Health & Wellness Club

Striving on the motto, “Healthy life, productive life, I’m happy, I’ll make others happy”, this club teaches children how to remain healthy and maintain personal and community hygiene. 

Session on Oral Hygiene

December 12, 2018

A session on oral hygiene was conducted by Mr. Brajesh Chaturvedi, a dentist for students of class IV on December 12, 2018. The session enhanced students’ learning about teeth, their structure and role in digestion of food.

Session on oral hygiene

Guest Lecture on World Hepatitis Day

July 27, 2018

To mark the World Hepatitis Day on July 28, the Health and Wellness Club of theschool invited Dr. Shohini Sikdar, Consultant Gastroenterologist,Choithram Hospital & Research Centre, Indoreto enlighten the students on the symptoms, precautions and prevention of Hepatitis on July 27, 2018. Stating negligence to be the reason behind the rise in the liver cancer cases, the resource person informed about the various schemes launched by the government to check the disease.Stressing on the need for the vaccination and health status update, she advised students to be extra cautious with the needles used for tattooing and body piercing as ‘Prevention is always better than cure.’ The enriching learning session ended with the discussions on the various questions raised by the students.

World Hepatitis Day1 (1)

Laughter Yoga

July 21, 2018

‘A good laugh heals a lot of wounds’.To support both physical and emotional health in students, a ‘Laughter Yoga’ activity was organized by Scouts and Guides Club along with Health and Wellness Clubon July 21, 2018.The trainers Mrs. and Mr. Bisht demonstrated different laughing styles like greeting laugh, milk shake laugh, mistake laugh foster positive feelings to relax the mind and the body. Students enjoyed this priceless medicine interspersed with breathing techniques.

IMG_20180721_132458 IMG_20180721_135520

Positivity All Around

February 28, 2018

Mental and emotional wellness is equally important as the physical health. To make students of classes III, IV and V understand the importance of emotional health; a session on intensati was conducted by Health and Wellness Club. During this session the students watched videos on intensati which was followed by session of sharing the positive qualities of others. The students also came up with many positive affirmations about themselves and realized how positive affirmations along with physical workout can help in making them physically fit thus improving their emotional strength and confidence.

Positivity All Around

Street Play on ‘Eating Right Diet’

February 17, 2018

Students of class 7 of Choithram School presented a street play in front of students of the government school in Harinyakhedi village on February 17, 2018 on the theme ‘Eating Right Diet’. The students created create awareness about the importance of eating a balanced diet and how the problem of malnutrition can be overcome by eating the right amount of nutrients in one’s diet. Ms. Gillian Fraser and Ms. Ellen Siv, teachers of Stoke Row C. E. Primary School also witnessed the street play in Harniyakhedi village. Both the schools are doing a collaborative project on UN Sustainable Development Goal ‘Zero Hunger’.

1 3 4

Visit to Food ATM

February 15, 2018

Students of class VIII visited Food Bank ATM situated at New Palasia, an initiative of Hardik Kataria to help the society to eliminate two major problems viz. wastage of surplus food and begging for hunger. The students learnt about people bringing the surplus food left after parties, marriages and from hotels and preserving it in the refrigerator which is kept open for 24 hours. The students were further apprised that anyone who wished to have the food could satisfy his hunger.

Visit to Food ATM 1 (1) Visit to Food ATM 2

Visit to Aastha Old Age Home

February 15, 2018

Students of class VIII of Health and Wellness club visited Aastha Old Age Home at Pardesipura on February 15, 2018 and prepared healthy dishes for the inmates. The students prepared corn chaat, sandwiches, sprouts chaat, custard and served the elderly with love and concern.

Visit to Aastha Old Age Home 1 Visit to Aastha Old Age Home 2

Health Mela

January 29 & February 6, 2018

Health Mela was organized on January 29, 2018 and February 6, 2018 for classes IX & X and VI to VIII respectively where students prepared healthy dishes and arranged mental ability games. They also shared the nutritive values and benefits of healthy recipes. Health cards of visitors were prepared to make them know about their BMI and other health checkups.

