The main aim of C2L2 is to help the students to acquire essential skills, abilities and capabilities which are helpful for their personal, educational, emotional and social life. C2L2 earlier known as Guidance and Counseling Department; provides a confidential environment where a child can express her/his feelings and thoughts that may be painful or uncomfortable. Counseling Psychologist helps children to develop their strengths and abilities to achieve utmost personal and social efficiency.

Some problems for which people seek counseling include:

  • Academic issues
  • Anxiety, depression or any uncomfortable feeling
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Personal problems,
  • Career related problems

In this process the department conducts the following activities:

  • Individual counseling for self referred and referred students.
  • Life skills education classes which allows students to effectively deal with different situations like health and nutrition related problems, peer pressure, exam anxiety, relationship crisis, adjustment problem etc.
  • The department is dedicated in overall development of child’s personality which includes decision making, problem solving and creativity, responsible and safe behavior
  • Teacher’s training workshop
  • Administration of IQ, aptitude and other psychological tests