hijack, i.e. Stop, Label or recognize your emotions, Oxygenate/ breathe deeply and Wise objectives need to be pursued. Participants learnt that that negative feedback should be taken gracefully and the CARAT approach to be followed in such cases. He also outlined the ABCDE method for disputing thoughts and challenging negativity.

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Principal of Sri Venkateshwar International School, New Delhi Visits ChoithramSchool

August 2, 2018

Ms. Nita Arora, Principal of Sri Venkateshwar International School, Dwarka, New Delhi visited Choithram School on August 2, 2018 to observe the different teaching approaches being followed in the school. During her meeting with Ms. Raminder Mac, Dean – International Affairs, she learnt about the global citizenship programme of the school. She apprised Ms. Pooja Joshi, Coordinator of Nursery, Ms. Kanchan Kapoor, Co-ordinator of Junior Montessori and Ms. Sapna Bhatnagar, Co-ordinator of Senior Montessori about the Montessori way of teaching followed in her school and was glad to receive inputs from the Co-ordinators about the pedagogy followed in our school for Montessori classes. She also met School Principal Mr. Rajesh Awasthi and Ms. Smita Bhargava, Primary Incharge during her visit.

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MIE Expert Meet

June 30, 2018

To discuss futuristic technologies and innovative practices in education and to provide professional development opportunity, an MIE Expert workshop by Microsoft was organized on June 30, 2018 at Gems Public School.It was attended by Ms. Amita Lalwani, Ms. Ankita Sharma, Ms. Pardeep Arora and Mr. Sachin Soni of the Computer Department. The MIE Master Trainer Mr. Bibhuti Sinha briefed about the latest Microsoft tools, Microsoft website and courses, productivity tools and their integration with curriculum (OneNote, Skype in the classroom, Sway-Office 365), badges, Minecraft and Kodu. The resource person also apprised the participants on the importance of cyber security and use of social media (Yammer).A digital notebook containing useful tools and resources was also shared with the participants.

MIE Expert Meet

Concluding Session by School Principal

June 15, 2018

The concluding session of the ten day workshop was addressed by School Principal Mr. Rajesh Awasthi on the assessment part, designing of rubrics and subject reports along with certain issues pertaining to the code of conduct, classroom and time management including updation of class registers and diaries. Speaking on the assessment part, he emphasized the need to synchronize the assessment part to ensure learning. If any problem related to learning of concepts is there, it should be overcome in the next lesson plan. Regarding designing pointers for rubrics, he advised to make 5 or 7 pointer scale depending on the requirements using simple and short sentences. He stressed on the proper review of lesson plans when the lesson gets completed and to check teachers’ learning along with the students. The collaborative approach in the teaching learning process was well covered in the session. Speaking on the behavioural issues, Mr. Awasthi guided to develop high learning attitude and follow professional ethics. He suggested to master the way of speaking as the way creates the impact rather than words. In the end, Principal wished the teachers good luck for the new academic session 2018-19.

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Session on Google Forms by Head of Computer Department

June 15, 2018

The session commenced with the brief up about the procedure to log in Google forms by Ms. Madhurima Puranik, Head of Computer Department. Ms. Puranik explained Google sheets, Google docs and slides and clarified the queries of the teachers. This updation programme would help the teachers to become technosavy.


Session on Guidance and Counselling by the School Counsellors

June 14, 2018

The School Counsellors Ms. Abhilasha Purushottaman and Ms. Surbhi Shastri recapitulated the learning of the previous session.A Ted talk on ‘Emotional Hygiene’ by the psychologist Guy Winch was shown to the teachers. Quoting example from his life, Guy Winch urged to prioritize psychological health as injuries of failures, loneliness, and rejection severely affect one’s physical health in various ways. To cure these psychological wounds, he stressed on to – Build emotional resilience and Stop emotional bleeding, Battle negative thinking, Avoid rumination and Revive self-esteem and treat self with compassion. The video on ‘The Lion Whisperer- Kevin Richardson’ showcased the companionship with wild creatures. The presentation disseminated the message that trust and compassion strengthens the relationship of the teacher and the student. The learning from both the videos was shared by the teachers. The counsellors equipped the teachers with different tools to manage the problems pertaining to discipline, conduct and academics. Teachers were also requested to approach the counsellors whenever they face problems with themselves or with the students. Ms. Abhilasha and Ms. Surbhi conducted a motivational activity to make everyone know their innate qualities.

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Spiritual Awakening Session on ‘Self Esteem’ by Brahmakumari Neela Didi

June 13, 2018

A spiritual awakening session on ‘Self Esteem’ was conducted by Neela Didi from the spiritual organization Brahmakumaris. Didi listed the symptoms of low self-esteem and suggested remedies to overcome the problems occurring due to low self-esteem. As self-esteem depends on external appearance, imitation and public opinion, one should take responsibility of himself to correct his self-esteem. The four practices were discussed to develop high self-esteem which is required in this competitive world – Practice of living purposefully as purpose keeps us motivated, practice of self-acceptance which tells to accept yourself as you are, practice- God loves me as I am very important for God and He loves me unconditionally and lastly Practice- I am Light to enlighten everyone. The difference between self-esteem and ego was also well explained in the session. Values and qualities define self-esteem while possession, position and beauty define ego. The former is permanent while the latter is temporary. The activities based on accepting and understanding own self, reflected the seven qualities of the soul –peace, love, pure, happy, knowledge, bliss and power. The one minute activity of putting dots on the paper helped the teachers to realise their potential.

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Self- Disclosure: Talk by Ex-students about their Expectations

June 12, 2018

The session witnessed the talk by Aastha Vijaywargiya and Vishwas Hablani of 2017-18 batch on ‘Student Thinking and Expectations’. Vishwas presented his views on ‘How to teach?’ in which he suggested to begin the lesson with examples to get students interested followed by the information about the author to learn the concept easily. He also recommended encouraging questioning skills of the students and ‘out of box thinking’ for research work.

Aastha talked about partiality, thinking and the basic word ‘Discipline.’ She clarified the marks oriented and career oriented thinking and listed the ways to maintain discipline of students in school. Citing her experiences in school as a council member, she suggested the communication tool to develop friendly relations with the students and emphasized to provide logic for certain discipline issues. To face the competitive exams, she recommended including G.K, reasoning and aptitude in the syllabus in class 11 and 12.The session witnessed a fruitful question answer session between the teachers and the students. The speakers expressed their gratitude to the teachers for their educational journey.

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Session on Internationalism and Intercultural Learning by Dean – International Affairs

June 11, 2018

Ms.Raminder Mac, Dean – International Affairs addressed the teachers on Internationalism and Intercultural Learning. The session commenced with the discussion on characteristics of global citizen followed by the elaborate explanation of ‘What’, ‘Why’, and ‘How’ of Global Citizenship. The speaker focused on knowledge, core skills, attitude and values to develop global competencies in the students. Various international projects and visits fostering intercultural learning, accreditation scheme by the British Council, School Enterprise Challenge, Tedx event etc. of the previous sessions were well covered in the session. Ms. Mac also apprised about the various international projects for the next academic session. Speaking on the integration of international dimension in the curriculum, she informed about the international projects focusing on UN Sustainable Goals to be integrated within the curriculum from Montessori to class 8. The information about British Council Online Courses was also shared in the session. The teachers were also appreciated for the completion of course. The deadline of July 31, 2018 to complete at least one course was informed to the teachers.

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Session by a Naturopath

June 9, 2018

Ms. Charu Singh, a Naturopath from Divyayan Nisargopchar Kendra, Indore conducted an informative session on Healthy Lifestyle and defined health as a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. She explained health on the basis of diet, stress and life style and suggested to follow the laws of nature like time, rest, work and balance. The five elements of nature viz. air, water, fire, earth and sky in context with life processes were dealt at length by the speaker. The information on digestive fire, appetite, breathing right, and importance of shooting prayers were well assimilated by the teachers. The speaker advised to take seasonal fruits and focus on food while eating rather than being glued to the mobile or television as act of eating food is meditation. The session also clarified many myths related to food habits and diet requirements conveying that harmonising with nature makes one cheerful, healthy and happy in life.

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Session on Guidance and Counselling by the School Counsellors

June 8, 2018

The School Counsellors Ms. Surbhi Shastri and Ms. Abhilasha Purushottaman conducted a session on Guidance and Counselling on June 8, 2018. Ms.Shastri defined and differentiated Guidance from Counselling and distinctly explained the need of guidance and counselling to the students. Guidance helps in growth and adjustment while Counselling is the specialized service of guidance and an enabling process designed to help through learning.Certain myths related to counselling were well expounded in personal, family, educational and career areas. The signs that show the need of counselling – drop in grades, social withdrawal, isolation, extreme behaviour were well explicated by the speaker. Ms. Abhilasha listed the qualities of a Counsellor and regarded the Counsellor as a facilitator and a teacher. The activities demonstrated the trustworthiness and confidentiality of the Counsellor. The session enriched the teachers with various techniques to guide the students in becoming a self-aware person as it takes a big heart to help shape little minds.

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Process of Teaching and Learning and Redesigning of Lesson Plans Elucidated by the School Principal

June 7, 2018

The new session 2018-2019 commenced with the welcoming of the new members in the Choithram family by School Principal Mr Rajesh Awasthi. The schedule of ten day workshop was informed to the teachers. Mr. Awasthi discussed the new format of the lesson plans to be prepared for both the terms with the inclusion of UN Sustainable Goals and real learning by teacher and students. Speaking on the involvement of students in the process of teaching and learning, her apprised the teachers about the action research to be taken in each subject and introduction of Psychology subject in class XI. He also encouraged for creating a healthy environment in school with coordination and collaboration, conflict management and filling communication gaps. To make students excel in academics, he suggested using the expertise of other departments. Teachers were also apprised about the updation of email address of parents and exam records.

In the second session, Principal Mr. Rajesh Awasthi focused on redesigning of lesson plans along with the behavioural and specific objectives, assessment and review in the lesson plan format. He stressed on to bridge the gaps pertaining to the designing, planning, implementation and assessment in lesson plan. He revised Bloom’s Taxonomy in the process of teaching learning and guided to change the strategy for improvement after evaluation. For designing the assessment, what, why, when, who and how of the process was elaborately explained along with the assessment shift which clarified what is assessment and what to assess. The qualitative and quantitative approaches of the outcome were also discussed by him.

