International Court Of Justice
International Court Of Justice


Letter from President: –

I Harnam Singh Chhabra would be serving as your president for these 3 days with a motive of giving life to words and words to our lives. I am an extreme enthusiast. Despite the fact that I am a science student, I aim to pursue a career in Public Speaking. I will strive to make this an amazing learning experience for you all.

Letter from Vice – President-

It is my humble privilege to welcome you all to Convention’2018. I, Jyeshtha Mishra will be serving as your Vice-President. I am a high school junior studying Humanities with Legal Studies. So of course I am really interested in court proceedings. I love dancing, reading novels and experiencing new things. Hope this will be a great time for you all.

Happy researching.

Letter from Scribe-

I Varnika Mishra would be serving as your scribe for the conference. I am a student of class X. I think it is an opportunity for you all to participate in the transformation of your personality. I wish you all the best for your research.