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India is one of the youngest countries in the world, with a substantial population in the schools. Concerted efforts and policy interventions are required to translate this demographic potential into dividends. The current school education is heavily focused on the rote learning and rigid examination system which ignores the ever- increasing importance of creative thinking, design thinking, ideation, innovation, patents, problem solving and entrepreneurial mindset. The current school education system lacks the focus on the innovation-oriented activities.

National Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020) restructures and advocates for synergetic convergence in our education system: From pre-primary to higher education and also reconfigures the education system with new skills, innovation and a research ecosystem. It lays great emphasis on promoting the ideation, out of box thinking, innovation and entrepreneurship (IIE), at the school education level in a sustainable manner. It advocates for synergetically connecting IIE ecosystem at the school education level with that of the higher education ecosystem including hands- on learning and skill development.

Taking forward the aim of NEP 2020, the Ministry of Education’s Innovation Cell (MIC) envisages the establishment of the School Innovation Council in the schools. This initiative will foster the culture of ideation, innovation, entrepreneurship, creative thinking, design thinking, prototyping, out-of-box thinking, and IP commercialization by facilitating the training (for teachers), field visits, leadership talks, awareness, orientation sessions, boot camps, national-level exhibitions, hackathons, skill modules, new courses for students, linking of school innovation ecosystem with higher educational institutions (HEIs), etc. at schools.

The School Innovation Council initiative will bridge the gap in connecting schools with the Innovation & Entrepreneurial enabler ecosystem of the country. SIC will provide a platform for the schools, academia, industry, HEIs, experts, innovators, entrepreneurs etc. to come together and work in unison to make disruptive progress in I&E ecosystem at school level in the country.


About the I Cell:

The I Cell or the ‘Innovation Cell’, is a sub-part of the SIC (School innovation Council), that undertakes scientific ideation, innovation, research and development.

Our Vision:

To nurture young scientific minds and allow them to grow into harbingers of change in society by upholding and fostering the School Innovation Council’s culture of Ideation, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IIE).

Objectives of the I Cell:

  • Enhance the process of ideation in students.
  • Promote collaboration, research and innovation among students.
  • Develop scientific, analytical and computational skills of the students.
  • Provide a platform for students to express themselves.
  • Align the IIE of higher education levels with the School Level, to increase the preparedness of students towards Research and Development.

Expected Outcomes of the I Cell:

  • A strengthened IIE ecosystem in the
  • Awareness about the importance of the IIE ecosystem in today’s world.
  • Preparedness towards research and development done at higher education levels.
  • Preparedness of the school to handhold ideation and innovation initiatives of the students.



Entrepreneurship cell is an initiative of Choithram School with a motive to foster the entrepreneurial competencies among the budding entrepreneurs.

Founded in 2013, the basic objective is to provide a platform for the young aspirers to grow, learn and develop and become successful entrepreneurs of tomorrow. The cell aims towards providing aspiring entrepreneurs with meaningful insights and real-world business opportunities and experience. At E-Cell, we try to bring our vision to life by developing a true entrepreneurial environment through facilitating easy and effective interaction of the student body, experienced professionals, successful entrepreneurs, investors, venture capitalists, corporates etc.

Through all of our various initiatives, we foresight to instill basic entrepreneurial abilities among the youth while guiding them towards the path of unlocking their full potential.


  • Providing a platform to showcase India’s next generation of innovators, entrepreneurs, and change-makers.
  • To guide the finest innovations of our generation to a vibrant business concept and resource them to establish themselves as the country’s next groundbreaking start-ups.
  • To inculcate the spirit of entrepreneurship among students and promote them to live their passion and develop excellence in it.
  • To bring about partnerships from other frontier organizations in the field of entrepreneurship so that students get access to huge amounts of resources.
  • To inspire more and more students to take up entrepreneurship as a career and become the role models for the coming generation of entrepreneurs.
  • To help students acquire necessary knowledge and skills so that they can translate their vague ideas into a vibrant business proposal
  • To connect with entrepreneurial leaders and innovators and engage them to foster the same passion and spirit in the current breed of students at our school.

Good Earth Enterprise Under the Aegis of School Enterprise Challenge, UK E-Summit

School Innovation Council Committee

A. Executive representatives Name Email-Id
Chairman of the Council Mr. Rajesh Awasthi [email protected]
Convener Mr. Vishal Sanwatsar [email protected]
B. Teacher Representative
Innovation ambassadors trained under SIATP Mr. Vishal Sanwatsar [email protected]
Additional Members
  1. Ms. Anshu Chopra
  2. Ms. Varsha Khamgaonkar
  4. Ms. Neelanshu Rai
  5. Mr. Rohan Sachar
[email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
Atal Tinkering Lab In-charge Mr. Mayank Godbole [email protected]
C. Social Media Coordinator- Mr. Amit Joshi [email protected]
D. Student representatives:-
E- Cell Head (Business Head) SAHAJ MAHESHWARI
Student Members
E. External Expert Representatives:-
Successful Entrepreneur:
  1. Mr. Aanad Ingle
  2. Mr. Shital Parikh
  3. Mr. Tanmay Mukherji
Expert Member: Mr. Amit Marwah

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