Nurturing Global Citizenship

‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ – A central principle in the Vedas of India explains that the whole world is one family. India’s understanding and advocacy of Global Competence & Global Inter-dependence is as ancient as its existence. We have been advocating this principle since time immemorial which is encoded in our scriptures thousands of years ago. Takshshilla University- One of the oldest universities of the world was the only centre of Global Learning and Knowledge dissemination in ancient times. Hence, ‘Going Global’ is not at all a new terminology for India.

Continuing this Tradition, we at Choithram School build Globally Competent students who are ready to “Learn” with the world…..not just “About” the world. We believe in integrating the concept of Global Diversity with Education. Our Educational Agenda aims at developing an attitude of Global Learning. We focus on Cross-Cultural skills development, Divergent Thinking and Collaboration of International learning Education System.

It is found that Young people are more likely than ever to interact with people from different cultures while at home or work place and everywhere. Hence ability to communicate effectively across linguistic and cultural boundaries has become the need of the hour. A student needs to absorb the ability to understand & appreciate the diversity of societies & cultures.

Hence, we have designed a Systematic Learning forum for our students which provides a Global exposure and an opportunity to peep into the cultures of various countries. In order to understand the various essential dimensions of Global Competence, we conduct different activities during Morning Assembly which includes celebration of International Days, National Independence Days of various countries along with their festivals. Such Celebrations enable our students to develop the understanding & acceptance and respect for other cultures and international issues. It is the beauty of diversity that it brings the hues of different cultures in a single display at Global Level.

At Macro Level, our Students work on Collaborative Projects with Schools around the Globe. In the session 2017-18 we completed various collaborative projects. Naming a few- ‘Children Rights’ with Bridges School, Argentina, ‘Independence’ with Aisha Makassed School, Lebanon, ‘Clean Water & Sanitation’ with Amrahia AdMa Primary School, Ghana, ‘Windows into the World of Culture’ with Institución Educativa Horizonte, Mexico.

The usage of Modern Technology has made our task of interaction very easy with the students from different countries. We at Choithram School comprise of modern & advanced computer lab offering them to interact with their Global Peers of other countries through Skype. These sessions are benefitting students to exchange their knowledge in such a personalized manner. Our curriculum is specially designed by the Global experts to Integrate the International Dimension. In the session 2017-18, the students of Grade 9 researched and studied the theme ‘Global Warming: A Warning’ under five subjects – Science, Social Science, Mathematics, English and Hindi. The study covered the countries like India, USA, UK, China, Nigeria and Ethiopia. Our students are not only aware about the various UN Sustainable Development Goals but they have also inculcated these goals in their lives for the betterment of the World. I believe that Education is worth only if it prepares a responsible human being.

Moving a step ahead on the rung of Globalization, we are hosting and sending Students on Exchange Program. The students from countries- USA, Italy, Spain, Japan etc have been the part of Student Exchange Program. It has enabled our students to enhance their appreciation, acceptance and adaptability for a new culture.

The yardstick of our efforts in the field of Global Competence is the success of our Alumni who are presently working with various MNCs in different parts of the world. Their amalgamation with other countries’ people is easy and smooth. We ensure to carry this baton of nurturing Global Citizenship and pass it on to our coming batches.

 Rajesh Awasthi