Health_Mela Health_Mela1

First Aid Box

December 3, 2017

To make the students understand the importance of first aid and to improve their awareness regarding the steps to be taken before reaching the doctor, a session for the students of classes III, IV and V was conducted. Few videos were shown to make students understand how to deal with medical emergencies. In extension to this activity, students made first aid boxes. They also explained about the things they included in their first aid box and when and how to use them. The objective was to make them aware of the uses of basic first aid kit.

first aid box - 1 first aid box - 2

Home Remedies

November 27, 2017

Nowadays, more and more people are turning to natural home remedies to help them treat their ailments. Keeping this in mind, Health and Wellness Club organized a session for class IV and V students to make them understand how home remedies can be helpful in dealing with minor health issues. They also had a sharing session in which they shared about their experiences and the remedies practiced by their mothers and grannies.

home remedies

Guest Lecture on Healthy Heart

August 5, 2017

Students of classes IX and X attended a lecture on healthy heart by Dr. Sagheer Ahmed on August 5, 2017. Through an effective power point presentation, Dr. Ahmed told the students how important it is to take care of the heart. He stressed on adopting healthy eating habits and following organized life style to avoid heart related problems. Students asked their queries and clarified their doubts.

Guest Lecture on Healthy Heart

Being Natural

September 19, 2017

Students of class III and IV were shown videos and reports on September 19, 2017 to enhance their awareness about the adulteration being done in the food products. They were also shown some basic methods by which they could identify adulteration in some daily used products and measures to remove or reduce the harmful effects.

Being Natural 2 Being Natural 1

Importance of Healthy Diet Stressed by Dr. Sagheer Ahmad

August 5, 2017

Dr. Sagheer Ahmad, Head of Department of Cardiology at Choithram Hospital & Research Centre, Indore was invited as a guest speaker on August 5, 2017 to apprise students of classes VI to X of the club about the importance of a healthy diet. Dr. Ahmad emphasized on maintaining balance of brain and heart as well as exercising to keep oneself fit. He strongly advocated that one must remain away from alcohol, smoke and stress to lead a healthy life.

IMG_20170805_131614 IMG_20170805_131059 (1)

Creating Awareness!

July 24, 2017

‘The first step towards change is awareness. The second step is acceptance.’
The Community Service Club as well as Health and Wellness Club organised a visit to the slum area near Bombay Hospital on July 24,2017to spread awareness regarding water borne diseases and their remedy. As Street play is one of the effective ways of spreading awareness among the local people, students presented a street play on the theme focussing on the disease diarrhoea and its remedies. The loud and bold dialogues in the local language, the impressive enactment attracted the attention of the slum dwellers. The street play brought to light the causes, symptoms and remedies for various water borne diseases.

The students also gave a demonstration on how to prepare O.R.S solution which can prove a life saver in case of water bone diseases. Actual height and weight of students was also taken and the ideal weight as per the height was informed to the local people.The visit was an eye opener for the residents as well as for the students.The students realised the real life situations of the slum-dweller and understoodhow they can now contribute significantly for the society. The residents became aware about how at times even household remedies can save the lives of their beloved ones!

1500873963324 1500874054642

1500897637416 IMG-20170729-WA0011

Share a Bowl of Health

July 19, 2017

Children of class III enjoyed preparing sprout salad on July 19, 2017. They also shared the recipe and the ingredients used for preparing it to make it more nutritious and tasty. They realized the importance of protein in our diet.

Share a Bowl of Health 1 Share a Bowl of Health 2

Presentation on Table Manners

February 15, 2017

Forget ‘You are what you eat.’ You are ‘how you eat’. Dining with good manners is an important way to make a great lasting impression, as well as a way to ensure that you’re invited again. Early childhood is the real age to know about basic table manners. Students of the club apprised the young ones of class I about table manners through a power point presentation and skit. After the presentation they interacted with the students to check their learning.

table manners 1 table manners 2

Poster Making Contest on World Cancer Day

February 4, 2017

To promote the campaign of World Cancer Day and to spread awareness about Cancer, Health and Wellness Club of the school organized Poster Making Contest on February 4, 2017. This competition involved participation of all the students of classes IX and X where all the students made wonderful and relevant posters on cancer awareness.