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Orientation Programme For Leaders On ‘Internal Balance’

June 6, 2018

Through another Panchtantra story, School Principal Mr. Rajesh Awasthi made the members realize that negative feedback should be taken gracefully. Opinion of others should not push one’s sentiments. One should follow the CARAT approach in such cases where the first three letters CAR REPRESENT Confused, Angry and Rationalization i.e. typical reaction to criticism, and the next two letters AT represent Acknowledge the part that is true and Add your own; Take what is useful and relevant. Thus negative feedback is an excellent opportunity to improvise on oneself. He also encouraged the members to learn the ART of winning people by Appreciating them, Respecting them and Tuning in with them.

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Orientation Programme For Leaders On ‘Internal Balance’

June 5, 2018

School Principal Mr. Rajesh Awasthi outlined the ABCDE method for disputing thoughts and challenging negativity. He encouraged the members to view problem as a challenge and follow ABCDE, i.e.,
A – Adversity or Activating event
B – Beliefs, which can be self-limiting
C – Consequences, which are feelings and resultant actions
D – Disputing our self – limiting beliefs by recalling past successes and strengths
E – Energizing and Encouraging ourselves with effective new thoughts

He also showed PAC to check the transaction of thoughts, where P refers to behaving like a
Controlling Parent or Nurturing Parent, A is Adult- a thoughtful state of mind leading to a mature behaviour, and C is Adaptive Child behaviour who submits, or Free Child who doesn’t. Best transactions take place in the Adult state of mind and one should encourage that.

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Orientation Programme For Leaders On ‘Internal Balance’

June 4, 2018

On day two, the leaders were told to identify themselves with various characters in the case studies and provide various alternatives as to what they would have done had they been in the same situation. School Principal Mr. Rajesh Awasthi gave the talisman ‘SLOW’ in case of emotional hijack, i.e. Stop, Label or recognize your emotions, Oxygenate/ breathe deeply and Wise objectives need to be pursued. One must regulate the emotions as FIGHT (entering into aggressive mode) or FLIGHT (avoiding/ moving away) both distract from goals.

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Orientation Programme For Leaders On ‘Internal Balance’

June 2, 2018

A four day Orientation Programme was conducted by School Principal Mr. Rajesh Awasthi for the Incharges and HODs from June 2, 2018 to June 6, 2018 focusing on managing emotions and having control over them. Through various case studies and Panchtantra stories, the difference between ‘Response’ and ‘Reaction’; the reasoning brain and the impulsive brain was well understood by the members. Mr. Awasthi encouraged the team to enhance Personal Competence by managing oneself through Self Awareness, Self-Regulation and Motivation; and Social Competence through Empathy and Social Skills. He advised the members that one should be logical instead of emotional. When one’s position, knowledge or expertise is challenged, it should be accepted with logical mind, not by impulse.

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Workshop on Gender Sensitivity

April 27,2018

A workshop on ‘Gender Sensitivity’was organised at Medicaps International School,Indore on April 27,2018 and witnessed the participation of 69 teachers from different schools in and around Indore. Ms. Pallavi Sukhtankar, Ms. Bharti Pandey, Ms. Sugandha Nanore, Ms. YashashriLole and Ms. Chandni Lalwani from Choithram School attended the workshop. Mr. Anurag Gupta, Principal, Vidhya Niketan School, Gwalior discussed about gender discrimination in the first session. The activities conducted by Mr. Sangram Singh Bhadoria, Principal, Gautam International Academy, Dhar taught the learners to deal with the violence issues among children in school. The post lunch session was based on designing of gender sensitive lesson plans and to build a gender sensitive classroom environment to encourage gender equality in school. In the concluding session, teachers shared the problems and suggested measures to overcome the problems.

Workshop on Gender Sensitivity

Workshop on Mathematics Lab Activities

February 9, 2018

Mr Kannan conducted a session on ‘Mathematics Lab Activities’at Choithram School on February 9, 2018 which was attended by eight teachers of the school.With the help of the Mathematics Lab Activity Kit and Manual, the resource person demonstrated various classroom activities using technologylike angles in a semicircle, angles made by an arc on a circle and centre using geoboard, finding LCM, addition/subtraction of fractions etc. The session also displayed the content of Trignometry and Statistics.

Workshop on Guidance and Counseling

February 2 and 3, 2018

To apprise the students about upcoming career fields and to open resource centres in respective schools,a workshop on Guidance and Counseling was organized under the aegis of CBSE for school Principals on February 2 and 3, 2018 at Hotel Mangal City, Indore. The resource persons Ms. Kiran Singh and Mr. Ravindar Rana from College of Engineering Pune addressed the session. Ms. Pallavi Sukhtankar attended the workshop.

Workshop on Guidance and Counseling Workshop on Guidance and Counseling 2

Workshop on Recent Advances in Nano Particles and Material Sciences

January 27, 2018

A workshop on Recent Advances in Nano Particles and Material Sciences was conducted by Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Professor, IIT Indore at Shri Vaishnav Vidhyapeeth Vishwavidyalaya, Indore on January 27, 2018 and was attended by Physics teachers Ms. Kalpana Tiwari and Mr. Vishal Sanwatsar. Dr. K. N. Guru prasad, Director of Shri Vaishnav Vidhyapeeth Vishwavidyalaya, Indore was also present on the occasion.Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Professor, IIT Indore dealt at length on the Raman Effect and Photon- Phonon interactions sharing his research work.The quantum confinement effect,the FaNo effect, semiconductors, nano particles in bio sensors were well expounded by the resource person.

In the second session, Dr. Netram Kaurav, Professor, Govt. Holkar Science College, Indore stated the basics of Nano technology focusing on Nanoscience along with a video talk entitled ‘There’s Plenty of Room at the Bottom’ by Physicist Richard Feynman at the California Institute of Technology (CalTech, December 29, 1959).The resource person also informed about coining of the term ‘Nanotechnology’ and described the innovations and experimentation in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. He also shared his research success in Nanoparticle and answered the queries related to quantum confinement, entanglementand phonon-photon interaction. The teachers gained insight into the miracles and innovations of Science to share with the students.

Workshop on Recent Advances in Nano Particles and Material Sciences

Workshop on Hindi Language Teaching

January 13, 2018

Hindi Language Teaching workshop on teaching techniques was conducted by Dr. Pradeep Kumar Jain of the Madhuban group at Hotel Sayaji, Indore on January 13, 2018. The workshop was attended by Ms. Vijaya Shrotriya, Ms. Mamta Sharma, and Ms. Amita Sharma of the Hindi Department. The workshop structured into three sessions commenced with the current status of Hindi language. The resource person emphasized on using video and power point presentation for learning of concepts and shared ways to make it comprehensible. ASL, pronunciation of words and grammar tricks were well covered in the workshop. The concluding session witnessed the clarification of queries.

Workshop on Hindi Language Teaching 1 Workshop on Hindi Language Teaching 2

Global Teachers Meet

December 27 and 28, 2017

‘Global Teachers Meet’ on Empowering and Networking in School Education was held at Campion School, Bhopal on December 27 and 28, 2017. Mr. Rajesh Awasthi, Principal,Choithram School was one of the eminent speakers at the meet where750 facilitators across the country participated. Ms. Navneet Kaur Bhatia, Ms. Kamini Shukla and Ms. Neelima Shah attended the meet from Choithram School.

Speaking on learning to assess in classroom, Mr. Awasthi eloquently explained Choithram assessment policy of designing tools for promoting skills and evaluation of the quality for learning. The global meet witnessed the experts from different fields sharing their expertise on topics like power of feedback, parents and public involvement in character education, teacher empowerment,preparing teachers for value education,teachers- the change makers of society etc. The workshop empowered and equipped the teachers with new knowledge.

Global Teachers' Meet (1) Global Teachers' Meet (2)

Workshop for Building 21st Century Skills

November 25, 2017

Next Education India Pvt. Ltd. conducted a workshop on ‘Learning to Code for Building 21st Century Skills’ on November 25, 2017 at Choithram School in which around 20 teachers from different schools participated. Ms. Amita Lalwani, Ms. Bhagyashree Chouhan and Ms. Ankita Sharma of the Junior School attended the workshop. The session began with the need of teaching Computer Science in schools along with the 4C skills– critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication. The 21st century curriculum of Computer Masti and SCRATCH (Free Online Programming Software) was explicated to the teachers. The interactive session enriched the teachers with the computing skills.

Workshop for Building 21st century skills

Workshop on Effective Teaching

November 17, 2017

Dr. Vijay Kumar Karn from Lucknow University conducted a session on Effective Teaching in Sanskrit at St. Arnold School on November 17, 2017. Ms. Reshma Dave and Mr. Narendra Vyas of Hindi department attended the workshop.The resource person listed different ways to develop interest in Sanskrit among students and encouraged teachers to feel pride in Sanskrit language. The utility of Sanskrit for Unicode Converter in computers, teaching methods and use of Sanskrit words in other languages were discussed by the speaker.

Workshop on Effective Teaching

Workshop by Karo Sambhav Group

November 16, 2017

To sensitize the teachers towards the menace of e-waste, a workshop on ‘The Need for Appropriate Management of E-waste and Options to Control’ was organized by Ms. Swati Ganguly and Mr. Bibhuti Sinha of ‘Karo Sambhav Group’ at Choithram School North Campus. It was attended by Ms. Amita Lalwani and Mr. Sachin Soni of the Computer Department.Around 30 teachers from different schools participated wherein they were taught to make projects and conduct activities for students to control the hazardous threat to humans and environment.

The workshop focused on sensitizing the teachers about the need to find out strategies for controlling the menace of e-waste. The trainers urged that teachers to involve the students in various activities and projects to implement the strategies to control the hazards of e-waste. A video depicting the same was shown to the teachers to get better understanding of the topic. The objective of ‘Karo Sambhav’ group to collect e-waste and its disposal using advance technology was explained. The speakers also informed about the activities to be conducted for the students and to invite their suggestions in treating the menace of e-waste.

