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Letter from the Chief Justice :

Greetings counsellors,

I welcome you all to the Indian Supreme Court of the second edition of Choithram School Model United Nations. In India, the Supreme Court the highest constitutional court safeguards fundamental rights of citizens and settles disputes between various governments in the country. We often blame the court for taking time in making decisions… now its your turn to stand in their shoes.and experience the MUN like never before.. Executive Board will always be there for any help.

India is a land of peace. This is where men like Gautam Buddha, Mahavira, Gandhiji and Jawaharlal Nehru have spoken about equality, peace and harmony, which they believed would help the country progress in the long term. This is the land of love and diversity. This is where there are so many people of different kinds of religion, language and culture living together. However, every now and then the country witnesses sustained periods of gruesome violence and abhorable disregard of human rights that question the very secular fabric of the country and its history of peaceful co-existence. In a nutshell, riots perhaps are one of the hugest obstacles in the path of India’s national progress. The agendas we have taken are some hot topics which every part of society needs to think about. These topics not only require your research it also requires your day to day connection with news related to India. I am a 12th grader pursuing PCB. Right now I am preparing for medical entrances. Prepare well, I am waiting for your great views.

—Best of luck

— Akkshat Dutta (Chief Justice of Supreme court)

Letter from the Justice :

Greetings counsellors,

It gives me immense pleasure that Choithram School, Manik Bhagh is organising the first ever intra school Moot Court, a platform which will provide an insight to students who are aspiring to work in the field of law a better view of the working of a court. I welcome all the delegates to participate in a three-day brainstorming session where delegates will get a chance to experience the real experience of being a legal counsel.

In the current era where the common mass has lost faith in the two organs of Government, the people have found solace in the third organ that is the judiciary. The apex court has always seen as a sanctum for justice where people always expect to be heard. The Indian Supreme Court as committee emphasizes more on the facts rather than the emotional tangent of the matter. counsellors are expected to prepare accordingly. Being legal counsel demands one to be a great orator but more importantly to be a great listener with presence of mind who is well versed with his content. I as your co-chair expect nothing less. Prepare well.

—Wishing you all luck

— Atharva Dave (Justice of Supreme Court)

Letter from the Scribe:

Greetings delegates,

My name is Ashri Neema, and it is my esteemed privilege and honour to serve as the Rapporteur of Indian Supreme Court.
For me, MUN is a launchpad to boost up my confidence and express my views.

Let me pen down something about myself- I am a 11th grader and want to persuade my career in management with special education in law. I’m really a foodie at heart. I am passionate about dancing, meeting new people and experiencing new adventures.

I want you all to make a thorough research of the hypothetical cases. See you all in the committee. Thank you.

— Ashri Neema (Scribe)

Letter from the Scribe:

Dear Delegates,

It is with utmost pleasure that I Devanshi Bhusari welcome you to the second iteration of Choithram School MUN on behalf of the Indian Supreme Court chairing team. As your Rapporteur, I will do my best that everyone’s views are recorded unbiasedly.

Research is of paramount importance in the committee. I wish you all the best for the amazing 3 days of conference that will follow.

– Devanshi Bhusari ( Scribe )