poster making poster making 2

Health Mela In The School

January 30, 2016

‘Healthy living is within your reach. But there are steps to be taken that will make today healthier than yesterday and pave the way for healthy living tomorrow too.’
In order to create this awareness, Health and Wellness Club of the school organized Health Mela on January 30, 2016. Dr. PravarPassi, well known neurologist was the chief guest at the event. Around 30 stalls were arranged where students prepared the health cards for the visitors and calculated their B.M.I, blood pressure, pulse rate, arranged various mental ability games, puzzles, tongue twisters and prepared healthy food items like fruit juices, fruit chats, salads, yummy deserts like puddings, cakes and shakes.

IMG_5793 IMG_5803 IMG_5810

Meditation Session

January 25, 2016

‘Meditation is extreme form of concentration. It results in a harmony between body and soul which finally leads to mental serenity in every task you perform.’ Keeping this in mind, a meditation session was organized on January 25, 2016 for students of class VIII of the school and the visiting group of students of Delhi Public School, Srinagar. The various stages of meditation were taught by Mr. Vinay Sharma, Physics faculty of the school.


Visit to Old Age Home

December 22, 2015

Students of class X of Health & Wellness Club of the school visited Amarlal Old Age Home on December 22, 2015 where they prepared the health cards of the old people. They calculated their B.M.I, checked blood pressure and pulse rate. They realized that old people require love and care.

visit to old age home 3 visit to old age home 1

‘Basic Life Support System’ Workshop Organized In The School

December 1, 2015

Dr. Sushil Jain, senior cardiologist of the city and an alumnus of Choithram School, initiated a ‘Basic Life Support System’ Workshop in the school on December 1, 2015 to develop awareness among the students and teachers. Dr. Sarita Rao and Dr. Kshitij Dube were also the guest speakers on the occasion. The workshop was attended by students of Health and Wellness Club of classes VI to X as well as Biology and Biotechnology students of class XII.

IMG_3764 IMG_3809

Mind Your Liver: Holistic Wellness For A Healthy Life

November 19, 2015

Interactive session on ‘Mind Your Lever’ was organized at Brilliant Convention Centre by Health and Wellness Club of the school in association with Indian Society of Gastroenterology to develop awareness regarding our health, emphasizing on liver and its care on November 19, 2015. The eminent guest speaker was Padma Shri Prof. (Dr.) Yogesh Chawla, Director, Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh. Prof. Chawla stressed on life style modification. He further told that one should go for vaccination against hepatitis virus, control diabetes and obesity and exercise 45 minutes daily to have a healthy liver. He answered the queries of the gathering. The programme was attended by Dr. Ashmeet Choudhary, Dr Ajay Jain, Director Planning & Development, Choithram Hospital & Research Centre and other eminent guests, dignitaries, parents, teachers and doctors. Vote of thanks was proposed by Ananya Passi of Health & Wellness Club of the school. The programme concluded on the note that key to wellness is to accept personal responsibility for our health and well-being.

1 2

3 4

Endurance and Stamina Make One Fit

September, 2005

The strength and energy needed to exert oneself for an extended period of time is considered to be one of the several fitness components used to evaluate health and fitness levels. This component is identified by several terms. Physical stamina of students of classes VI to X was checked which included physical activities like 100 m running, hopping and playing volleyball. Physical stamina levels are increased through such physical activities which is the key component leading to healthy life.

Endurance and Stamina Make One Fit

Grandma’s Home Remedies: a Treasure for Health

September, 2005

In India DadiMaaKe Nuskhe are followed almost everywhere. They may seem incredulous but are here to stay forever.The use of herbs or various materials from our kitchen are always considered as most affordable and quick way of getting relief from discomforts. Students of the club were asked to bring newspaper and magazine cuttings to discuss in class about various homemade remedies. This enhanced their knowledge and awareness.

Grandma’s Home Remedies a Treasure for Health

Table Manners Matter!