Workshop by Karo Sambhav Group

Workshop on Accountancy

September 23, 2017

To discuss GST and its types, Debentures and Discount, Sultan Chand and Sons, Delhi organized a workshop on Accountancy at Queens’ College on September 23, 2017. The resource persons Dr. G.S. Grewal and Mr. R.K. Khosla conducted the workshop in two sessions. Ms. Shalini Saraf of Commerce Department attended the workshop. The Concept and Accounting treatment of GST along with its types- CGST, SGST andIGS and other issues were dealt in detail by the speakers. The sessions witnessed the elaborate explanation by the resource persons on Discount Debentures, Legal Framework of Dividend and Treatment of Dividend in Cash Flow Statement. In the end, the hand book stating current changes in the subject was distributed to the teachers.

Workshop on Early Childhood and Development

September 16, 2017

To understand the development quotient of children in early childhood,a workshop on ‘Early Childhood and Development’ was held at Indus World School under the ECC Programme on September 16, 2017. The workshop was attended by Montessori Co-ordinators Ms. Sapna Bhatnagar, Ms. Kanchan Kapoor and Montessori teachers Ms. Tanvi Kekre and Ms. Aarti Gupta. The session gave a deep insight into the issues related to early childhood development, needs of the pre- primary learners and remedies to overcome the conflicts.The educators were guided on different development scales to assess the children.
• Cognitive development – Jodo Gyan
• Language development – Story telling, Jolly Phonics, Poem Creation
• Physical Development – Fitness Programme
• Social and Emotional Development – Quality Circle Time
• Aesthetic Development – Hands on Art
• Pre School Leadership – Empowering Self in Changing World

The resource person laid special attention on Quality Circle Time to develop various skills in the children like team building, enhancing self-esteem and encouraging communicative skills.The workshop provided the platform to the Montessori educators to share and hone their Montessori teaching skills.

Workshop on Early Childhood and Development

Workshop on Innovative Ways of Teaching Science and Maths

September 16, 2017

Ms.Pradnya Gokhle from Vadodara conducted a workshop on ‘Innovative Ways of Teaching Science and Maths in Junior Classes’ at Pragya Girls’ School on September 16, 2017 which was attended by Ms. Navneet Bhatia and Ms. Neha Vaid of Junior School. The session commenced with the introductory activity ‘Entangle yourself’ followed by the video clip on‘The Changing Role of Teachers to Facilitators.’ The presentation defined the role of a teacher as a guide to allow students to experiment, explore, observe and learn from their experiments. Focusing on Bloom’s Taxonomy, the resource person discussed different pedagogies of teaching viz.:
1. Enquiry based wherein the students are encouraged to come up with their ideas and queries
2. Cross Curricular which allows inter disciplinary approach in certain topics
3. Learning styles like audio, visual and kinesthetic (VAK) should be practiced with different kinds of learners
4. Project based approach to develop critical thinking wherein students think, research and observe
5. Activity based to teach the concept

The second session dealt with the varied teaching styles in Maths including concept based activities like Bingo game, What’s my number, KBC, Sudoku, Roll the Dice etc. to make the learning enjoyable for children. The teachers were suggested to nurture critical thinking in the students by practicing questioning, problem solving skills along with peer feedback. To measure students’ ability, technique of pose, pause, pounce and bounce should be followed coupled with ‘Talk moves’ in the form of revoice, restate, reason and rejoice.Some useful websites were shared to get in depth understanding of the subject. The workshop helped in updating the knowledge of the teachers and equipped them with the innovative techniques to teach Maths and Science.

Workshop on Innovative Ways of Teaching Science and Maths

Workshop on Innovative Methods of Teaching Mathematics

July 21 and July 22, 2017

A hands on training programme on ‘Innovative Methods of Teaching Mathematics’ for Maths teachers of classes 6 to 10 was organized at Sanmati School, Indore on July 21 and July 22, 2017. The programme was attended by Mr. NeerajMotwani and Ms. Umang Parmani of Senior School.Mr.Rajnarayan Rajoria, (President and Governor Award winner) from Bhind, Mr. Surya Prakash Jaiswal and Mr.Rohan Bhandari were the resource persons. Mr. Rajoria demonstrated the paper cutting and pasting activity to introduce the chapter and also explained the properties of quadrilaterals (rectangle, square) with the help of wooden model to solve logical questions. The workshop taught simple and short tricks for accurate multiplication of digits. The workshop resulted in developing Mathematical skills in the students.

Workshop on Innovative Methods of Teaching Mathematics

Workshop on Technology in T – L of Mathematics

June 24, 2017

An interactive session on ‘Use of Technology in Teaching and Learning Mathematics’ was conducted by Mr. Girish Belkar on June 24, 2017 for the Junior School teachers of Mathematics department. Mr. Belkardemonstrated the use of technology for conducting classroom activities and tests. The content on Trigonometry, Complex numbers, Algebra, Mensuration, Commercial Maths and Statistics was also displayed in the workshop. The workshop enhanced the knowledge on the topics and clarified certain queries related to the content.

Being a part of Assessors’ Panel of British Council International School Award (ISA) Dossiers

August 5, 2017

Ms. Raminder Mac, Dean – International Affairs was invited by the British Council to assess International School Award (ISA) dossiers of various schools of the country in Chennai from August 1 to 4, 2017. The Assessors’ Panel comprising of 28 British Council School Ambassadors from the country assessed 336 dossiers. ISA is an accreditation scheme that specifically recognizes the contribution of schools in adding international dimension to education with a strong focus on embedding internationalism within the curriculum and carrying out collaborative activities with schools in overseas countries.

2 1

Ramakrishan Mission Conducts ‘Awakened Citizen Programme’ in the School

July 28 & 29, 2017

The Ramakrishna Mission, New Delhi conducted a workshop ‘Awakened Citizen Programme’ on July 28 and July 29, 2017 at Choithram School, Manikbagh, Indore. The ‘Awakened Citizen Programme’ aims at equipping students with soft skills, character-building techniques and other life tools. 50 mentors from different schools of Indore participated in the workshop which focused on the need and importance of value based education.The guests on the occasion were H.H. ShantatmanandjiMaharaj, Ramkrishna Mission,New Delhi and H.H. Nirvikaranandji, Ramkrishna Mission, Indore. The facilitators were Ms. Manjira Mujumdar, Ms. Sapna Sarkar and Mr. Tarun Mishra.H.H. ShantatmanandjiMaharaj conducted the introductory session on the value education emphasising on the transformation of the mind-set through positive reinforcement. The mentors dealt in detail on the two main possibilities of ‘Awakened Citizen Programme’ i.e. universal possibilities and unique possibilities which are at disposal of every child but need to be tapped.

IMG_1424 IMG_1420 IMG_1412

Orientation Session by the CBSE Chairman InChoithram School

July 20, 2017

The Chairman of the CBSE Hon’ble Mr. Rajesh Kumar Chaturvedi, IAS presided over an orientation cum interaction session for Principals of the CBSE schools of Indore Region at Choithram School, ManikBagh, Indore on July 20, 2017. He was the chief resource person to guide all Principals regarding various issues especially related to Examination & Assessment reforms brought about by the CBSE. The CBSE officials Mr. Ajay Mishra, Joint Secretary (Admin.& Legal – CBSE), Mr. J. P. Chaturvedi, Deputy Secretary (Affiliation Unit – CBSE) and Ms. Neha Sharma, Deputy Director (Exam &Reforms – CBSE) were also present. It was attended by host school Principal Mr. Rajesh Awasthi, Office Bearers of Indore Sahodaya School Complex (ISSC) and Principals of 83 CBSE Schools of Indore Region.The session focused on informal interaction with CBSE principals of Indore Region, updating about the role and responsibilities of the CBSE, ensuring awareness of the attendees about Reforms related to Examination & Assessment practices and resolving the issues and queries of the attendees related to various procedures of the CBSE. It was followed by a question answer session wherein Mr. Chaturvedi answered the questions and solved the queries of the principals regarding all above points. The Chairman informed all Principals about the ‘UDAAN’ programme as an initiative of the CBSE for girls and requested all Principals to create awareness about the same.

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3 2 1

Session on ‘Making Learning More Effective’

June 9, 2017

Pratham Tandon, an alumnus of Choithram School who obtained his postgraduate degree from Northeastern University, the US threw light on the education system in Indian schools and the American schools. The budding entrepreneur stressed on innovative and research oriented education system to develop critical thinking amongst the students. To meet challenges in the Indian school system, he briefed about his own venture based on Socially Constructed Learning viz. Social kaksha and Private tutor. The demonstration of a virtual classroom page depicting profile of the student, classroom participation, learning path chart and other information was explained well by the speaker. The combination of technology and technique added value and volume to the presentation.

Session on ‘Making Learning More Effective’2 Session on ‘Making Learning More Effective’ 1

Debate on the Topic ‘Loan Waiver is Right for Farmers’

June 9, 2017

Six teachers from different departments of the school expressed vociferously their views on the topic ‘Loan Waiver is Right for Farmers’ speaking for and against the motion. The teachers who threw light on the current scenario were Mr. Shoel Adil, Ms. Nisha Sharma of Commerce Department and Ms. Chetana Mathur of Senior School as well as Ms. Roopal Plaha and Ms. Rashmi Kanadkar of Junior School. The discussion and observation gave an insight into the present situation and forced everyone to ponder upon the grave situation.

Debate on the Topic ‘Loan Waiver is Right for Farmers’ 2 Debate on the Topic ‘Loan Waiver is Right for Farmers’ 1

Celebration of Kabir Das Jayanti

June 9, 2017

The day began with the couplets displaying wisdom and knowledge of Saint Kabirdas presented by Ms. Shilpa Khargonkar, HOD Hindi Department, Senior School. She explained the meaning of ‘KABIR’ and also guided the staff members to inculcate the values from the teachings of Kabir. The entire assemblage turned lively with her rhythmic rendition of the couplets.

