Savoir Faire – Cultural Achievements
EventOrganizerName of StudentClassPosition/Prize
Hula Hooping RevolutionsGolden Book of World RecordsShubhangana KanthedISet the world record for
attempting more than
5500 hula hooping revolutions
for 50 minutes
Making  Paintings in one minuteGolden Book of World RecordsBhavyangana KanthedVII BSet the world record for painting six
paintings of different flowers
Possessing uncirculated errorGolden Book of World RecordsDivyangana KanthedXI CSet the world record for 1000 uncirculated
noteserror notes of Re. 1 denomination, in series
National Online Paintingwww.designschoolofarts.comYashaswini JoshiVI BSecond
Competition organized by
Regional Painting CompetitionM.P. Pollution ControlYashaswini JoshiVI BThird
BoardNandini BhachawatVI AConsolation prize
Inter School Indo-WesternChoithram School, Manik BaghOne of the four best
Dance Eventpresentations
A certificate exam of 2 MPNCCAtharva VyasXII FCleared with A grading
Armd Sqd. NCCBest cadet