August 13, 2015

Children were made familiar with dining table rules, how to politely ask for food as well as to thank their fellow diners for passing the food. A poem on table etiquette was taken up in the class and later power point presentation was shown to the students. Students of class X of Health and Wellness Club demonstrated various table manners in front of the students making them learn proper etiquettes of being seated at the dining table, using a napkin properly, type of conversation at the dining table as well as proper use of fork, spoon and knife.

Table manners matter

Poster Making

August 24 – 26, 2015

Posters are one of the effective methods of communication. Students of classes VI to VIII prepared posters with slogans to create awareness among people about health issues.

Poster making

Importance of Food Stressed

August 4, 2015

‘One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.’ Keeping this in mind a video presentation was shown to the students of classes I and II to create awareness regarding different food groups and their importance in our body. They enjoyed the song- ‘Healthy food will make you smile’ and learnt the importance of food in our body. A Power Point Presentation was shown to apprise them about healthy and unhealthy food as well as food pyramid. Students learnt different food groups through food pyramid and food song, ‘5 food groups that’s what I eat, 5 food groups everyday every week.’ The students thereafter played a ‘Food Game’ to check their understanding about different food groups.

Importance of Food Stressed Importance of Food Stressed

Dissemination of Health Related Issues

August 2015

To instill confidence among students of classes VI, VII and VIII about various health and disease related issues, students were given different topics pertaining to the same and asked to express their views. They enhanced their knowledge about various health related issues, diseases as well as their prevention and cure.

Dissemination of Health Related Issues

Session on Oral Hygiene

July 28, 2015

An interactive session with Dr.Alkesh Jain, a parent was organized for students of classes I and II on July 28, 2015 with the objective of enhancing the knowledge of children regarding functions of body parts and oral and self-hygiene. The session commenced with a Power Point presentation which focused on internal body parts, their functions, positions in our body and how we can take care of them. Awareness about oral hygiene was created amongst the young ones.

Session on Oral Hygiene

Skit Presentation on ‘Say No to Junk Food’

July 2015

Students of classes VI, VII and VIII worked in groups and presented a skit on the topic, ‘Say No to Junk Food’.Through their performance they communicated the message that it’s not how much you eat but it’s what you eat.They also showcased how junk food can lead to problems like obesity and high blood pressure. They realized that d eating junk food may cause serious health hazards and home cooked food is the best food.

Skit Presentation on ‘Say No to Junk Food 1 Skit Presentation on ‘Say No to Junk Food 2

Choithramians Spread Awareness About Swine Flu In A Street Play  

February 24, 2015

To spread the awareness in the public about the symptoms, safety and security measures of H1N1 virus (Swine Flu), students of Choithram School, Manik Bagh presented a street play on February 24, 2015 at Krishnapura Chhatri. Students demonstrated different scenes to show the effect of the deadly outbreak of virus taking a toll of many lives. They made people understand that better hygiene, strong medical care and right proportion of awareness is the need of the hour to fight H1N1 virus. Students raised slogans and carried placards conveying that awareness is the only weapon to combat the disease. People gathered to know the preventive and punitive measures of the disease.

1a 1b

Health Mela Organized in the School                                                                                      

February 7, 2015

In view of the soaring health problems affecting youngsters, a health mela focusing on the life style practices was organized on February 7, 2015 by Health and Wellness Club of the school.  Students of class VI to X displayed health related scientific information about improper food habits, herbal cosmetics, balanced diet, calorific value of different food items, health quiz, games, food items and nourishing juice at their stalls. The guest Dr. Norman Sharma, Dean Academics, Choithram Hospital & Research Centre appreciated the efforts of the students for the concern towards health issues. The budding doctors seemed satisfied when they measured the BMI, oxygen concentration, blood pressure of the visitors and handed them with health card. The health mela emphasized the great thought ‘Preservation of health is a duty as it is the first wealth.

2a 2b

Yoga and Aerobic Session by Parents                                                              

 February 6, 2015

The Food and Wellness Club organized Yoga and Aerobic Session for the students of classes I and II on January 27, 2015 and February 6, 2015 with the help of parents. The Yoga Session was conducted by Ms. Kritika Gindani and Aerobic Session by Ms. Nishi Jigwani. The Yoga session included Dhyan Mudra, Pranayam, Vajraasana and Bhujangasana. The Aerobics session started with warm up followed by Aerobic exercises.