Celebration of Kabir Das Jayanti

Session on ‘Live in the Present’ by Brahmakumari Neelu Didi

June 8, 2017

The spiritual discourse by Brahmakumari Neela Didi on June 8, 2017 made all the staff members understand the importance of living in the present. Citing inspirational stories, she made the staff members aware that living in the present is to be aware of the happenings around us, to concentrate, to be happy in all the situations and finally, it is tantamount to living like there is no tomorrow. Didi focused on the three practices to be happy in life viz. taking things lightly, accepting life as it is and forgiving everyone as it is an act of caring for yourself. The interactive session concluded with the promise to be real and soul conscious rather than role conscious.

Session on ‘Live in the Present’ by Brahmakumari Neelu Didi 2 Session on ‘Live in the Present’ by Brahmakumari Neelu Didi 1

Session on ‘Transgenerational Thinking’

June 7, 2017

Aditya Awasthi, Training Analyst and Career Development Trainer at Acropolis Group of Colleges conducted the session on ‘Transgenerational Thinking’ on June 7, 2017 for the staff members. The session commenced with the narration of three stories namely, Spaghetti sauce and the perfect solution, Childhood cancer and bringing change as well as Tuardaal and the end of the world. Citing the incidents from the lives of unusual and passionate people, Aditya conveyed the three learning situations from the stories viz. solution does not work but solutions usually work, solutions take time and every solution is important respectively. He replaced the word ‘solution’ with ‘people’ and that made the learning lucid as he switched on to the classroom where every student is important and is able to create magic with his thoughts and performance.

Transgenerational thinking is borrowing life time for the purpose bigger than life to help the world become a better place to live in. Quoting the words of Ken Robinson ‘Education should shift from manufacturing belt to agricultural belt’; he compared the planting of seeds based on the climate to the creation of climate for the development of children.

Session on ‘Transgenerational Thinking’2 Session on ‘Transgenerational Thinking’1

Session on ‘Assessment’ by School Principal Mr. Rajesh Awasthi

June 6, 2017

School Principal Mr. Rajesh Awasthi conducted the session on ‘Assessment’ where in he guided the teachers on designing and using rubrics to measure the learning of the students. Beginning with ‘Assessment W5 x H’, he elucidated the school’s assessment policy based on concept/skills, formal and informal assessment, internal and external assessment to promote learning and grooming the students holistically. An assessment cycle comprising of observe-assess- analyse – plan as well as a systematic way of evaluating the performance of the students, discussion and designing of rubrics along with the placement on the grid was explained.

World Environment Day Celebration

June 6, 2017

To mark the World Environment Day, Ms. Tanvi Kekre of the Montessori Department and Ms. Nidhi Jain, HOD, Visual Arts Department showcased certain methods to safeguard the environment. A quiz was conducted for the teachers to gain insight into their participation in caring for the environment. Through a power point presentation Ms. Kekre guided the teachers to make their students aware and talk to them about environmental related stories from their childhood.

World Environment Day Celebration 2 World Environment Day Celebration 1

Session on ‘Technological Empowerment in Teaching’

June 6, 2017

Mr. Anand Ingle, an alumnus of Choithram School and an MBA from IMS, Indore conducted the session on ‘Technological Empowerment in Teaching’ on June 6, 2017. Focusing on the goals and use of technology in education, the speaker dealt in depth on advancement in education comprising of Flipped classroom, Google classroom tutorial and uploading of lecture. The video on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality showcased the use of technological empowerment in education. The session conveyed that education technology is a means and not an end in improving education system.

Session on ‘Technological Empowerment in Teaching’ 2 Session on ‘Technological Empowerment in Teaching’ 1

Session on GST (Goods and Services Tax)

June 5, 2017

A session on GST (Goods and Services Tax) for the staff members was conducted by Shreyash Jain, an alumnus of our school who is presently pursuing Chartered Accountancy on June 5, 2017.Shreya shdealt in detail about the existing tax structure including custom duty, excise duty, VAT and many other levies imposed by the state and central governments. He also explained the need and main features of GST. The speaker clarified the queries of tax related to import-export, online shopping, gold purchase, GDP and many more. GST, a paperless electronic based e-system was well assimilated and understood by everyone.

Session on GST (Goods and Services Tax) Session on GST (Goods and Services Tax) 2

Session on ‘Doing Nothing and Being Happy’

June 2, 2017

A session was conducted for the staff members on ‘Doing Nothing and Being Happy’ by Dr. Raghavendra Singh, a Senior Consultant at Naturopathy and Yoga, Divyayan Nisargpchar Kendra, Indore on June 2, 2017. Revealing the secret of keeping healthy without doing anything, Dr. Singh apprised the teachers about focusing on naturopathy and following a healthy lifestyle to take care of physical, mental and spiritual health. He elucidated that Nature is our first guru and we need to be alert and conscious of the world around us. Few tips were given like taking proper rest to recharge our body, reducing stress, doing meditation, imbibing healthy habits, having belief in oneself and faith in God to lead a happy and healthy life.

Session on ‘Doing Nothing and Being Happy’ 2 Session on ‘Doing Nothing and Being Happy’ 1

Ms. Kapila Tandi Conducts Phonetics Workshop at INIFD, Jodhpur

May 14, 2017

Ms. Kapila Tandi, Montessori Teacher of our school along with two other facilitators – Ms. Harita Gehlot and Ms. Priyanka Saraswat conducted a Phonetics Workshop called ‘Raise Your Accent’ on May 14, 2017 at INIFD (International Institute of Fashion Designing), Jodhpur. The workshop was organized by Qriyo to improve the pronunciation and intonation of the participants.

4 3

Being a part of Assessors’ Panel of British Council International School Award (ISA) Dossiers

May 5, 2017

Ms. Raminder Mac, Dean – International Affairs was invited by the British Council to assess International School Award (ISA) dossiers of various schools of the country in Kolkata from May 2 to May 5, 2017. The Assessors’ Panel comprising of 21 British Council School Ambassadors from the country assessed more than 250 dossiers. ISA is an accreditation scheme that specifically recognizes the contribution of schools in adding international dimension to education with a strong focus on embedding internationalism within the curriculum and carrying out collaborative activities with schools in overseas countries.


British Council’s Advanced Course on ‘Communication and Collaboration’ Core Skill

April 27, 2017

30 teachers of the school underwent three day training session of core skills facilitated by the British Council from April 24, 2017 to April 26, 2017 in the school. Validated trainers of the British Council, Ms. SatwantPalekar, Regional School Director Mount Litera Zee Group of Schools, Mumbai and Ms. Sarita Sharma, Teacher Educator and Curriculum Consultant, Founder Member and Senior Programme Manager at the Teacher App from Delhi were the facilitators for the training session. Day 1 – April 24, 2017 was devoted to introduction of all six core skills while day 2 and day 3 – April 25 and 26, 2017 focused on sessions and activities related to ‘Communication and Collaboration’ core skill.The teachers got an insight about how to foster this skill amongst the students within the curriculum of the subject they teach.

1 2 3

Ms. Raminder Mac, Dean – International Affairs Attends Induction Programme of Aptis Action Research Mentoring Scheme of the British Council

March 7, 2017

Ms. Raminder Mac, Dean – International Affairs attended the induction programme of Aptis Action Research Mentoring Scheme (AARMS) of the British Council in New Delhi on March 6 and 7, 2017 along with 13 educators from the country. Ms. Mac is one of the 13 educators from the country selected by the British Council for the prestigious award of AARMS wherein she will be mentoring four teachers of the school teaching English through exploratory action based classroom research projects. The induction session was conducted by Ms. Jemima Hughes Senior, Academic Manager – Teaching for Success, the British Council and ELT Experts Dr. Amol Padwad, Secretary, AINET,Associate Professor & Head, Dept. of English, J. M. Patel College, Bhandaraas well as Mr. Richard Smith, Reader in ELT and Applied Linguistics at the University of Warwick, UK. The two day workshop focusing on brainstorming sessions and in-depth discussions provided the educators with the necessary inputs to proceed in the right direction towards mentoring their group of teachers.

Ms. Raminder Mac

Session on ‘Know about Headache, Stroke and Epilepsy’

February 11, 2017

A session on ‘Know about Headache, Stroke and Epilepsy’ was conducted by Dr. Neha Rai, consultant Neurologist, Choithram Hospital and Research Centre for the mentors of Choithram School, ManikBagh. Dr. Rai briefed about the stress triggers, symptoms of stroke and epilepsy and most importantly the preventive and timely measures to be taken.

Session on ‘Know about Headache, Stroke and Epilepsy’ 2 Session on ‘Know about Headache, Stroke and Epilepsy’ 1

Workshop on Sustainable Green School Programme

February 22, 2017

Ms.Anshu Chopra, HOD Science Department and Ms. Daksha Lashkari, Science teacher of CBSE-i curriculum attended aworkshop on Sustainable Green School Programme hosted by Choithram International on February 22, 2017.The resource team of Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi conducted the session on ‘The Climate Reality Project’ based on Indian Climate followed by GSP Audit training session.

Workshop on Sustainable Green School Programme

Ms. Dipti Telang Attends IC3 – International Career and College Counseling Conference Regional Form

February 18, 2017

Ms. Dipti Telang of the English Department, Senior School attended IC3 (International Career and College Counseling Conference) Regional Forum at the Daly College, Indore on February 18, 2017 which provided insight into the various domestic curricula, assessment frameworks and university requirements. The forum was addressed by eminent speakers Mr. Ganesh Kohli, 2017 conference chair, Chief Mentor, KIC UnivAssist and Former High School Counselor, Mr. Sarosh Daruwala, Country Head-India, Les Roches Global Hospitality Education, Switzerland, Mr. Nitin Mehra of Test Rocker and Mr. Siddharth Singh, Director, Emerald Heights International School, Indore. The conference was structured into various enriching sessions based on Careers, Counseling and Placement opportunities in different fields. The first session commenced with the brief introduction of IC3 by Mr. Ganesh Kohli wherein he shed light on the need of an experienced and qualified career counselor who can assist the students and parents to choose the right career and the right educational institution by focusing on three points – What to study? Where to study? How to make it happen? The second session was taken by Mr. SaroshDaruwala on ‘Careers in Hospitality Industry.’ The third session by Mr. Nitin Mehra was based on SAT/ACT admission and scholarship. The post lunch session was conducted by Mr. Ganesh Kohli on ‘The Counseling Laboratory’ which is based on collaboration, exploration and exercise to provide ample of opportunities to the students for research. The last session by Mr. Siddharth Singh dealt with ‘How to set up a Counseling office?’ The session commenced from the concept of counselling followed by the need of counseling, aptitude tests, profile creation and various counselling initiatives practiced at Emerald Heights International School. The career planning software of Naviance and Univariety was also shared by the counsellors of different schools.

