European Parliament
European Parliament


Letter from the Chairperson:

Greetings delegates,

I, Pramey Kabra, will be your chair for the European Parliament in CHMUN 2018. I am looking forward to a really great experience of high skill debating on the given topic of our council. European Parliament is often considered the most prestigious committee of the European Union. I hope this year’s MUN will be a gruesome and memorable one for all of us. In my time as a chair I will try to make this MUN experience one of the best you’ve ever had. But in return I want the best of your efforts to make this council a success and pass it with flying colors.

So I’ll let you know a little about myself, I’m a MUNer since 2015. I have gone to various MUNs in both Interschool and International levels. I love reading books and all sorts of books from fiction to non-fiction, Biographies to autobiographies.

— Pramey Kabra (Chairperson)

Letter from the Vice-Chairperson:

Greetings delegates,

Hoping to make memories with enthusiastic leaders of tomorrow, if not leaders of today, as good public speakers tend to advance faster in their career that usual, owning to the level of confident, self-esteem and believe they hold. Before you do, you think, and before you say, you think, so speakers are doers, and they have the power to change the world, even when my hands are tied my tongue is not, as always we agree to disagree and create a truly remarkable life experience.

In Our Committee, delegates are required to be in the very best form, and give the very best, anything short of that would not suffice, what needs to be done, must be done. Research the best you can. I am sure it would be worth it! Looking forward to meet you all!

-Jigyasa Barge ( Vice-Chairperson )

Letter from the Scribe:

Greetings delegates,

I Rakshita Janjire, welcome you all to the second edition of CHMUN. I will be serving as the scribe of European Parliament and look forward to a competitive and healthy debate. The committee encourages to engage in consecutive debate for finding effective solutions for the national and international problems. The days ahead will call upon intense research, deliberations and lobbying amongst other factors. Hoping for your great experience.

-Rakshita Janjire ( Scribe )