3a 3b

Preparing Healthy Snacks    

 November 2014

Students of classes VI, VII and VIII prepared healthy snacks in the month of November 2014 and realized the importance of nutritional content of various food items required for our body.

4a 4b

Visit To Global Health And Wellness Exhibition

November 8, 2014

Students of classes IX and X of Health and Wellness Club accompanied by the Club Incharges visited the Global Health and Wellness Exhibition at Lokmanya Vidya Niketan on November 8, 2014.  The exhibition showcased posters and models prepared by students of different schools which portrayed valuable tips pertaining to good eating habits. The concept of Gender Equality was also highlighted in the exhibition.

Visit To Global Health And Wellness Exhibition 2 Visit To Global Health And Wellness Exhibition 1


Stamina Check through Skipping and Jogging

September 16, 2014

Students of class VI were taken to the play ground on September 16, 2014 and motivated to do physical exercises like skipping and jogging. They understood the importance of stamina in all the spheres of daily life and learnt the importance of being fit and energetic.

Stamina Check through Skipping and Jogging

Questionnaire to Check the Health Status of Students

September 2014

 To make the students understand the importance of hygiene, physical exercise, meditation in maintaining good health, a questionnaire was given to students of classes VI to VIII to fill up.  Similarly students of classes IX and X designed their own questionnaires to check whether they were leading a healthy life style or not. They realized the importance of meditation and peace, physical exercise, hygiene for leading a healthy life style.

Questionnaire 2 Questionnaire 1

Poster Making Activity on the Theme ‘Ill Effects of Smoking’

August 16, 2014

 Students of classes IX and X participated in Poster Making Activity related to the theme ‘Ill Effects of Smoking’ on August 16, 2014. Through their innovative ideas they depicted how smoking kills the body and pledged not to indulge in such activities which can deteriorate their health.

Ill Effects of Smoking 1 Ill Effects of Smoking 2

Choithramians Pledge Against Tobacco Use

August 7, 2014

61 students of classes IX and X of Health and Wellness Club of the school pledged against the use of tobacco on Thursday, August 7, 2014. They were a part of anti tobacco campaign ‘Tambaku: abhi nahi, kabhi nahi’ organized by Nanhe Farishtey, an NGO working for health and education of children. State Health Minister Narottam Mishra who was the chief guest at the event educated students about ill effects of tobacco consumption. A video regarding harmful effects of consuming gutka, cigarettes and other forms of tobacco consumption was also showcased.


Importance of Fruits and Vegetables Stressed

August 2014

Students of classes VI and VII participated in a skit and group discussion respectively to learn about the various nutrients present in different fruits and vegetables and the action of these nutrients on human body.  Through these activities, they realized the importance of fruits and vegetables for leading a healthy life.

Importance of Fruits and Vegetables Stressed 2 Importance of Fruits and Vegetables Stressed 1


Skit on Healthy Habits   

July 2014

Students of classes VI to VIII showcased skits on ‘Healthy Habits’ during the month of July 2014 in their club activity periods. Participating as well as watching the skits enabled the  students to become aware about the importance of healthy lifestyle. They were motivated to incorporate yoga and various sports activities in their daily routine as well as realized the importance of cleanliness in their daily life.

Skit on Healthy Habits 2 Skit on Healthy Habits 1

Poster Making Activity on the Theme ‘Ill effects of Junk Food’

July 2014

To enable the students to know the harmful effects of junk food and ways to remain away from it, a Poster Making Activity on ‘The Ill Effects of Junk Food’ was organized for students of classes VI to VIII. The students learnt that junk food gives pleasure for a while but in the long run harms the body. They also realized the imbalance of calories during the intake of junk food which leads to obesity.