Ms. Dipti Telang Attends IC3

Capacity Building Programme in Science

February 5, 2017

Ms.Varsha Khamgaonkar and Ms.Vaishali Jain attended the capacity building programme in Science for class X Master Trainers at Vidyasagar School on February 4 and 5, 2017. The programme was presided over by Dr.Sudhakar Bharti HOD, Life Science, DAVV Indore and conducted by Dr. Dinesh Sharma, Principal, Vidyasagar School and Dr. Rajesh Chandel, resource person from CBSE.Ms.ArunimaMazumdar, Deputy Director CBSETraining Centre, Pune attended the event as an observer. The workshop focused on teaching strategies in Science based on Bloom’s Taxonomy involving educational objectives and approaches, appropriate learning goals and structure pedagogical activities, different steps in lesson plan preparation and curriculum planning. The resource persons also guided about the objectives of assessment, evaluation, designing of question paper, marking scheme and development of various skills in practicals.

Workshop on Classroom Management and Mathematics Teaching

January 6, 2017

Ms. Raji Pillai, Ms. Neelima Shah and Ms. Annie Resin of the Maths Department attended the workshop on Classroom Management and Mathematics Teaching organized by Amity University Press at Prestige Public School on January 6, 2017 which witnessed participation of 120 teachers from different schools. Mr. S.K. Sinha, Senior Marketing Manager of Amity University Press elucidated the role of Mathematics in his inaugural address. The first session conducted by Mr. Prakash Choudhary, Principal, Prestige Public School focused on the term ‘Education’ in which he guided the educators to emphasize on ICT and group activities rather than Chalk and Talk Method. To enhance analytical thinking in children, he elaborately explained Bloom’s Taxonomy and Project Based Learning and guided teachers to share ‘Time Management Matrix’ with the children. The interactive session ended with a video on ‘Maths is Everywhere.’ In the second session, Mr. Meetesh Jha, Marketing HR, (Piezen Corporate Training and Change Management Partner) conducted various activities to explain different teaching strategies followed by a video showcasing the worth of attitude and passion more than the ability. He also discussed effective modes of learning as well as questions on logical reasoning. In the post lunch session Mr. Prakash Choudhary encouraged the teachers to follow PREP i.e. Purpose, Reason, Example and Point in the teaching learning process and discussed some Assorted Multiplication Rules and tricks to remember formulas.

Workshop on Classroom Management and Mathematics Teaching 2 Workshop on Classroom Management and Mathematics Teaching 1

Workshop on Classroom Management by Mascot Education

December 17, 2016

Mr. Amit Trivedi; Controller of Examinations, Ms. YashashriLole and Ms. Pooja Wadhwani of the Junior School attended a workshop on ‘Classroom Management’ organized by Mascot Education at Choithram School, ManikBagh on December 17, 2016. Mr. Prantik Bose of Mascot Education conducted the workshop for teachers of classes I to XII which was attended by teachers of 16 schools of Indore. The workshop specifically focused on managing the class to develop the learning environment and making the process of teaching-learning effective. Few activities like ‘Blindfold’, ‘Brain Teasers’, ‘Riddles’, ‘Know Your Word Power’ were conducted to apprise teachers about how to expand the thought process of children and making learning a fun-filled affair.

Workshop on Classroom Management by Mascot Education 3 Workshop on Classroom Management by Mascot Education 1 Workshop on Classroom Management by Mascot Education 2

Dean International Affairs, Ms.Raminder Mac Attends Annual Regional British Council School Ambassador (BCSA) Meet

September 14, 2016

Ms. Raminder Mac, Dean International Affairs attended the Annual Regional British Council School Ambassador (BCSA) Meet on September 14, 2016 in New Delhi along with 40 other BCSA’s from various schools of northern India. The Meet comprised of introductions by the participants about their journey with the British Council, Connecting Classrooms 3 Progress Report by Mr. Arijit Ghosh, Head – School Programmes, British Council, brainstorming sessions related to ‘Sphere of Influence’ of the British Council as well as ‘Assessments and Training of Language Development at Schools. Ms. Rittika Chandra Parruch, Deputy Director Education and Society and Mr. Arjun Bahadur, Assistant Director – Schools of the British Council presided over the meet. All the participants received certificates from Mr. Alan Gemmell, OBE, Country Director, British Council India for sharing knowledge and expertise with the teaching community of the schools participating in the Connecting Classrooms programme.

1 2

Being a part of Teacher Advisory Panel of School Enterprise Challenge

August 1, 2016

Ms. Raminder Mac, Dean – International Affairs has been selected by Teach a Man to Fish Organization, a UK based charity to be a part of the School Enterprise Challenge Teacher Advisory Panel. She is one of the 13 members selected from all over the world to be part of the Teacher Advisory Panel. School Enterprise Challenge is an international competition that runs in 2900 schools in over 100 countries of the world wherein students set up a business enterprise in the school and distribute the profits for a charitable cause.

Teacher Advisory Panel

Being a part of Assessors’ Panel of British Council International School Award (ISA) Dossiers

July 30, 2016

Ms. Raminder Mac, Dean – International Affairs was invited by the British Council to assess International School Award (ISA) dossiers of various schools of the country in Chennai from July 26 to July 29, 2016. She was the only one from Madhya Pradesh to be a part of the Assessors’ Panel which comprised of 20 British Council School Ambassadors from the country. ISA is an accreditation scheme that specifically recognizes the contribution of schools in adding international dimension to education.

ISA assessment dossier

Accountancy Workshop

July 31, 2016

Mr. Vipin Wagh, Ms. Shalini Saraf and Ms. Sumit Bhatia of Commerce Department attended a workshop on ‘Knowledge Sharing Meet on Accountancy’ at A.M.N Gujrati Samaj English Medium School, Indore on July 31, 2016 organized by Sultan Chand & Sons, Delhi. The resource persons Dr. G.S Grewal and Mr. R. K. Khosla conducted the workshop in two sessions. Through the power point presentation, in the first session, Dr. G.S. Grewal apprised the teachers about the changes in the syllabus of class XI and XII in Accountancy, Question paper pattern etc. He also provided the hand book with the redesigned syllabus to the teachers. In the second session, Mr. R. K. Khosla dealt on various Issues in Partnership Accounts, Journal entries, Accounting Equation and also recapitulated the previous topics for better understanding. In the concluding session of ‘Knowledge Sharing Meet’, the teachers shared their expertise on the subject with each other.

Accountancy Work shop (2) [1]

Economics Workshop

July 17, 2016

Genius Publications organized an Economics workshop at The Daly College Indore on July 17, 2016 on the topic ‘New ways of Teaching Economics.’ The workshop was conducted by a noted author Mr Atriya who briefed up the procedure to teach PPC in the class. Ms Neerja Deshpande, Faculty, Commerce Department attended the workshop. Through the activities based on demand, supply etc, he introduced the fundamentals of PPC followed by the explanation of definitions of economics in the new context. The concluding session dealt with the new inclusions in the syllabus and the scope in future.

Workshop - Economics at DC

Workshop on ‘Mental Health Needs and Services’

July 15, 2016

National Institute of Public Cooperation and Child Development organized a workshop on ‘Mental Health Needs and Services’ for the School Management, Administration and Educationists’ on July 15, 2016 at NIPCCD, Regional Centre, Indore. Ms. Pallavi Sukhtankar, Chairperson of Committee against Sexual Harassment and Abuse attended the workshop. The resource persons Mr. P. J. Philips, Asst. Director, NIPCCD, Mr Nilesh Shinde, Faculty, NIPCCD and Ms. Anila Gangrade, Faculty, Choithram Nursing College briefed about the objectives of universal access to mental health care along with the management of mental health in a right based framework.

The first session conducted by Mr. P. J. Philips dealt with the vision of National Mental Health Policy, 2014 highlighting the needs and problems of children in schools and institutions. Mr. Nilesh Shinde discussed the role of teachers and parents in understanding the emotional and educational needs of children. Ms. Anila Gangrade conducted an open session where the participants shared the problems they face in the school and the solutions were discussed to overcome the problems. The workshop focused on developing positive mental health attitudes, values and beliefs to facilitate understanding between authorities and children.

Workshop on ‘Mental Health Needs and Services’

AFS Volunteer Strat Plan Workshop

July 10, 2016

Indore Chapter organised an AFS Volunteer Strat Plan workshop on July 10, 2016 at The Daly College to discuss the responsibilities and role of volunteers in AFS Exchange Programme. Mr Ruzbeh Hodiwala from Ahmedabad conducted the workshop. The Workshop was attended by Ms. Raminder Mac, Dean – International Affairs, Ms. Chitralekha Kulkarni, HOD, English Department, Senior School and Ms. Dipti Telang, faculty, English Department. The short session commenced with a video to brief about AFS objectives followed by a balloon blowing activity to understand the challenges as a volunteer. In the second activity, five groups were made and each group was given the task to explain the goal, objectives and action plan of five departments of AFS i.e. Engagement, Training, Selection, Recognition, Retention and Succession. The volunteers in groups explained the process and listed their suggestions. The resource person clarified the queries pertaining to the departments and guided everyone to conduct various activities in the chapter and inform the National Office. He also suggested volunteers to plan a schedule for the discussion of action plan.

AFS Volunteer Strat Meeting

Dean – International Affairs Invited by the British Council to Attend ISA Standardization Workshop in New Delhi

June 28 &29, 2016

Ms. Raminder Mac, Dean International Affairs of the school was invited by the British Council to attend ISA Standardization Workshop in New Delhi on June 28 and 29, 2016 along with 49 British Council School Ambassadors (BCSAs) from all over the country. The two day workshop was conducted by Mr. ArijitGhosh, Head – School Programmes, India, British Council and was presided over by Ms. Rittika C. Parruck, Assistant Director Schools, India, British Council who shared the results of Global Scoping Survey conducted by her.

