Workshop For Parents on ‘Solving Children’s Day To Day Problems’  At Choithram School, Manik Bagh           
January 10 to 12, 2012

Parenting has been going on since the beginning of humanity, but many parents still feel they must reinvent the wheel over and over again. Many parents have difficulties balancing their time between their jobs and parenting their kids. This situation is reflected by their kids’ behaviour and state of mind, often causing unhappiness, frustration and self doubt. Teenage kids make parenting an even bigger challenge. In order to enhance parenting skills, a workshop for the parents of classes IX, X and XI was organized separately on three days from January 10 to January 12, 2012 in the school. The main aim of the workshop was to discuss various adolescence issues and enhance parents’ skills to facilitate the growing up process of their children. Ms. Swati Joshi, School Counsellor in her interactive sessions with the parents discussed issues like lack of concentration, demanding nature, rude behaviour, aggression, using positive language and positive focus, understanding children with different communication styles, aligning values, setting safe and effective rules as well as setting some universally accepted norms.