Ill effects of Junk Food’ 2 Ill effects of Junk Food’ 1


Preparation of Health Card

June 2014

Students of classes VI to VIII prepared Health Cards in the month of June 2014 to become aware about their own health status. Through the health cards they learnt various types of eating habits amongst their peer group, were able to calculate their BMI and took corrective measures to improve it. They also understood the importance of balanced diet and tried to incorporate the same in their daily life.

Preparation of Health Card 1 Preparation of Health Card 2

Design Own Activity

March 2014

Students of classes VI to VIII were given an opportunity in groups to design their activity pertaining to health issues in the month of March 2014. Students’ creativity, innovation, organizing ability, knowledge of health, wellness and hygiene came to fore. One of the groups showcased an interactive session followed with training of villagers on health issues such as malnutrition, nutritional deficiency diseases, cleanliness, hygiene and safe drinking water.

Design own activity



Imparting Nutritional Recipes

February 2014

Students of classes VI to X were explained about nutritional value, calorie, calorific value and balanced diet in the month of February 2014. They were guided to make nutritional recipes like sprout bhel, fruit salad and also given a recipe to make nutritious cake of wheat flour and dates. Students enjoyed cutting fruits and vegetables as well as enjoyed the taste of delicacies prepared by them.


Imparting Nutritional Recipes


Receiving Tips on Burn Prevention

January 18, 2014

In an interactive session, Mr. Mario Bachnann from Austria and Dr. Habib ur Rahman Qasim, a paediatric surgeon from Afghanistan gave tips to class IX and X students of the club about burn prevention on January 18, 2014.  They apprised the students that blisters should not be touched to prevent chances of contamination and applying of ink or toothpaste on burns is strictly prohibited.  Dr. Habib reminded the students who help their parents in cooking to turn off the LPG knob after use.

ReceivingTips on Burn Prevention Receiving Tips on Burn Prevention b

Healthy Salad Making Event

January 14, 2014

To develop healthy eating habits in students, ‘Healthy Salad Making Event’ was organized for students of classes III to V on January 14, 2014. Students decorated their green salads and tried new recipes for their taste buds. The event helped students to develop liking for vegetarian food especially fruits and vegetables.

Healthy Salad Making Event


First Aid Quiz

January 2014

First Aid quiz was conducted in the month of January 2014 to test class VI to X students’ basic understanding about soft tissue injuries, contusion, abrasion, sprain, strain, fracture and their first aid treatment as RICER. Students were also given an opportunity to express their views related to various injuries.

First Aid Quiz a


First Aid Presentation

December 2013

An awareness programme on first aid and emergency care was conducted for students of classes VI to X in the month of December 2013 wherein they were apprised about emergency care on cuts, minor wounds, burns, electric hazards, heat exhaustion, bites and stings. Initial assistance to be given for any injury was explained to enable the person providing first aid to act proficiently.

First Aid Presentation a First Aid Presentation b


Health Presentation

September 2013

Students of classes IX and X were divided into different groups and provided with material related to different aspects of health like diseases, diet, calorie calculation, drugs and nutritional needs according to activity/occupation in the month of September 2013. They gave a presentation of their topic which was followed by a quiz.

Health Presentation b Health Presentation a


Physical Fitness

August 2013

Students of classes VI to X were taught about asanas, pranayam, meditation and some physical exercises to lead a healthy and fit life by experts in the month of August 2013. They were also explained about the benefits of  asana pranayam, meditation as well as the curative aspects of asanas. The meditation session was soothing and tranquil.

Physical Fitness                                                    

Maintaining a Health Diary

July 2013

Students of classes VI to X were motivated to maintain a diary containing data of blood group, contact no. of individuals with prime focus on rare blood group with a motive to benefit other members of the society. Students prepared these diaries in the month of July 2013.

Maintaining a health diary 2 Maintaining a health diary 1

Making of Health Card

July 2013

Students of VI to X prepared health cards focusing on their age, height, weight, BMI and blood group in the month of July 2013. Questionnaires related to good health habits and routine were given for example whether the students exercised daily, whether their diet contained daily serving of raw fruits. Students were expected to go for a month-wise up-dation in the card focusing on self observation and a positive change in health habits.

