Project Title : Eat Right: Promoting Healthy and Ethical Eating

Partner School: Stoke Row C.E. Primary School, UK

Classes Involved: Montessori to X


Project Title : Traditional Games

Partner School: Immaculate Conception School, Ghana

Classes Involved: II


Project Title : A Tour Around The World

Partner School: Al Hanan School for Learning Difficulties, Lebanon

Classes Involved: III to XII


Project Title : Immortalizing The Immortal

Partner School: Aisha Makassed School, Lebanon

Classes Involved: VIII


Project Title : Knowing each other’s city

Partner School: Aisha Makassed School, Lebanon

Classes Involved: V


Project Title : Cyber Bullying – A serious problem for the victim and the Aggressor

Partner School: Hasbaya Public High School, Lebanon

Classes Involved: XI


Project Title : Independence Days

Partner School: Bani Suhaila Elementary Co-ed B , Palestine

Classes Involved: VI to X


Project Title : Recycling

Partner School: Al Shaheed Yahya Karim Helal Official Distinct Future 16, Egypt

Classes Involved: III to X


Project Title : Maths is Fun

Partner School: Ali Mubarak Governmental language Disting School, Egypt

Classes Involved: III