At the outset the BCSAs discussed the highs and lows of the International School Award with respect to its impact on the school community. Thereafter in groups, the BCSAs reviewed the ISA materials – the guidance manual, templates, forms, the action planning briefing workshop (PPT), action plan template, action plan assessment – assessment sheet and basic criteria for assessment, dossier assessment – assessment sheets as well as FAQs and challenges faced by team and BCSAs while approaching schools, while assessing action plans and queries that come from schools. The basic criteria for judging a dossier were highlighted. On day two the BCSAs designed an action plan incorporating international dimension, core skills and Sustainable Development Goals, presented in front of the other groups and received critical review of the same.

June 28 & 29 1 June 28 & 29 2

Dean International Affairs, Ms. Raminder Mac Receives Accolades from the British Council for her Work on ‘Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skill’

June 13, 2016

Ms. Raminder Mac attended ‘Reflection Session of Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skill’organized by the British Council along with 130 other participants from the country on June 13, 2016 in New Delhi. The 60 second video prepared by her reflecting her Core Skills journey was adjudged as one of the best entries of the contest. She has received the British Council Online Library Membership as reward of her work. Further, her work on implementation of Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skill in class VIII received appreciation from the assessors and was adjudged as one of the best learning designs. She has been asked to submit her work for the ‘British Council Handbook for Embedding Core Skills in the Curriculum.’

June 13

Skit Presentation – ‘Who Killed Change?’

June 11, 2016

Organizations often launch change initiatives to improve the status quo. A majority of these efforts fail as people do not want to step out of their comfort zone to embrace change. The In charges and HODs presented a skit based on the book ‘Who Killed Change?’ by Ken Blanchard, John Britt, Judd Hoekstra and Pat Zigarmi. The skit featured a detective, Agent Mike McNally, who investigated the murder of yet another ‘Change’. One by one, Agent McNally interviewed 13 prime suspects. The suspects were Communication, Budget, Sponsorship, Culture, Communication and all other key role players of a workplace. In the end, Agent McNally solved the case in a way that inspired everyone to become an effective Change Agent. The skit was written by Ms. Chitralekha Kulkarni, HOD, English Department who also portrayed the role of Agent McNally with perfection.

IMG_7964 IMG_7917

Session on ‘Classroom Management’ by School Vice Principal Mr. S. K. Mishra

June 11, 2016

Mr S.K.Mishra, School Vice Principal in his session on ‘Classroom Management’ on June 11, 2016 accentuated that class management has the largest effect on students’ achievement. The interactive session began with the sharing of the experiences of the class about behavioural issues. The common mistakes committed by the teachers along with the behaviour triggers were also discussed in the session. To develop teacher student relationship as the keystone for all aspects of classroom management, the three teacher specific behaviours of dominance, co-operation and awareness were explained to provide co-operative learning environment to the students.

??????????????????????????????? Session on Classroom Management  by Mr. S K Mishra 2

Orientation Session by Counsellors Namrata Khasgiwala and Surbhi Shastri

June 10, 2016

Ms.Namrata Khasgiwala and Ms.Surbhi Shastri in their session on ‘Orientation to C2L2 -Choithram Centre For Life Skills Learning’ on June 10, 2016 clarified certain myths associated with counselling and dealt with the personal problems of adjustment, trauma, family problems of divorce, conflicts and sibling rivalry. The educational issues pertaining to impulsive behaviour, anxiety, conflicts with teachers and career issues were also discussed. The ABC model (Antecedent, Behaviour, Consequences) was well explained with the help of examples. To provide a safe, supportive and confident space to the students, counsellors play a vital role and with the coordination and cooperation of parents and teachers, the desirable changes can be brought in the behaviour of the students.

C2L2  Session by Namrata Khasgiwal and Surbhi Shastri 1 ???????????????????????????????

Session on ‘Inter Cultural Learning’ by Dean – International Affairs, Ms.Raminder Mac

June 10, 2016

Dean – International Affairs, Ms.Raminder Mac in her session on ‘Intercultural Learning’ on June 10, 2016 briefed about the different programmes that the school is associated with to develop global skills and deeper awareness of different cultures amongst the students. She apprised all the teachers about various student exchange programmes, visits by foreign nationals to the school, visits abroad of school students and teachers, participation and accolades in School Enterprise Challenge, collaborative projects carried out with schools around the globe, selection in Commonwealth Class Science Competition and inter-state cultural learning programme. She also informed about the school going in for the British Council reaccreditation for International School Award for the period 2017-20.


Session on ‘Examination Reforms and CCE’ by CCE Co-ordinator Ms.Pallavi Sukhtankar

June 10, 2016

Ms.Pallavi Sukhtankar, CCE Co-ordinator in her session on ‘Examination Reforms and CCE’ on June 10, 2016 explained the activities included in the co- scholastic areas and the board procedure for the verification of evidences of assessment. She also guided the teachers to be extra cautious in writing subject reports, clicking photographs and filling formative assessment marksheets. She also discussed the content to be included in the assessment procedure and suggested to discuss strengths and weaknesses of students after the completion of the task and also recommended to write and share remarks with the students in the writing tasks. The important issue of absenteeism during FA’s and SA’s and the criteria to take Summative exams was also informed to the teachers.

Session on Examination reforms and CCE

Session on ‘Managing Quality in Education’ by Controller of Examinations Mr.Amit Trivedi

June 9, 2016

A session on ‘Managing Quality in Education’ (Quality Standards) was conducted by Mr.Amit Trivedi, Controller of Examinations on June 9, 2016 in which he focused on what educational purpose we seek to achieve and how this purpose can be meaningfully organized. Guiding on the purpose of education, he dealt in depth with the source of objectives, management of quality in institution and aims of school. To create confident individuals, successful learners and responsible citizens, the teacher as an individual should have professional knowledge, professional practice and professional commitment to satisfy the what, why and how of the learners. The four key questions of Quality Teaching Model were discussed in detail along with the intellectual quality, quality learning and significance.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Session on ‘Work Life Balance’ by Brahmakumari Neela Didi

June 9, 2016

To overcome the stressful situation in day to day life, a spiritual awakening session on ‘Work Life Balance’ was conducted by Neela Didi from the spiritual organization Brahmakumari on June 9, 2016. She defined life as a play with five balls of work, family, friends, health and self out of which only work can return while other four cannot return if lost. Didi classified stress into two kinds; External comprising of work, home and Internal comprising of addictions, ego, overthinking. She suggested following ‘inside out approach’ to cure stress. Citing anecdotes and stories from different walks of life, she also focused on the four principles to overcome stress viz., not to accept sorrows, enjoy the show, see beauty and benefits in every situation, everything happens for a reason and give appointment to self. She also suggested to use each and every moment of life and to perform the spiritual audit at the end of the day by meditation. Didi also satisfied the queries of the teachers and concluded the interactive session with the words of Dadi Jankiji, ‘See the beauty of being soul conscious rather than role conscious.’

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

‘Personal Grooming’ Session by Ms Madhu Saxena and Shruti Saxena

June 9, 2016

Ms.Madhu Saxena, Director, Eves’ Institute of Creations, Indore and Ms.Shruti Saxena in their session on ‘Personal Grooming’ on June 9, 2016 dealt with the elements of fashion comprising of colour combination, texture, clothing, shapes and designs to groom an individual in the personal and professional life. The engaging session on fashion helped the teachers to shape their personality in the best possible way.

Grooming Session by Ms Madhu Saxena Shruti Saxena 1

Session on ‘Status of Children in India’ by Dr. Rajesh Mishra, Assistant Director, NIPCCD

June 8, 2016

Dr. Rajesh Mishra, Assistant Director, NIPCCD, Regional Centre, Indore in his session on ‘Status of Children in India’ on June 8, 2016 highlighted the decline of child sex ratio in M.P., Gujarat, Chhatisgarh, Rajasthan and other states and presented the statistics of increase in crime rate from 2013 – 2015. The need and purpose of the POCSO Act which came into existence in 2012 to protect children was explained by the speaker. The three kinds of child abuse in India were explained in detail viz. physical abuse, sexual abuse and emotional abuse along with various categories of offences covered under the act and punishment under various sections. The procedure for reporting of case, recording of statement of child, power of special courts, abetment and attempt were also dealt by the resource person.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Session on ‘Thinking Skills’ by CBSE-i Co-ordinator Ms.Smita Bhargava

June 8, 2016

Ms.Smita Bhargava, CBSE-i Co-ordinator in her session on ‘Thinking Skills’ on June 8, 2016 focused on what do we want the children to learn as well as how to develop thinking in children. An activity on ‘Design your Wardrobe’ was given to the teachers in which they positioned the shelves with skills, values, formative assessments etc. She also emphasized to incorporate various types of thinking skills in teaching. The session ended with emphasis on open ended questions to explore the creativity of the students.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Session on ‘How To Cater to Slow Learners in the Class’ by Ms.Shilpa Khargonkar

June 6, 2016

Ms.Shilpa Khargoankar in her session on ‘How to Cater to Slow Learners in the Class’ on June 6, 2016 dealt with various areas like positivity, interest of the students, coordination, grasping power etc. along with the suggestion of remedies like interesting activities, comfortable environment and freedom of expression to bring slow learners in the stream of common students. The session ended with the inspiring song sung by Ms.Khargoankar which conveyed that investment of teachers is required to understand the problems of slow learners.

How will you cater to slow learners in your class. by  Ms. Shilpa Khargonkar 1

Session on ‘Skill Based Teaching and Learning’ By Primary Incharge Ms. Vandana Katyal

June 3, 2016

Ms. Vandana Katyal, Primary Incharge in her session on ‘Skill Based Teaching and Learning’ on June 3, 2016 listed various skills to aid in teaching and learning. She suggested to include these skills in PBL and focused on the research skills. The session ended with the presentation of research based project along with the incorporation of skills by teachers in groups.