Making of Health Card a Making of Health Card b

BMI and Yogic Technique

March 2, 2013

Members of the club learned to calculate BMI (Body Mass Index) on March 2, 2013. The activity raised awareness amongst the students towards weight management at an early age. The students were taught meditation and yogic technique too.

BMI and Yogic Technique


Elimination of Tuberculosis

February 14, 2013

After attending a session of ‘Training For Elimination of Tuberculosis’ by CETI – Collaborative for Elimination of Tuberculosis, Ms. Sheba Nair, Incharge of Health and Wellness cCub addressed the students in the morning assembly on February 14, 2013. The students were apprised about the disease and were influenced to render help in eradicating the fast spreading disease from the city. They also learnt that Tuberculosis is treatable if timely medical intervention is taken.

Elimination of tuberculosis a Elimination of tuberculosis b

Good Nutrition Through Food Fortification

February 8, 2013

Times of India in collaboration with Roller Flour Millers Federation of India organized Poster Competition for class V to VIII students and Essay Competition for class IX to XI students on the theme, ‘Good Nutrition Through Food Fortification’ on February 8, 2013. The effort was to raise awareness about fortification and its benefits. Prior to the competition a brief description about micronutrients, micronutrient malnutrition meaning of the term fortification and its benefit were explained to the students.

Good Nutrition Through Food Fortification


Slogan Writing Contest

January 5, 2013

To create an interest towards health promoting environment, Slogan Writing Contest was conducted on the theme ‘Healthy Life Style’ on January 5, 2013. Posters were also included for effective presentation and additional information.

slogan writing contest 2 slogan writing contest 1

Banning The Reuse Of Bottled Water Bottles In School Premises

December 18, 2012

Members of the Health Club commenced their drive to ban the reuse of bottled water bottle in school premises with their appeal in the morning assembly on December 18, 2012. The students tried to bring about awareness that the International Bottled Water Association has refuted the plastic used in single use water bottles. Efforts were also taken to explain the adverse effects of this unhealthy practice very commo n among everyone as:

Incinerating plastic bottles releases toxic chemicals.
Bacteria and fungi can grow in bottles once they have been opened where the risk of bacterial and fungal growth are higher if reused with a drink that contains sugar.
A brief note was also given by the students about the studies that indicate that it may leach DEHP, a human carcinogen which may cause cancer.

Cancer Awareness Programme

November 10, 2012

An informative ‘Cancer Awareness Programme’ for female teachers was organized on Saturday, November 10, 2012 at Choithram School, Manik Bagh. Dr. Arti Kaur Patel from Choithram Hospital and Research Centre, Indore was the resource person who enlightened the teachers about Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer which a majority of women suffer from.  She stressed on the need of cancer screening and early detection as early diagnosis is the key to surviving cancer.  She advised women to go for Mammography once in two years and learn how to conduct Breast Self Examination.  For the detection of cervical cancer Pap Test is conducted which is totally painless and easy.  The teachers were also apprised about the basics of cancer treatment which are chemotherapy, surgery and radiation therapy.  A vaccine for cervical cancer is also available which can be administered between 9 and 45 years of age against HPV. She also clarified the doubts and questions raised by the teachers.


Group Discussion

December 8, 2012

Members of the Club participated in a group discussion on the topic, ‘The biggest killer today is not war but it is the life style related diseaseson December 8, 2012. Students started realizing the negligence on individual health and developed an interest to improve the health status.

Avoiding Wastage of Food 

 October 18 – 19, 2012

India is a poor country where millions of people do not get enough food to eat. We should, therefore, never waste food. The same was portrayed by students of classes XI A and B who suggested different ways in which food is wasted as well as various steps to prevent its wastage. They apprised everyone about not wasting food at social and religious functions, avoid excessive refining and processing of food, buy only that much quantity of food which can either be consumed or kept safely at home and store fruits and vegetables in refrigerators or cold storage. Students also learnt that many undesirable cooking practices should be avoided viz., fruits and vegetables should not be washed after cutting or peeling as this may lead to washing away of many water-soluble vitamins, food should not be cooked in open pans; instead pressure cooker should be used as well as repeated washing of pulses should be avoided.