Skill based teaching and learning  by Ms. Vandana Katyal 1 Skill based teaching and learning  by Ms. Vandana Katyal 2

Experience Sharing Session on ‘Problem Based Learning’ with School Principal Mr. Rajesh Awasthi

June 3 & 4, 2016

The session on June 3, 2016 began with the elaborate explanations and discussions on ‘Problem Based Learning’ by School Principal Mr. Rajesh Awasthi on idealistic and realistic approach in identifying the problem, methodology, collection of data and research, analysis and interpretation of data. An activity was given to the teachers in groups to define and identify a problem. He also explained PBL working plan, schedule, implementation, monitoring and reflections focusing on development of skills, learning outcome and implementation on June 4, 2016.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Reflection of ‘Annual Curriculum Planning’ By School Principal Mr Rajesh Awasthi

June 1 & 2, 2016

Commencing the new session on an inspiring note, Principal Mr. Rajesh Awasthi took a session on ‘How to Manage Learning Differences While Designing the Activities’ on June 1, 2016. Beginning with the curriculum planning ingredients comprising of planning for learning, guidelines for teaching and division of content, he dealt at length with the various inclusions in the framing of ACP. He stressed the need to review and redesign ACP not only from the teachers’ side but also from the students’ side. He also cited few examples to explain designing of formative assessments with the help of inclusions listed by him to reflect learning of the students.

On day two, the session dealt with the ‘Framework for 21st Century Learning which focused on addition of life skills, intra personal skills, thinking skills, basic competencies and ethics in the curriculum to construct knowledge of the students on their own. Various observations were presented by the teachers on curriculum designing. The Principal guided teachers to include case study in the curriculum planning and stressed to make assessment methods more reliable according to Bloom’s taxonomy.

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Workshop on Identification And Management of Behavioural Problems Among School Children

April 28 -29, 2016

A two day workshop was organized on ‘Identification and Management of Behavioural Problems Among School Children’ by National Institute of Public Cooperation and Child Development (NIPCCD) Western Region Centre, Indore, on April 28 and 29, 2016. Ms. Pallavi Sukhtankar, CCE Coordinator and Ms. Surabhi Shastri, Ms. Namrata Khasgiwala, Counsellors of the school attended the workshop. The first day session commenced with the introductory speech by Dr. P. Krishna moorthy (Regional Director NIPCCD, Indore) who briefed about the functions of the organization. The inaugural session set the tone for the remaining sessions. The first session was conducted by Mr. P.J. Philips (Assistant Director, NIPCCD) on Situational Analysis of Children with special reference to the behavioural and adjustment problems. Focusing on various statistics of the research, he highlighted the various physiological disorders, habit disorders and conduct disorders. Dr. Anand Gaud shared his views and opinions on the topic Common Behavioural Difficulties in Children, their identification and management along with various types of disorders. The last session of the day by Ms. Charushri Suhaney, Counselling Psychologist and Director, School First, Indore, focused on the understanding and assessing Behavioural Difficulties in children.

The second day commenced with the panel discussion, in which experts from the various fields discussed the problems and remedies related to child development. Dr. Pankaj K. Jain, Psychiatrist spoke about Child Mental Health, Mrs. Nilam Malviya, Principal, Kendriya Vidyalaya No.2, Indore expressed her views on school education, Dr. Savita Inamdar, Pediatrician mentioned child health to be an important aspect in the development and suggested steps for schools to monitor the process. Dr. Nandini Rekhade, Faculty, New GDC Home Science College, Indore dealt with the issue of generation gap and the contribution of parents and teachers in child development. Dr. P. Krishna moorthy, Regional Director, NIPCCD explained the interlinked nutritional aspect between a child and a mother. The second session of the day by Ms. Maya Bohra (Counseling and Rehabilitation Psychologist, Indore) dealt with the Effective Management of Behavioural Problems in Children and the role of teachers and parents in understanding difficulties in children.

A group activity was conducted on the last day for the participants to share the problems they face in the school and the solutions were discussed to overcome the problems. The participants also stated the success rate and the challenges to handle the problems. The concluding session witnessed the course evaluation followed by the distribution of certificates. The workshop benefitted the educators to learn and plan the strategies to understand the learning behavioural problems in a better way.

Workshop on Identification And Management of Behavioural 1 Workshop on Identification And Management of Behavioural 2

Workshop on SAT and Letters of Recommendation for US Universities

April 16, 2016

An informative session on ‘ How can school help students to take SAT exam and how to write effective letters of recommendation for the US universities?’ was conducted for the teachers and counsellors of various schools by the College Board organization on April 16, 2016 at Emerald Heights International School.Ms. Lisa Jain, Country Director – India of College Board briefed everyone about the College Board organization engaged in conducting exams for the US universities. Ms. Raminder Mac, Dean – International Affairs, Ms. Chitralekha Kulkarni, HOD English Department, Senior School and Ms. Dipti Telang, faculty, English Department, Senior School attended the session.

SAT is regarded as one of the critical parts of the US College application and focuses on skill based assessment rather than curriculum based. The resource person elaborately explained the procedure and mode of application stressing on the six digit International School code for identification. The benefits of taking SAT, useful predictors,suite of assessment, testing windows in fall and spring were also dealt in depth by the speaker. The speaker also informed about the eight key changes to SAT, exam format and administrative timelines till 2018 along with the redesigned SAT applicable from May 2016. Focusing on the need to take the three dimensional essay based on reading, writing and analysis, the resource person also discussed the details regarding scores, sub scores and score delivery. The expert also advised to take PSAT/NMSQT for diagnostic assessment.

The second session was based on ‘How to write effective letters of recommendation for the US universities?’ The emphasis was laid on the components of application including school profile, purpose and courses offered. The recommendation letters one each by a counsellor and a teacher are mandatory for admission. The speaker suggested to the teachers to look for the human element in the recommendation letters and guided to include the evidences, anecdotes, examples to make it effective and unique in all respects. Citing the role of the counsellor as floodlight and teachers as spotlight, the speaker listed the criteria like intellectual curiosity, level of engagement, willingness to take risk and depth for admission to highly competitive colleges. Theen riching learning session ended with the discussions on the various questions raised by the participants.

Social Science Workshop Organized by CBSE

January 29 & 30, 2016

To provide definition and direction to the teachers of Social Science in dealing with the challenges in teaching and learning process at the secondary level, a workshop on ‘Challenging Areas in Social Science’ was organized by CBSE on January 29 & 30, 2016 at Indus World School, Indore. Teachers from more than 15 schools participated in the workshop. Ms. Deepali Ahirrao and Ms. Harsha Grover from Choithram School, ManikBagh attended the workshop. The resources persons Ms. Neera Chopra from Delhi and Ms. Anjali Chhabra from the School of Excellence, Chandigarh assigned various tasks to the teachers in groups and satisfied the queries related to the subject. Choithram School teachers were appreciated for the best lesson plan.

Social Science workshop

British Council’s Advanced Course on Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

January 22, 2016

Advanced Course on Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, an extended programme of Core Skills Training Module by British Council was attended by Ms.Vandana Katyal, Primary Incharge and Ms.Smita Bhargava, CBSE-i Co-ordinator on January 21 and 22, 2016 in Mumbai. The two days’ workshop focused upon how to embed critical thinking skills in the curriculum. The workshop emphasized a lot on the skills to be taught continuously using explicit strategies in the implemented phase as teaching critical thinking skills takes lot of time. The two days’ workshop included many brainstorming sessions and group activities leading to better understanding.

British Council’s Advanced Course

Briefing Session of International School Award

January 22, 2016

Ms.Raminder Mac, Dean – International Affairs of the school attended the briefing session of ‘International School Award’ of the British Council in New Delhi on January 22, 2016. International School Award (ISA) is an accreditation scheme that specifically recognizes the contribution of schools in adding International Dimension to education. ISA provides a practical tool for schools to design, develop and implement international activities effectively. It also provides an opportunity to the Indian schools to develop links with schools across the globe and work towards enhancing the International Dimension in the curriculum. The school was bestowed with the ISA for the period 2014 – 2017 and will be going in for reaccreditation in the coming session. A plethora of activities for the entire session for all classes from Montessori to grade 11 will be planned.

Briefing Session of International School Award

All India Edu-Leaders Regional Conference

January 23, 2016

Ms. Pallavi Sukhtankar, CCE Co-ordinator, Ms. Surabhi Shastri, School Counsellor and Ms. Uma Wadhwa, faculty Junior School attended the 4th All India Edu-Leaders Regional Conference organised by Sahodaya on January 23, 2016 at Ujjain on the theme ‘Adolescence Education and Well Being, School Leadership for Best Practices’. Dr.Rajeshwar Shastri Musal gaonkar, HOD, Department of Sanskrit and Jyotirvigyan, Vikram University, Ujjain threw light on the present education system with the role of school in developing the personality of a child, student teacher relationship and factors affecting child development. The conference was structured into three interactive sessions.

The first session was conducted by Dr. Deepak Chopra, Founder of Centre for Child and Adolescent Well Being, Delhi on Adolescent issues and Well-being in which he emphasized on the emerging adolescent problems and the need to develop proper coordination amongst parents, teachers and children to solve the problems. The speaker explained ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and quoted various examples to give better understanding of ADHD.

The second session focused on the topic ‘Internet and Gaming Addiction’ by Dr. Manoj Kumar Sharma. With the help of video ‘Don’t be that Guy’ he brought forth the illusions of the virtual world and advised the participants to abstain from excessive usage of mobiles and internet. Dr.Mukta ditya Sharma presented his views on the importance of child health awareness focusing on obesity, regular eye- ear check-up, oral health and pollution care. The speaker also dealt on life style modification involving abdominal pain, skin care and various teenage problems.

Mrs Sangeeta Chopra, Counsellor, New Delhi conducted the third session on Peer Pressure and Violence in Media’. Citing examples from various case studies, she elaborately explained the quote of Kaith Hudson ‘No child is immune to peer pressure’ and discussed about parental pressure and unrealistic expectations of parents. Issues about sexual and substance abuse, media influence, communicating and negotiating safer life situations, dealing with changes in mind and, bodyetc. were also discussed along with the impact of positive and negative peer pressure. The workshop provided the rich source of information thereby engaging and enriching the participants in dealing with the behavioural and psychological problems in adolescents.


Hindi Workshop

January 13, 2016

Ms.Sugandha Nannore and Ms.Meeta Pandit participated in a Hindi workshop organised by MadhubanPrakashan on January 13, 2016 at Hotel Sayaji. The resource person Mr.Pradeep Kumar Jain, an eminent Hindi teacher of Modern School, Delhi and also the member of CBSE curriculum framework committee guided on the correct pronunciation of various alphabets(vowels and consonants) in Hindi. The speaker also discussed the common problems and their possible solutions along with the detailed description of evaluating creativity in the subject.

School’s Vice Principal Attends 7th International Conference on ‘Excellence in School Education – Educarnival’

November 29, 2015

Mr S.K.Mishra, Vice Principal of the school attended the 7th International Conference on ‘Excellence in School Education – Educarnival’ organised at IIT Delhi from November 27 to 29, 2015, designed around the sub-theme, ‘Teachers transforming children.’ The academic leadership conference was structured into six plenary sessions, round table and mini conferences woven around the four broad topics – role of the school leaders, development of teachers, improved learning outcomes and role of technology. Eminent experts from different educational fields along with practitioners and researchers around the globe disseminated their findings for further research and pedagogical developments.

The first day plenary session addressed by the panel of experts focused on the topics -understanding changing roles of teachers, establishing a culture of performance and building a structure around it for teachers and implementation, analysis and continuous improvement of transformational changes. The session was followed by the round table conferences in different rooms to discuss specific topics by various experts.

The second day session began with the group discussion on core areas like data driven approach, empowering teachers, HR practices, approaches to pedagogy followed by mini conferences on Leadership in 21st century, appraisal – a touchstone, academic leadership, factors influencing the role and responsibility of teacher and many more by panel of experts of specific areas.

The last day plenary session commenced with the summary of the work done in the parallel conference rooms followed by sessions on technology in education focusing on big data analytics for personalized education and action planning. The conference empowered and enriched the educators with an overview of the recent advances and the researches carried out for sustainable development in education.

School’s Vice Principal 1 School’s Vice Principal 2 School’s Vice Principal 3

British Council’s Advanced Course on Core Skills

November 20, 2015

Mr. Amit Trivedi, Controller of Examinations and Ms. Raminder Mac, Dean – International Affairs attended Advanced Course on Core Skills organized by the British Council in New Delhi on November 19 & 20, 2015. Ms. Arti Jha, Principal, Delhi Public School, Aligarh and a validated trainer for the British Council was the resource person of this workshop. Mr. Trivedi and Ms. Mac attended the Core Skills course pertaining to Critical Thinking and Problem Solving.

The essence of critical thinking is that it is self-directed thinking that produces new and innovative ideas and solves problems. Thinking critically should be taught in the context of subject matter. Through various videos and group activities Mr. Trivedi and Ms. Mac got an idea how to encourage critical thinking and problem solving skills amongst the students within the curriculum of the subject that they teach.They realized that critical thinking is not just for advanced students but must include all learners of the class. They were made to think of various examples and strategies to engage their learners in critical thinking and improving their problem solving skills. If one strategy fails, an alternate one should be used that connects better within the classroom.

British Council’s Advanced Course on Core Skills

British Council’s Introductory Workshop on Core Skills

November 3, 2015

Mr. Amit Trivedi, Controller of Examinations, Ms.Smita Bhargava, CBSE-i Co-ordinator, Ms.Vandana Katyal, Primary Incharge and Ms.Raminder Mac, Dean – International Affairs attended Introductory Core Skills Workshop organized by the British Council in Indore on November 3, 2015. Dr.Sunita Bhagwat and Ms. Sarita Venket, validated trainers for the British Council were the resource persons of this workshop.

Through various fun-filled activities and videos, the participants were apprised about the following six core skills and competencies: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Communication and Collaboration, Creativity and Imagination, Citizenship, Digital Literacy as well as Student Leadership and Personal Development. These are also referred to as deep learning skills, 21st century skills, transversal skills or core skills and competencies, depending on the local/national/regional context. Implementation of these core skills in the curriculum would aim at improving the learning outcomes of the students.

British Council’s Introductory Workshop on Core Skills 1 British Council’s Introductory Workshop on Core Skills 2 British Council’s Introductory Workshop on Core Skills 3

Dean – International Affairs Invited by British Council For School Programme Overview Training to Trainers

October 16, 2015

Ms. Raminder Mac, Dean – International Affairs has been given an opportunity to facilitate the British Council for their School Programme Overview Sessions. She along with 25 British Council School Ambassadors and British Council personnel attended the workshop for trainers conducted by Mr. ArijitGhosh, Head – School Programmes, British Council in New Delhi on October 16, 2015. Through various activities the resource person briefed about the six core skills that the British Council will now be focusing on, the three levels of International School Award along with the leadership development workshops and other school programmes including reading challenge, Generation UK – India.


Accountancy Workshop

October 11, 2015

Sultan Chand & Sons, Delhi organised a workshop for the Commerce teachers on October 11, 2015at The Daly College, Indore. The resource persons Dr.G.S.Grewal and Mr. R.K. Khosla conducted the workshop in two sessions. Mr Vipin Wagh, Ms Shalini Saraf and Ms Sumit Bhatia of Commerce department attended the workshop.In the first session, Dr. G.S. Grewal apprised about the changes in Accountancy syllabus of class XI and XII, changes in question paper pattern and inclusion of missing information based questions in the syllabus.

Through the power point presentation, he explained the impact and difference between the Companies Act 2013 and 1956, redemption of debentures, emphasis on journal entries of DRR and DIR and accounting of Employees Stock Option. A handbook about the new changes in the syllabus was supplied to the teachers.In the second session,Mr R.K. Khosla spoke on the issues in Partnership Accounts and Cash Flow Statement. This was followed by an interactive session for teachers regarding various topics in Accountancy. The workshop updated the subject knowledge of the teachers and clarified their doubts in the subject.

Accountancy Workshop

British Council School Programme

October 10, 2015

Connecting Classrooms is British Council’s flagship global school programme supporting teaching-learning experience in schools and ultimately developing global citizenship among the young people in schools. School Programme Overview Session of the same was conducted on October 10, 2015 at Choithram School, Manik Baghby Ms.Priti Ojha,Independent Consultant working with the British Council.The session was attended by 27 Principals/teachers from 18 schools of Indore, Dewas and Mandsaur. The resource person explained some of the significant projects and activities under Connecting Classrooms like International School Award, Professional Development workshops, online courses, action research accreditation for teachers, School Leadership Development courses for headteachers and collaborative projects with different schools. The session focused on the implementation of six core skills based on the ways of working, ways of thinking and ways of living to participate in a global economy. The resource person conducted an interactive classroom activity to explain the difference between critical thinking and problem solving. She also briefed about the registration procedure for the three levels of British Council-Foundation, Intermediate and ISA along with the leadership development workshops schedule, various modules associated with the sample projects and other school programmes including reading challenge, generation UK- India etc. Thesession successfully engaged and enriched the delegates about the importance of Connecting Classrooms through professional development.

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National Workshop on ‘Rethinking Specific Learning Disability’

September 4 & 5, 2015

Ms. Vandana Katyal, Primary Incharge of the school attended a two day National Workshop on ‘Rethinking Specific Learning Disability’ organized on September 4 & 5, 2015 by Sri Aurobindo Institute of Speech & Hearing. The special highlight of the workshop was ‘Metaphonology and Literacy: A Few Cross Linguistic Considerations’.

Eminent resource persons like Dr Apoorva Pauranik (Professor of Neurology, MGM Medical College), Shri. Nachiketa Rout (Associate Professor, National Institute for Empowerment of Persons with Multiple Disabilities, Chennai) and Dr. Manju Mehta (Ex-Professor, Deprtment of Clinical Psychology & Head of Child& Adolescent Psychiatry, AIIMS,New Delhi) shared their expertise and came up with brainstorming sessions on remediation of the problem from multidimensional perspectives. The main goals of the workshop were enhancing pre literacy and literacy skills for children with dyslexia at primary level, overcoming language based learning problems in children with dyslexia and elaborating Language specific methods to facilitate literacy acquisition.

Workshop on Rethinking Specific Learning Disability

W Level Training- Intercultural Link Learning Programme of AFS

August 22 and 23, 2015

To understand the core Intercultural learning concepts and communication strategies for assessing intercultural competence, a W level workshop was organized for the AFS volunteers on August 22 and 23,2015 at The Daly College, Indore. Ms. Sarita Badhwar, President, Indore chapter (Dean – Internationalism, The Daly College) and Ms. RashmiAhuja, Headmistress, The Daly College conducted the workshop which was attended by Ms. Chitralekha Kulkarni, HOD English Department and Ms. DiptiTelang, faculty, English Department.

Day 1
The first session witnessed the visual representation of Culture-Person-Situation-Model to explain the importance of cultural awareness or openness to alternative perspectives. The activities ‘My intercultural encounter and Proverbs and Perspectives’ helped the volunteers to gain deep insight into the personality of an individual.

The second session focused on definition and concept of culture. The facilitator explained the iceberg concept of culture with the help of activity ‘Making culture tangible in AFS’. This was followed by the ‘Double bell curve model’ to explain cultural continuum and deviance. An interesting activity was conducted to understand Stereotypes and Generalization.

The third session was based on cultural values and dimensions. The facilitators provided the brief description of six dimensions of Hofstede and conducted an activity to place one according to the Hofstede’s dimensions to know the relevance of these dimensions with the AFS experience.

Day 2
The first session featured the importance of recognizing different verbal and non-verbal communication styles in intercultural interaction as given by an anthropologist Edward Hall.With the help of flipchart activity, various communication styles like direct and indirect, linear and circular, high context and low context, task and relationship were explained.
The second session focused on ‘Suspending Judgement’ based on planning of strategy when one is confronted with unclear circumstances. One such strategy D.I.V.E (Describe, Interpret, Verify, Evaluate) was explained. The participants in groups performed this activity to understand the strategy which would be helpful in AFS work.

The third session witnessed the stages of cultural adaptation models inn AFS exchange programme. The case studies of two exchange students were discussed in co