World Food Day
October 16, 2012

World Food Day is celebrated every year around the world on October 16 in honour of the date of the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in 1945. The day is celebrated widely by many other organisations concerned with food security, including the World Food Programme.
Portraying the World Food Day Theme for 2012, ‘Agricultural Co-operatives – Key To Feeding the World, students of class X E urged everyone to be a part of the global movement to end hunger. With the help of placards they showed, ‘Be a part of the solution and take action in your community and around the world. We can end hunger. It will take all of us.’ Students of class V viewed a heart-rending documentary highlighting 5.6tchildren dying of hunger each year while we the privileged ones waste half of the food we eat.  40 per cent of food produced in the world is never eaten. They realized that, ‘Food wastage devastates the individuals, the environment and the world.’ world. We can end hunger. It will take all of us’. Students of class V viewed a heart-rending documentary highlighting 5.6tchildren dying of hunger each year while we the privileged ones waste half of the food we eat.  40 per cent of food produced in the world is never eaten. They realized that, ‘Food wastage devastates the individuals, the environment and the world.’

VIDEO - Wastage of Food

Fostering Good Eating Habits 
October 15, 17, 2012

Believing in the adage, ‘Eat healthy and stay healthy’, students of class X D and X F tried to inculcate good eating habits amongst the school students during their class presentations in the morning assembly. Students were educated about eating a variety of healthy foods, limiting junk food and sugary drinks. They were encouraged to eat nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables and were told about the nutritional value of these food items.  They were also advised to limit eating in restaurants and fast food joints to prevent obesity related health problems.

Disaster Management At School
October 8 – 12, 2012

Disasters are unpredictable and one cannot predict the time, exact place and manner in which they will strike.  That is why the only thing we can do to prevent ourselves from them is to prepare ourselves beforehand like by practicing Mock Drill and joining the Disaster Management Training Programme.
The same was showcased by students of classes XII and X during their class presentations in the morning assembly pertaining to ‘Disaster Management At School’. Students and teachers were educated about the safety measures to be adopted during an earthquake, viz, developing emergency plans and conducting ‘Drop, Cover and Hold’ drill. Tips related to fire safety, providing awareness about fire accidents and safety instructions were also imparted. Finally managing the psychological effects of disasters – the trauma, distress, anxiety, nightmares, restlessness witnessed by victims and their families as well as ways to deal with them were also highlighted.

Cancer Awareness Workshop at School
July 6, 2012

‘If we lose battle against tobacco we will lose the war against cancer’ – John Arradondo.
An awareness programme on ‘Fight against Tobacco’ was organised in the school on July 6, 2012. The guest speaker Dr. Arun Agrawal who was associated with Choithram Hospital for 13 years from 1985, is a leading oncologist of Madhya Pradesh. Interacting with the students of class XI, he made them aware of the hazards of tobacco and cancer as a disease. He presented the analysis of the death rate and the impact of tobacco in Indian as well as international scenario. He also apprised students about various steps that can be taken to eradicate the use of tobacco and precautions to stop the development of cancer. The workshop concluded with students pledging not to use tobacco in their lifetime.


Diabetes Awareness Programme At School
November 14, 2011 

The World Health Organization estimates estimates that there are 30 to 33 million diabetics in India now and every fourth diabetic in the world today is an Indian. Keeping this in mind, a Diabetes Awareness Programme was organized in the school on the occasion of World Diabetes Day on November 14. While elaborating on the causes of this disease, the resource person Dr. Norman Sharma, Consultant Physician & Endocrinologist at the Choithram Hospital & Research Centre, enlightened the students and teachers that a change in lifestyle could prevent diabetics. A change in lifestyle meant regular exercise and proper diet as the study found that a sedentary lifestyle, stress and improper food habits accentuate the chances of contracting diabetes. A screening test can detect diabetes. There are risk factors around diabetes and eyesight. For instance, evidence indicates high blood pressure and smoking may worsen diabetic eye disease. The programme was followed by a question answer session wherein Dr. Sharma answered the queries of the students.

Cancer Awareness Programme For Teachers 
November 10, 2012